OK we had terrible wind storm( back when I was writing this ) and I had no power for a day and ½ so I am behind… but all is well and we are up and running again…and I skipped over this one just cause at first glance I thought it looked too complicated..then later running on battery I watched the video and saw that while slightly complicated she made it easy with the video…and besides you know I love cards that are interactive and apparently so does she…I just love her giggle…6a00d8341c09ea53ef01b8d14b52b5970c-250wiso do watch it..I promise its easier than it looks…


I didn’t have any of those stamps but you can make up your on background stamps and I did like the idea that all of the background was the same design and the same color…I think this really works best to tie the card together…then I have so many birthday stamps ( only out numbered but the Halloween stamps…lol) that I thought I try first a birthday and then a HALLOWEEN ONE.. of course its coming….

HUGE HINT..She does show you all of this but its not on the page with the cutting measurements…so I find that its helpful to have all the pieces on there I am sure she just forgot…. When you go to her video …you are going to see that on the printed info she didn’t give you the sizes of the base cards for the slider part…so in her case the large base is basic black cut at 4 ½ x 11 5/8  scored at 3 7/8 from the end then fold the other end in to meet that score line… then follow the video

then the medium slide part is cut at 3 1/8 x 10 ¼ and scored at 3 3/8 from one end and then again fold the other end in to meet the first score line… 

LASTLY the slider mechanism itself you need to cut 2 at ½ inch x 2 ½ …

Ok NOW you have all the measurements and you are good to go with cutting and assembly of the slider card….Ha… sometimes I am just crazy… she does have all of these measurements on her sheet but they are in the reverse order and I didn’t pick up on that….so now you have two times…. and

As I mentioned it is difficult or maybe complicated is the word …you are not going to want to do 50 of them at one time but once you have the pieces cut and the slits cut …its pretty quick to assemble…. Hope my tip was helpful and that you will enjoy trying this card….it took me well over an hour to make the first one and i had to go back and look at video at least twice but the second one only took about ½ hour so it does get easier… lol..and if you didn’t use pattern paper it would be easier too as some of my patterns had to be recut cause they were running the wrong direction… oh well it was fun and they both look great I think as I have two 4th birthdays….

kh 4th 3 layer

kh 4th 3 layer 1

kh 4th 3 layer 3

EYE CANDY…As summer marches along… I spend more and more time standing at kitchen window watching these little guys buzz around like bees and this video is not in the states and so the hummers are larger than the ones we see but still just amazing to watch…HUMMERS

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY...wire headed cyber toad …aka kath


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