I KNOW, I KNOW , I am way behind …yes, these are for xmas but you could look it that I am way ahead…lol.. actually I liked this one so much that I made several and used them as birthday rather than CHRISTMAS…remember I warned you that I was good at re-purposing things.

Dawn's Tee Pee Card


I am sure you have heard that ole saying I so far behind that I actually think I am FIRST… WELL THAT’S ME FOLKS.. as you can see I pulled this out to share and it was back in DECEMBER as her sample is a CHRISTMAS CARD… well no matter I still think its really cute and fun to make…

HINT… I Do use the ZIG TWO WAY GLUE but in this case I was having a terrible time getting it to hold the card together to stand.. so I tried using the removable tape and it worked just fine… and if you don’t have any writing on the inside then I would use a piece of permanent tape with cover on it and tell them to remove the cover paper and stick card together… but maybe you will have better luck then me…DON’T USE THE PERMANENT IF IN FACT YOU WANT THEM TO BE ABLE TO open it again… but being the lazy stamper that I am I liked the idea of nothing inside maybe a tiny message on the back triangle  and call it FABULOUS…well sometimes I just can’t let things go so I stumbled across some small velcro dots at JO ANN’S…. THESE WORK BEST OF ALL…if you do want to write inside…. even the removable tape doesn’t stick well at least with this humidity but the velcro dots work great but again a small note with the card is helpful. Here is what I wrote…

This card will fold into a small TRIANGLE TEE PEE. Just fold right triangle over to left and gently press the velcro dots together to hold it in shape.

Here are a few of the ones I did…


kh bday tee pee

photo 3


I loved this one used the tree punch to make the tree and then colored a little wooden bird to sit on it and then added the banner with the bird greeting at the bottom…this is just too cute but you do need to send them a little note on how to make it stand up cause  people who don’t do this can not seem to see what we see.. so give them a break so you don’t get a call saying ‘ WHAT THE HECK”…LOL

photo 2

This one my MICHAEL’S was having their dollar ( now 1.50 ) sale bins and and I found a package of long strips of butterflies that were originally intended for use on a scrapbook page I think….but I just cut off the number I needed and used them on my TEE PEE.


This card will fold into a small standing TEE PEE…just fold the right triangle over to stick on the left triangle using the small velcro dots. 

I just think this is a very cute and simple card to make which is quite unique when finished.


CALLIGRAPHY /TAPESTRY…http://ilovetypography.com/2014/04/19/cloths-of-heaven/ 

I think this is a lovely piece of calligraphy and the fact that they also did it as a piece of tapestry was just so amazing.

Then this one was really funny I thought especially cause I am always laying my xacto knife down and loosing it on my desk…lol…

xacto knife joke

Ok that’s it for this week… give these a try and like I have told you before cutting and folding them ahead of time is great way to always have a few available to quickly put together …. and yes, saving them in a sheet protector ….lol.

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPING BY… wire headed cyber toad…aka kath



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