SURPRISE… it’s me again…just can’t help my self… as I love birds and this is just too cute….




Well I have in the past used the tubes of MARVEY UCHIDA WHITE LIQUID APPLIQUÉ and then you had to heat it with a heat tool…dig thru your stuff and see if you have a tube of it that still works or hit the drug stores or Wally World for a travel size can of shave cream…I think this is much easier but will still require a “SAFE” place to lay it to allow it to dry and right now FLORIDA IS NOT THAT PLACE AS WE HAVE BEEN HAVING SINCE OCTOBER 90-100% humidity… really a pain…and I am sure you go well why are you there…. too long and boring to explain but lets just say not my choice..

AS well as the PUFFY PAINT technique she will show you a cut idea for using the bird builder punch…I do have it and I do love him…. then on PINTEREST I saw this I could not find directions for them so assume you will just have to wing it…but still cute idea for making multiple birds but just putting different color wings on the punch makes for cute bird as well … I am not selling SU stuff just so happens that I do like this but I think that others actually have dies of birds…like maybe Tim Holtz…and also think Martha S has a punch for bird but it may be in flight and look more like a dove than just a bird… again not sure…love that parrot… of course as you know I love anything with googley eyes…lol

pinterest birds

pinterest birds

As for the wood fence… if you don’t have the stamp and its one of those humongous ones so I don’t like them…use your embossing folder…lots of folks make the wood one and just lightly rub stamp pad over it after embossed to add color… it will work just fine…or cute strips of brown paper and using a fine line pen draw lines on them and then past them onto paper to look like fence…

Do you ever notice that with CRAFTS and ART work you can almost always find at least one way around something to create what you want and often several ways…nothing says it has to look exactly like mine or DAWN’S or anyone else…. do with what you have .

This puffy paint and the fence or a tree limb would also work great with the owl punch or die cut…. I do have the SU owl punch and I do love it as it also is very versatile … I am pretty sure I mentioned in a previous post that it can be turned up side down and made into a bat or right side up and cut off ears to make a ghost…or an alien if you cut off ears and draw on a antenna…etc… and as you can see from this video she uses part of his vest to make the black on the head of the cardinal… think its also used on both the other birds…

Ok that’s it for today…AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPING BY …wire headed cyber toad …aka kath


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