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Have I mentioned that I am a huge APPLE FAN…as well as STARBUCKS…in fact my Hubby might tell you that its actually an addiction at least with APPLE…he loves to tell folks that everytime APPLE releases something new….they MAIL ME ONE FIRST!!!! LMAO…Its not true but maybe close…I am also among some of my friends considered the GO TO person FOR INPUT ON APPLE..SOOO you can imagine how how awful it was to be trying to schedule an appointment with the local Apple store and accidently trash my APPLE ID…well if you know Apple you know your ID is everything….I did this all yesterday so that’s why I am telling you about it today… stayed awake most of the night trying to figure out what I did then went in ASAP this morning to have them save my you know what… and of course they did…in addition although they were very busy with young school kids getting a how to…they were so nice to me and always make me feel I am special which if you shop much these days IS A BIG THING…it seems like most sales people are just wanting to take your money and send you out the door…but NOT APPLE… THANKS GUYS you made my day.  Ok now back to DAWN’S SPLIT NEGATIVE…


This is a clever idea as you will see from Dawn’s...SPLIT NEGATIVE VIDEO.  I should tell you that if you like to HEAT EMBOSS things you will love this…. me not as much but I did have fun with it… I am one of those klutzy people who seems to get the embossing powder everywhere except where I want it so a few years ago I gave all my powders except for some clear to a friend who was just discovering stamping and also who loved to emboss.

So then I see this idea from DAWN and I go well I just gotta try that and so I went immeadiately to Amazon and orderd a small bottle of black and also one of white…well I thought it was white turned out to be pearl which when heated was more silver grey than white so here are some of my samples.  I did finally get some white but you can see which ones are with are white and which ones grey/silver ( the elephant looks great in that).

Basically you are going to use your embossing pad or your watermark pad and stamp up two images the same one on black paper and one on white then put black powder on the white paper and heat … white powder on the black paper and heat it also…then choose a center for each and cut them in half and mount on the opposite color of paper ie black image on white paper and white image on black then I found that flipping them over and tacking them with a piece of regular tape helps to hold them together and then glue them on your card base.  You actually get two cards out this technique and you can see that I did not try any other colors of embossing.  It works the same but I have a things going lately for BLACK AND WHITE  so that suited me just fine and yes, when finished with these samples I had to vacumn up embossing powder….

TIP: ONCE YOUR IMAGE IS STAMPED PUT POWDER ON SOON…BUT once the powder is on as long as you put it somewhere where you won’t bump it or lay something on it you can lay it aside till you have all our pieces POWDERED UP and then heat them all at once , one at a time…

Hint: if when you got to put your pieces together and you have them matched on the front but one side is larger than the other just trim it down so that they are both equal its almost impossible to stamp them both in the same spot on different sheets of paper so I cut my card stock in quarters and then tried to stamp in the middle then using my favorite paper trimmer the fiskars’s with the wire I trimmed each piece with the image the same distance from the wire…that way when you cut them apart they will line up well and also be the same size on each half.split neg 1


The above were both done with the silver/pearl and white… they work ok and the Adore card has lots of detail which actually all showed well.

split neg 2


The Adore again is just the opposite of the one above and the kimono is with the black and white.  I am in an asian period so these all have an asian feel.

split neg


On these two again asian and using the real black and white..also I dry embossed with the embossing folders on each of the card bases. The one on the left is a Darice brand and its bamboo….and the one on the right is also a Darice brand and its POSTMARKS…love that as it works so well with mail and canceled postage stamps.

I am fairly sure that I got them on line from CONSUMER CRAFTS and they are only about 3 $ each sometimes 4$… but still a good bargin and lots to choose from… just search Consumer Crafts for Darice embossing templates.


split neg 3


Now this is new rubber stamp that I couldn’t pass up… its a TIM HOLTZ DESIGN…and I thnk it came from Jo ANN’s crafts….as you can see i think the silver/grey powder worked just great with the elephant and since his eye didn’t show up too well I decide OH …GOGGLIE EYE…and I love it…I plan to use it for belated and inside with say….

EYE didn’t forget I am just slow….lol..

split neg 4

Then the other half…. I have one of those tagger things …( AMAZON AGAIN…GARVEY fine fabric tag gun) well I also ordered on line what I thought was 1000 1inch tags for in the gun…now a thousand seems like a lot but I love hanging things on cards to give them movement and surprise so on this one I plan to put a strip on the front that says I’M LATE , I’M LATE…. AND SINCE that’s alittle bottle of tequila and a salt shaker hanging off the card …the inside with say…LET ME EXPLAIN…then HB.. hey none of my friends expect to get lovely sentimental cards from me…they know I am the FAR SIDE kind of girl and quirky is what you most likely get… I am nothing if not quirky…

oh yeah back to the tags…. I didn’t put on my cheaters so what I thought was 1000 tags turned out to be 10,000 so if you buy a tag gun and its the GARVEY FINE FABRIC ( amazon for about 12$) one let me know via comment or e mail krhblogger@gmail.com AND I’ll  MAIL YOU SOME …. I think I can spare them..LMAO

OK hang in there and remember to take time to PLAY….ITS GOOD FOR THE SOUL..

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…the wire headed cyber toad…aka kath

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