First I want to say that there may be less postings in the coming months my time is getting busier and busier and I am finding less time to tell and not enough time to do…. so don’t be alarmed if you don’t get e mails for posts it will most likely be because I didn’t post…lol..

I loved this box and in fact I think I like it even better than her BIRTHDAY IN A BOX…and the reason is the box is bigger…so I am going to get a helium(UNFILLED)balloon and also some latex balloons and a few more candles and still make the little cake using the battery tea light…. and stick a card in it also…. then put the whole kit into one of the small priority flat rate boxes… and off it goes …what a treat for the person receiving…if you know how old they are you might at dollar store or party store even find the numeral candles for their age or just use 39 AGAIN… LOVE IT…




Dawn’s SPLIT TOP BOX… LOVE THAT STRAWBERRY PAPER…here is photo of the one I just did for my sister in law…IMG_0438

my birthday in a box

my birthday in a box

I even had  a little battery tea light that made a tiny cake …like Dawn showed in her BIRTHDAY IN A BOX … and best of all it did all fit in the small FLAT Rate Priority Mail box.

I found star candles and made the tiny cake…


anyway I just loved it… and think she will too… my niece her daughter is picking up a real cake for her as a surprise… I called the local grocery/bakery and ordered her favorite cake…all the way to FLORIDA…..and my niece will pick it up for her birthday…

SO the box is easy but the layers and the printout that DAWN GIVES are not…. the layer paper for the designer paper is just fine but I found her recipe for the black layers was very confusing so I wrote them down when I FINALLY GOT THEM cut correctly and here they are THIS IS JUST THE BASIC BLACK LAYER :

FRONT TOP CUT 2…4 ¼ X 2 ½                    designer… 3 ¾ x 2 (2)

OVER LAP TOP CUT ONE…3 ¾ X 3 ¼         designer….3 ¼ X 3 (1)

END SIDES CUT 2….4 ¼ X 1 ¼                    designer…..3 ¾ x ¾ (2)

FRONT AND BACK  CUT  4…. 2 ½ X 1 ¼     designer…. 2 x ¾ (4)

INSIDE BLACK LAYER…CUT ONE   5 X 4     designer……4 ½  x 3 ¾

then just so you know each layer of designer paper gets cut approx ½ inch smaller on each side… her layout and measurements are probably all the same but I found that those directions for the BASIC BLACK..BB…WERE JUST TO HARD TO FOLLOW…

now my HUGE HINT..IS CUT ALL THOSE PIECES BOTH BLACK LAYER AND THE DESIGNER PAPERS AS WELL AS THE BASIC BOX…before you start to assemble or you will be jumping up and down 50 times …. and it will take a lot longer to make the box.. But if you have all the pieces cut it goes to gather really quick…. and I do like it even more than the first little birthday box you had us make.


FLOWING INK ARTI use stamps because I can’t draw so this video left me spellbound cause I can’t image how she sees these images as they just flow from her brush… amazing

HUMMER SWARM.. these are not US hummingbirds but it is still amazing and when I watch my one or two stop by to feed I am jealous of this guy with his swarming like bees..

THAT’S ALL FOLKS…AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY...wire headed cyber toad aka kath


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