HALLO… NO WE ARE NOT GOING TO BECOME CHIMMNEY SWEEPS… LOL… OK this is actually a fun technique..well I think its fun but maybe I am a bit of a firebug…


DAWNS SOOT STAMPINGSo this is her image and this particular technique is where you take a card and hold it over a flame but KEEP IT MOVING… ( video is a must here so click the blue link above) once the cardstock and IT MUST BE SHINY CARD STOCK aka CADILLAC CARD STOCK is fully covered with soot…you have to be very careful to lay the it down and use whatever clean stamp/stamps you have chosen and gently stamp onto the soot… you can repeat the image or stamp more images but if you repeat then be sure to clean your stamp each time so that removes the soot each time.  NOW THIS WILL SMEAR AT THIS POINT SO DON’T TOUCH IT.. lol… Dawn used a clear sealer in spray can but I prefer to use KRYLON WORKABLE FIXATIVE…it is also a sealer but will allow you to stamp over the top or add lettering etc…. this product is used by calligrapher’s when we are wanting to add other images to something but don’t want to smear or some other way mess up what we have already done.  Her clear sealer may also work this way but WORKABLE FIXATIVE is what I had and what I have used before so that ‘s my recommendation.

For her flame she is using a cheap candle …it will work best if you have it burned down a little so that the wick is just below the lip of the candle…. this allows you to get closer to the flame with out getting the card on fire…DO KEEP IT MOVING or it will catch fire… I did this technique a long time ago and I actually used a small TIKI TORCH that was on the railing on my deck…it makes a LOT OF SOOT rather quickly but again more risk of burning the card…so candle may be best..You may however still want to do this outside as some of the black /soot smoke does go up to your ceiling so to be sure you don’t end up having to explain to hubby why the kitchen ceiling is now DARK…lol… maybe do it outside or in a garage…

MUST DO THIS ….As soon as you have the images on the cardstock then I went to garage or outside ( this stuff all stinks so don’t spray indoors ) and I have a large cardboard box I lay the image down inside it spray with WORKABLE FIXATIVE…. now at this point you are sealing what you have on the cardstock but if you touch it right way it will leave fingerprint…so let it dry a little…  it may have curled al little but adhering it your finished card will take care of it being flat again… as you can see from Dawn’s image above she also layered other things on top of the soot stamping… this is a background technique for sure … it can be used alone but works best as background… below is my card

soot direct 3

soot direct 2


soot direct 1Now there are 3 of my images and I didn’t have time to make cards out of them but you can see that each of them would need to be trimmed in order to use them on a card…also allowing some white around the edges means that you have  a place to hold them while putting the soot on the card stock… you can use tweezers to hold it but if they are metal they may get HOT… and if they are plastic they may melt….so its a tricky technique but I love the look of a negative that you get with it.  Ok you have the basic…let’s move on to the next level..


Dawn's reverse soot

Dawn’s reverse soot

again I recommend you watch her video first.  This time BEFORE you put the soot on the card stock( again only the shiny) you will stamp your images by inking up your image with the watermark pad and stamping it on the blank card stock…once you have filled the card stock then you let it dry briefly and then take it outside and put the soot on top of your stamped images.  Once you have a good amount of soot on the card stock let it dry just a bit more… then using a paper towel you rub the soot off and it only sticks where your watermark image is and the rest becomes a very light grey background around the darker images… THE GOOD THING ABOUT THIS ONE is you do NOT  NEED TO SEAL IT.. its good to go as it is… you can trim it or cut out images to use…this is a little easier and it has one less step and its more forgiving…ie if you didn’t get enough soot on the first time you can go back add more soot and rub it off again…no need to re stamp and again no need to spray with the fixative/sealer.  So all and all this may be the easiest and most mistake proof… the mistake is if your dry when you rub then it smears…that there is no fix for unless you want it look like a rainy image maybe…works for me…as you can see from my sample ….I did end up smearing a little… but I have told you before that I am an 80% person… I don’ t have to have perfection… most of the folks I send too don’t make cards so they are happy with what I send and if they complain….I drop them off the list…lol…

soot w watermark 1


I wanted you to see that it did smear a little but I am ok with that… the next one was all text and I did actually make a card so there were layers that pretty much covered any smearing or less than perfect stamping..The needle is a die cut and the heart is a punch. The Rainier photo is a sticker.  I love this one and will probably do several more to use as birthday cards… I also added silver gel pen lines as borders around the edges and I don’t like straight lines so I did mount it at an angle on purpose…lol




While I do like her’s I did not have good luck with the ones I tried I think maybe my images were too solid and or my colors that I rubbed on the card stock were too dark…in any case this was my least favorite technique…again view her video first but basically using DYE BASED INK you rub the color onto the card stock first then you add the soot …then you stamp the images ….then you need to spray it with the fixative…THEN YOU CAN USE IT ON YOUR CARD… here is the one I did that sorta worked…

soot w colorI liked the torn edge and I liked adding the embellishment of the flower on top of stamped flowers but I wasn’t crazy about this card… maybe I needed to work a little more on the design… in any case you now have 3 ways to play with soot… who knew being a chimmney sweep could be so much fun…

Well I hope you enjoy this post and that you will give soot stamping a try.  AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY… the wireheaded cyber toad…aka kath


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