DAWN’S SHADOW BOX CARD & my variation

GREETINGS  MINIONS...LOL Dawn came up with this version of a shadow box card…DAWN’S SHADOW BOX6a00d8341c09ea53ef01bb0841a21f970d-450wiWELL can guess why I like this card…yep it stands up all by itself…and wow is it simple and yet elagant.  The only really tricky part is may6a00d8341c09ea53ef01bb0841a21f970d-450wibe cutting and gluing the frame around the opening… I am not sure why by my card I had to cut that frame twice cause the first time I cut it backwards… I used the circle die that I used for the opening and then the next smaller….DUH..its needs to be the die for the opening and the next or two next for the opening…My circle dies are so close in size that I jumped over the next larger and opted for the second larger… makes for a little bigger frame and easier to glue in place… I know my dies are not STAMPIN UP so they are probably either stampibilities or nestibilities.  IN any case I do like them cause there must be 15 or so ( have never counted them but I do have a huge variety of ones to try…TIP: DON’T cut your circle or square opening too close to the score lines it weakens the card I try to leave about ¼ inch from the score on both sides.  2: ) I find that if you score but DON’T FOLD..till after the card is completely put together its easier to match up those two ends so the card is even.  THEN fold the score lines in both directions and you will be able to push it in as she shows you…it also means that you can see where to stamp so its inside the circle very easily while its still laying flat.  

MY shadow box using Dawn's pattern..

MY shadow box using Dawn’s pattern..

You may not be able to tell from this photo but my heart in the circle is on a wobble spring…look closely and you can see that part of the component  is showing on each side but I thought it was ok since I really like the idea the the heart would WOBBLE…)of course I did…lol….any way Ioved it but after looking at her’s I remembered that years ago I use to teach a shadow box card that was made similar but using just one piece paper… and instead of the two tabs on the ends pushing in to form the shadow effect…mine just made a complete box… it does stand on it own and it does also fold flat to mail… well unless you use things like wobble springs or owls with goggley eyes….lol…


sorry the image wiggled and you can’t read the background which says HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. I used the STAMPIN UP OWL PUNCH but goggley eyes rather than the punch ones…and I used a wood embossing template for the front of the card.  then I glued the owl with foam tape so that he was right behind the circle to give the card more dimension… I should have dressed up the background more with leaves or something but I was hurrying..lol..


This is basically the same card but with two owls..( its going to be from me and hubby) and the embossing template is the same but it was on dark paper so to make it show up better I took a white stamp pad and very gently rubbed over the embossing… worked GREAT I THINK.. again the owls are right behind the cut out so that the background gives them dimension .

my version as a stand up square.

my version as a stand up square.

Ok let me try this one again… its hard to see this way… it is standing up and camera doesn’t know what to focus on… I’ll scan it flat …

shadowbox my version

shadowbox my version

ahhh much better…see it wasn’t your eyes…lol….for this one I made the frame on the outside PURPOSELY IRREGULAR…yeah I like things that aren’t perfect… so the inside was done using the bamboo embossing template and then I again ran a dark green stamp pad  over the embossing to give it color…. FYI.. You can ink up our embossing template and then emboss the card stock , however in this case and in the wood one it would have colored the part I wanted left alone … so color after was the only answer.  I also thought I had a billion of those little wooden birds which i have painstakingly colored with pens or stamp pads …I do but apparently I took the ALL TO FL… not the goal..but I substituted this little colored bird brad and it looks quite nice …you must learn to improvise…especially as we get older and more forgetful…rotfl…the back of the card says A LITTLE BIRD TOLD ME IT WAS YOUR BIRTHDAY…I ADD…so I ate him…no thanks necessary… quirky but thats me… AS to the brads or wooden birds I get all of the IMPRESS RUBBER STAMPS in TUKWILIA WA… they have a website..just type in impress rubber stamps and it will come up… I am pretty sure they are in my links on the right hand side of the blog…

a father's day card several years ago using my pattern

a father’s day card several years ago using my pattern

I had this cool drive in stamp and I just stamped it then cut out the screen part and pasted a photo on the inside of the card… I liked it…Then this photo is what they look like from above…so you can see they form an open box that stands by itself.IMG_7713 2

Now I bet you want to know the pattern…right…ok…

CUT YOUR BASE 4 ¼ X 10 ½ …. THEN along the 10 ½ edge from the left score at

¾ “…1 ½”….5 ¾”and then at 6 ½”

Cut your circle, square etc out of the card between the 1 ½” line and the 5 ¾ ” line..now because this one slides to one side when it folded flat you need to stand it up to see where your image inside needs to go unless you do as I did and adhere it cut out but my old ones I just made tick marks where the space was one it open ( not flat.use at paper clip to hold it together)

Now fold all the score lines and fold it together with the last flap on the outside…you can cover it that way and won’t show or you can decorate it but I don’t like inside its… to do this I fold the card at the 5 ¾ mark and it should match up to that last score line…then I put double stick tape on that  last flap and fold it down….Ok that’s it… another shadow box pattern.

EYE CANDY..I love this web site…its called PUSHING THE ENVELOPE and with the GRACEFUL ENVELOPE CONTEST just behind us I wanted to share more of the amazing talents of JEAN WILSON…she posts a new envelope every day I think … any way there are tons of ideas there…so go…look …create…..and HELP STAMP OUT BORING UGLY MAIL….DO IT TODAY…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPING BY...wire headed cyber toad…aka kath


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