IF YOU ARE LIKE ME….the countdown has begun…seems like the time between Halloween and Christmas gets shorter every year… and this year especially as I was away for 14 days right before THANKSGIVING…aaarrrggghhhh. BUT I have a friend who says that the more projects you have the longer you will live cause you can’t die till you get them all done…in that’s case I am going to be one OLD LADY…lol

Another sponged background and the pop out part.

A Christmas version of this same card but it could be a birthday too

this card is simple and cute and if you need something quickly then you can use just decorator/designer paper for the inside panels and then stamp your message or write your message … or photos or die cuts or punches to decorate your inside panels and truthfully you don’t have to have every panel decorated….sometimes less is more…

This is again one of those types of cards where you can prepare the BASE card with the cut out ahead of time and then also cut and score the inside accordion so that you have it ready to put together for this last minute cards you forgot to make…lol… I swear if it was for “LAST MINUTE” I’d never get anything done…

I also think this would make a really good birthday card with some balloons on the outside pop out panel and then maybe one or two on the inside panel…or just cut some small squares or rectangles to look like mini packages inside ….also one of my favorite sentiments for the birthday card comes from my friend TORY BROKENSHIRE…its CYH..which stands for CONSIDER YOURSELF HUGGED..I just love that and I am a huge hugger…

OH and there won’t be a travel log coming due to circumstances beyond our control we will not be going to HALIFAX as this time.. ☹️😬 I am disappointed but I am sure we do it another time

EYE CANDY….AMAZING LEAF ARTYOU wont believe the wonderful things they carve out of these leaves…check it out..

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad…aka Kath




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