HELLO MY FELLOW BLOGETTES...Ha I am not sure that is even a word but I couldn’t think what to call those of you patient souls who come and drink from my blog… for that I am both grateful and thankful… any way I wasn’t going to even go into this one because I am all about mail and I thought well you can’t mail this easily or rather cheaply… then I thought how many times I would like to have just a little something to give to someone who invites me to lunch or dinner or who might be going on a trip etc…actually have a good friend who works for BARNES AND NOBEL and she won a trip to NEW YORK TO RECEIVE AN AWARD AS EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR… unfortunately I forgot how soon she is going so I can’t make this and send to her (priority mail box only $5) but I would have if I had been more on the ball… it would be great to send to someone who is traveling on plane and in airports… I am sure she has one in her purse but the idea was a good one so I am passing it along to you…. make a few and have them ready when you need them… like the post it note booklet its just a cute idea to let someone know you are thinking of them bit more than just a card….

TIP/HINT…DAWN mentions that you can buy these that are a little nicer than just purell…at BATH AND BODY they usually have some kind of special going that you can get 3 or more for better price… I plan to go stock up ..I usually put them in my stockings at christmas but this is cute I thought it would be fun to do some for a special persons birthday or like a said for traveler…or I plan to take one to my Auntie when I go to visit with her this next weekend… think she will love and of course want to know how to do it…

dawn's hand wash holder

dawn’s hand wash holder


This is just so cute and you can make it out of any kind of card stock and decorate as appropriate… if you have a male graduation it would even be fun to make him one and then on his card write….AS YOU GO OUT INTO THIS WORLD…remember to always wash your hands…lol… or something like that… I am sure there are some male ones available and if not then you could just buy one of the Purell type and make your own label or leave it as is… he won’t care and he won’t save the little bag… but its the thought that counts…

SO DON’T JUST SIT HERE READING …go watch the video and then make a few of the holders so you can grab some sanitizers …and BAZINGA you have this cute little gift.

That’s all for this time… AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY..wire headed cyber toad…aka kath

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