HELLO out there… Yes, I know that Halloween is over past and THANKSGIVING is racing toward and a break neck speed but I also told you that Halloween was my favorite.  In addition I told you that this GATE FOLD is very popular and that there are many ways to use it so here is one more and its one I have not seen before so I just had to share it ..BOO YA’LL.

Front of card with 3 tiny images

Front of card with 3 tiny images



This was just tooo cute and I had to give it a try… first its just a gate fold with an insert that is raised on foam dots and then two pieces that pull apart for a view of the image inside.  It may look tricky but I assure you its really easy. Just click on the link and you can watch her video and while it is a halloween card   I also encourage that you give it a try as a BIRTHDAY, GET WELL or even a THANK YOU… can also adjust the front to have only a single image decoration.. It should  probably be larger but you don’t have to have three little ones .

Then here are some of my images using this pattern and of course they are also halloween cause I was making them right before halloween… due to moving back and forth I have to try to stay ahead a little so sometimes posts were written earlier and posted later…lol but that’s better than being not posted at all.. Besides between Dawn and SCS… some times I just can’t keep up but they have had some good ones lately..

gatefold peek a boo kh

inside with frankie

inside with Frankie

Oh look I did make at least one that is a birthday card..and used a small cupcake for the image on the ouside.

gatefold peek a boo kh 3The cupcake is a sticker but the words IT’S YOUR DAY were cut with a friend’s cricket.

inside birthday gate fold peek a boo

inside birthday gate fold peek a boo

The little guy is from an old set I have from ALL NIGHT MEDIA… I love them and try to take good care of them as they are no longer out there unless maybe you find them on E bay or something like that.  The phrase A BIRTHDAY WHOOP DE DO….Is one of Rosie’s Road Show stamps and I am pretty sure you can find it at  IMPRESS RUBBER STAMPS.  ( If you don’t see an image or phrase that you want on the on line web site…you can call them and they will help you order it. They have so many stamps it would be hard to put them all on line.)

Ok just a little bit of EYE CANDY before I go…I came across this You tube video of A   MOVABLE BOOK OF LETTERS  and it was so wonderful I had to share it on the November 8th post FUN WITH FUSING.  That book was created by KEVIN STEELE. Then my calligraphy buddy ELIZABETH WALSH saw it and sent me an e mail…. she writes

I took a workshop from Kevin Steele, creator of that amazing Book of Letters!!!
He is a young, 30 something, humble, reserved, and TALENTED!!!!!!!
He teaches at Indian University and was our guest instructor in Tacoma for PSBA. 

Here is another link to another one of his projects on YOU Tube…THE DEEP. If you are like me and can’t get enough or want to know more about him… he has his own web site which is www.Mrkevinsteel.com.. In addition to looking at all his great art…if you click on the About on the bottom left of the screen you can read more about him as an artist.

Thanks Elizabeth for giving me more information and I am sorry I didn’t get to take that workshop with you..

Ok that’s all she wrote folks..AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad…aka kath


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