I just wanted to take a minute to wish all of you a creative new year. I also wanted to remind you that I have decided to not post on a regular schedule ie no more just on fridays… it seems I do have a life and an 87 year old mother who doesn’t follow a regular schedule soooo I will be posting as I can and the easiest way for you to be sure not to miss is to sign up to receive the e mails. Now I am also signed up just so I know what does happen and I only receive an e mail for that Blog. No ads and I don’t think any junk mail …if you can’t find it click on the HOME BUTTON on top left then it should appear on the TOP RIGHT. In any case I hope I don’t loose any of you and I also hope that this may cut down on my spam but think they have signed up so they will continue to spam …oh well.. I will continue to delete. LOL…ALSO I don’t know where these come from but maybe china as I don’t get the e mail till maybe 5 hours after I publish it… Ok so here we go charging ahead into the new year.

Now the card for this week is DAWN’S NAPKIN FOLD CARD. When you look at the picture of this card you may think that its way to difficult but actually its not… its very simple as you will see from the video link above. I also found that while Dawn cut lots of little triangles to glue on the card and it does make it really interesting you don’t have to do that I found that using a piece of duplex paper ( that’s paper that’s printed on both sides and I like the type that has a design on one side and a compatible solid color on the other side. Below is a sample of the one I did using one of the duplex papers. The other down side to this card is that it takes a larger than normal envelope, since it ends up being a 6 inch square. So you can use a 6×9 inch envelope or what I did was to scale the card down to a 8 x 8″inch square to begin with then score it at 2″ and again at 6″ then rotate it just as she did and score again at 2″ and 6 ” when folded as she shows it then becomes a 4″ square which you can mail in a 5 x 7 envelope . I am guessing however that you will need an extra 20 cent stamp due to the thickness and the various embellishments you might put on it as well as the belt that you use to hold it closed.


Dawn's 12" napkin fold

my 8" napkin fold closed


my 8" napkin fold open


kath's napkin

The above is another 12 x 12 that I did then hunted up a little solid color that I liked to go with it and made some of the small triangles… I think I only did 8 rather then all of them because I wanted to have some contrast between the folds.

This last one is a snowflake front and again I didn’t make all the triangles and its not just cause I am lazy but because if you do them all then there is no difference in the front at all and I like seeing the contrast between the papers. Also I would suggest that you tell folks to slide off the belly band or those who don’t make cards will instead tear it off…which is ok too but giving them a heads up would be good.

kath's snowflake napkin


This card came from Linda O Neill and she used a photo of her house made into a pencil sketch then layered it with a die cut Christmas tree with red ornaments… very cute and I also showed the lettering on her envelope and I love that too I may try to share that with you soon.


This next one is from my friend MARGIE LONG and It is a tiny card with this tiny piece of original art work… nothing is more fun or exciting than receiving a piece of a friend’s original art work THANKS MARGI and LINDA for sharing with me. I am a very LUCKY girl…



Janis Blevins

Janis Blevins

Janis Blevins

The above Photos are cards that were shared with me from my friend JANIS BLEVINS..are they just impressive.  You can see that Janis also did not put all the triangles in and like me she felt that it showed them off more if you had some contrast.  THANKS FOR SHARING …and in case you found a glich here… I apparently accidently deleted the post but YEAH WORD PRESS they have a trash bucket and it was there so apparently taking some time off was not such a good idea…but hopefully I got it together again. Sorry for the confusion.

WEll that’s its for today….AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPING BY… The wireheaded cyber toad….aka KATH


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