I am listening to Christmas music as I write but that is not to say that I am not frazzled..still struggling a little with Mom’s readjustment but mostly I am just so far behind… working on my own cards and thank the Lord I found old extra ones from previous years and brought them to FL… or there would be none!!!  Lol

But I did have fun with this one…. so check it out and see if you don’t agree.


Dawn's inside pop up


Inside pop up


My first effort and I didn’t have some of the same punches she used so I used the what I had and thought that the wholes would make it look like it was snow…then I used a new stamp of a stand of trees and I hand colored several different little wooden trees that came from the tree pkg of embellishments from IMPRESS RUBBER STAMPS….I love those little wooden embellishments I think I have them all ….surprise…lol..

kath's inside pop up


below is the  inside of one of mine I will give you a hint that while I did have ( imagine that) the label punch that she used you can do the same thing by just cutting two slits that are centered and approximately ¾ of an inch apart…to make the little platform that the pop  up strip is glued to… its a fairly standard way to make any card have a stand up or pop up and in this case I would actually say its sorta a flop up…lol…. but its still adds an interesting aspect to your cards.

inside of popup kh

kath's inside popup

This is the same rubber stamp of trees , note the deers in the background but this time I used one of my hand colored birds…when I say hand colored I am using a sponge and applying stamp pad ink from the pad…or using the little cat’s eye pads and applying the color… you could also probably use markers the color will stay unless they happen to get wet…in which case you could spray the with WORKABLE FIXATIVE…or if you wanted them really shiny you could coat them with DIAMOND GLAZE on them. I get most of my wooden embellishments from IMPRESS RUBBER STAMPS but you may also find some at Michael’s or JoAnn’s.

VARIATION based on STAMPING SCHOOL PROJECT.. btw…this is one of those cards that makes that fee of 35$ a year worth it.

variation 1

THIS  IMAGE…is a variation on the same thing… I got this one off the STAMPIN SCHOOL WEB SITE…but if you don’t have an account there you won’t be able to see the video…however I think I can talk you thru it after seeing DAWN’S video…

close up variation


close up of notches above

INSIDE variation  2


INSIDE variation


INSIDE variation  1


CARD BASE…4 ¼ X 11…SCORE BOTTOM END AT 1 ¾ INCH…fold up and use red sticky tape to glue the two edges to the base so that you have created a pocket..keep tape at the outside edges of the pocket..


cut card stock 3 ¼  x 6 ¾  score one end at ½ inch and the other end at 1 ¾ inches again fold the 1 ¾ inch piece up and tape at the very outside edges to make a mini pocket that you will use for your gift card or a note. use the red ultra sticky tape again for the on the ½ inch score..now wait before you try to attach it…first you need to fold the base card and create a little extra interest with the notches you can use a punch and just take a bite out or if you have the envelope maker put the none pocket end into the envelope maker and line up the edge with 1″ and click the punch to take out the notch… flip the card over and repeat the process making another notch… NOW..WE STILL DON’T HAVE A FOLD IN THE BASE CARD and the easiest way is not to try to score it but to simple tuck the two notches into the card and gently press down to create a perfect fit…then rub it with the scoring tool (bone folder) to create a nice crisp crease. You may try to measure it for future reference but its just easier to make the notches and then insert it into the pocket and then crease it and as I said it will be a perfect fit ever time.

Now inserting the mini pocket …..put the sticky red tape on the ½ scored piece and fold the flap back and stick the edge against the card base center crease… then tuck the mini pocket into the larger pocket and fold the card closed then when you open it again it will pull the mini pocket up to display whatever message or decoration you put on it…I found that STARBUCKS had mini cups that looked like the real thing as gift cards and I bought several to give to my starbucks buddies…HOW COOL IS THAT…


Ok enough on the cards…how about some eye candy from some of the christmas cards I have received…bonnie's  front xmas cd

BONNIE NOEHR’S hand drawn and and colored eggs in nest and her fabulous calligraphy on the message inside ….M

bonnie's greetingjanis:card:envy My dear friend JANIS BLEVINS sent this terrific card and envelope to my MOM as a get well card….inside of her flipper card..

janis card openOne of my best calligraphy buddies…CHRIS SABO… Chrissy always sends me the best birthday and Christmas cards…

chris sabohere is her diamond fold card unfolded…

chris sabo 1

my recycled christmas card from several years ago…

kath's recycled

I will have more eye candy for after the holidays… and I also want to thank those of you who check my blog often or even only once and a while… I admit it is really for me as much as for all of you, when I am in Fl I am isolated from all my calligraphy friends and workshops etc so I thought this would be a good way to allow me to kinda be teaching without having to have a location or actual students… while it has been stressful these last few weeks I do enjoy sharing what I know with others… that said I am also going to give myself a HOLIDAY VACATION and I will not post again until the second week in January 2014.  I just need some down time and I hope that you will all stay with me. The best way to know when I do post again is if you have signed up for for the e mail notice … I don’t send any other e mails and I don’t send any info on to any other businesses… I also have a scam program so it should protect us both from unwanted spam..

I am a very luck girl who is blessed with many wonderful friends and family and I want to wish all of you A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR.

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY …the wire headed cyber toad…aka kath





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