Actually she called it a POCKET treat holder and that is what it is…its not a card it more just the holder…you could put it in a card or as I suggested the other day if you wanted to mail it for $5.25 you can put it in one of those small priority boxes… or you can put several… I have 8 nieces and nephews and they are are mostly in twos so I can send them to two to a box… and think they will enjoy it…BUT…yeah this is like the TV ads where if you order one they will give 2 FOR THE SAME PRICE PLUS…. you KNOW THE DRILL.. well while this card is small and it works perfect as designed for the Ghirdelli chocolates…you can score it with a wee bit more space and tuck in a mini hersey bars or York peppermint patties… OR…YOU COULD PUT stickers in the pocket .. you would have to fold them down etc or cut them apart and put them in or temporary tattoos if the person is older or Money or probably a gift card depending on how you tuck it in… ALSO it doesn’t have to be HALLOWEEN…it could be thanksgiving , christmas, or BIRTHDAY… what ever you decide to make it but its cute it could also be a tag with a coupon on it for like … I will take you for ice cream…or fix your special dinner…or allow a friend to spend the night… ok by this time in the ad you no longer want the product so I am going to quit… but I do like and its quick and easy and uses paper economically and allows you to use up scraps…REASON ENOUGH FOR SAVING THE DESIGN…(paraphrased from my favorite calligraphy teacher CAROL DU BOSCH).

PS I LOVE THE DEATH BY CHOCOLATE…but you can write that with your SAKURA GLAZE PEN…


Dawn's self closing box

Dawn’s self closing box

I love this little box… its quick simple and I believe that you can use this one to also make a birthday box..like my previous post… you can put all the same things in this box..little candle cake, the balloon, string, etc…or you can use it like I plan to to put individual candies and a plastic spider ring in it and send one to each of my nieces and nephews…don’t you want to be either my niece or nephew..lol


Front of my halloween box


back of box

back of box

HINT:#1 if you don’t have the piercing mat you can use a mouse pad or I use a NEWSPRINT PAD of paper to do my stamping on ..it gives better impression than stamping on a hard surface and it will also give enough cushion to allow you to score on your card stock…

HINT:#2 Dawn mentions that you need to make sure YOU FLIP THE SECOND ONE over if you want them match on both sides of the box… but if you forget don’t freak its ok for it be different on each side ….

HINT:#3 When you got to stick the bottom fold of the box together look at them carefully before you adhere the tape 2 will not touch together but two of them will ..over lap completely so those are the ones I stuck the tape on…and then I used the rounded ended of my bone folder to press the them together to hold the bottom together….

Ok guess that ‘s it for this post…. AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY..wire headed cyber toad…aka kath


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