I want to let you know that apparently someone hacked my header and you probably got to see a huge ad for Cialis… well that wasn’t from me… and I don’t know how it got there and I did get it removed or at least I think I did and so that’s why this post is late..I am sorry and I am working to see that it doesn’t happen again.  Hope you like this card as much as I do.  I also want to apologize for last weeks post it appears that my links to the youtube videos were not working so I did re link them and now think they are working.. I also a few more samples to show you.. they are not mine but came from the web.

penny spinner

As you can see someone else had the idea of the stars and stripes.  I also wanted to mention that the reason  that this card seems to have two names is that sometimes it doesn’t SPIN it only slides back and forth which is still pretty amazing however getting it to spin is even more impressive.  I think I mentioned that after I finished the bee/beehive card it was more of a SLIDER than a spinner …I don’t know the law of physics very well but believe that this is due to the beehive being too bottom heavy… its better for spinning if the image is totally symmetrical.  I am going to post another with a circle with the bees on it and the hive will be off to one side.  See below…


Now on to new stuff …

dawn's spring grad



This card is so cute and quick and simple too.. You will need to cut the following…

BASE….4 1/4 X 9 3/4 INCHES…SCORE FROM THE LEFT SIDE OF 4 1/4 AT 3 1/4..


So now watch the video and you will see the easy folds that make this lovely little standing up card.  I just think its great the it folds flat to mail and then when you open it up it will have kinda a spring to it.  You can decorate the front square panels as well as have a message or stamp on the back of the card.  Dawn also shows you that if you use a small circle punch you can make a thumb pull for inserting either money in the card or a gift card.  The only thing with the gift card is that it turns out to be too shallow for the card to be  completely inserted so the card is going to show when they open it but since they will no doubt remove the card anyway its not really a big deal…I just thought it would totally disappear but since that pocket is really a V it won’t fit down in there far enough to disappear…

I had to use it immeadiately so here are a few of the samples I came up with.

stand up cd song


I have a huge collection of postage stamps and I like to scan them and then use them on cards from time to time and the PLAYIN YOUR SONG…is perfect for the Elvis stamp..but you could also use music for background and then there are music note brads out there so those would be cute also.

stand up doggone

I have several friends who love dogs and I am also late a lot with cards… I get them made in time but then I don’t get them mailed in time… it is a two step process..lol.. I also fell in love with this stamp so I keep finding ways to use him… another saying might be NOW BONES ABOUT IT…then on the back write wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. there are dogbone punches as well as dog bone brads so both of those would go well with this image or any dog image…I also have a dalmation dog somewhere and if you use a dalmation you can say… WHERE’S THE FIRE…then on the back ….OH I SEE its all those candles on your cake…HB..

stand up fishes


This is the front of this one and I was K and Company pre- made embellishments..I love this saying but another one is LET THE FISH-TIVITIES BEGIN..HB

stand up fishes 1


This is the back of the previous image and I used from the same ocean package this sea shell which I really liked.

stand up real men


I have had this REAL MEN stamp a long time and used it with lots of images…but my hubby and a friend of his remind me frequently that ALL WHO WANDER ARE NOT LOST … which of course is true so pieces of old maps work well for the background layer and again I used postage stamps of Superman and Gene Autry as embellishments.

Now this last one below is my new favorite… I used die cut hearts to create the embellishments.  I saw and pinned this image off of PINTEREST and I think it is also a STAMPIN UP  design but I am not sure… they were using it as wedding cards which is a terrific idea but at my age I have more anniversaries to celebrate than weddings …but it could happen.

Well as you can see I liked this card and found that it was definately a spark for creating I plan to do at least one more for my youngest grandaughter who turns 17 at the end of this month…She is my diva and I plan to use a photo of her for the image on the card and I will probably stick folded money in the slot on the back …I usually send gift cards but as I said it will show behind the card so I don’t think I’ll use one of them but fold the money instead probably origami fold it into a heart shape ( see previous blog on how to or type heart money origami on youtube and I am sure you’ll find one. )

stand up anniversary

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY… wire headed cyber toad…aka Kath

ps… sorry for slight blurriness… I am not sure why but will try to figure it out before posting any more images… :-(.

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