dawn's water gel card

DAWN’S GEL/WATER CARD VIDEO .. this is a cute idea that I have tried before and I love it and believe it or not it is mailable… not sure that is a word but you get the idea.  The big hint is not to try to fill the little zippy bag toooo full… a little I am guessing about a leave teaspoon is just fine… too much and maybe it won’t make it.

The first one I got was an stamp image of a toilet and inside it said ‘hope this doesn’t get FLUSHED in the mail’… very funny… and it didn’t… my friend included the directions on how to do it and it was little harder as we were using the ‘seal a meal’ thing and having to make up our own baggies but the mini zippys are lots easier and if you don’t fill them too full and let out as much air as you can they work great.

I didn’t have a dollar store near me so I was at grocery and found a large cheap bottle of blue hair gel with lots of bubbles it was ‘DEP SPORT’..now while it looks really blue in the bottle the small amount that you and I will use makes that blue a lot less noticeable…

Here are two that I did one with a small punch out of a boat and the other I used the water punch border and MS’s whale and Of course there was the option of using a goggly eye so I did use one of the tiny ones…. I just love it…

my whale gel

You can really see the bubbles right?  The other one was a ‘bon voyage’ card and I used the tiny sail boat punch that was one of Fiskars’ handle ones 

I was in such a hurry with this one that I forgot to squeeze out most of the air so you don’t see the bubbles as well…but I still like it …but you can also see that because it was on a white background the blue doesn’t show up as much as it did on the lite blue background.

Another idea is a small person or animal etc image under water and the words ‘could be I have been in over my head’…and make it a belated birthday or an apology etc..



I know you may think that I get a kickback for pushing some of DAWN’S merchandise but I assure  you I don’t… however, I looked for over a year for these clear cases to store my unmounted stamps in and couldn’t find them anywhere…if they had them at STAMPIN UP I didn’t find them but now they do have them for sale a really good price and her idea of sticking the image on the back (she also thinks that leaving the image sticker off the back of your clear stamp makes it stick to block better) is a great way to store images that are unmounted.  I put like things together like animals etc or birthday or just greetings.  Then you can store these clear boxes on a shelf or in a drawer or in a basket.  Anyway as my favorite calligraphy teacher CAROL DU BOSCH would say its worth the price of admission. LOL. I think the boxes are like 5 for 5 dollars…check her website under storage or if you have a STAMPIN UP rep that you deal with I am sure they have them also.  In any case they are a good thing.

The gel/water cards have become one of new favorites… just remember not to put too much gel in the baggie..squeeze out as much of the air as possible …you can use punch outs like the whale or stamps like my fish…as you can see I felt they could even do with a goggly eyes…yeah I use them as often as I can….

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY …..wireheaded cyber toad…aka kath

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