Dawn's file folder card

Dawn’s file folder card

Dawn’s File folder card

I really liked this card… a) its super simple and b) I have a ton of ribbon and I never use it so this was great way to do that…. I do like the use of grograin ribbon the best. I think the idea of using tape to hold it closed is also a go idea..or folding the piece of decorator paper on the front in a wrap around so that it will also hold it closed and you can still pull the inset out… there is no way to use tape or glue to hold the card closed and still be able to pull out the insert…of course you could decide not to pull out he insert… you can just decorate there front and back and either have your message on the tab or on the back …

So go play as soon as possible…. and cutting a few of these in various colors and decorating them then you can have the ready when you need them for birthday, thank you or thinking of you etc…for me I liked the a little birdie told me…

kh file folder cd

kh file folder cd 2


Then I decided that I need a dog one for my DOG LOVER friends….so this was my first idea….kh file folder cd

kh file folder cd 1

Then I remembered I had these cool cake brads..(forgetfulness comes from havin too much stuff…lol) And I had some buttons that had dog bones and puppy paws so this was my second effort….I also added a little brad balloon on the inside piece and the cake brad on the outside..

file folder cd


file folder cd 1

Since I only tied this folder closed with the ribbon there is plenty of room to insert the card even with the balloon brad .

Ok so that’s the file folder card hope you enjoy it as much as I did ….go make some today

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY.… wire headed cyber toad…aka kath

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