I love making valentines and I loved the look of this one… HOWEVER..let me tell you that the die cuts of the hearts that I have are nestibilities I think and mine don’t nest just like her’s since her’s are the ones sold by STAMPIN UP.  It took me quite a few cuts to try to get it so that it layered nicely …however, don’t  give up, even the ones that I cut that didn’t go together as well as I would like were still usable since you could choose to only put one layer on each card…and then I used some of the smaller punchouts to put in the center.  So what I am saying is use what you got and don’t throw those hearts away cause you can use them on a different type of card.  I am going to show you a few of the samples here that I have been working on and also you will note that they are not all THE SAME TYPE. I also made some up using card patterns that I have shown in previous blogs so go hunting for that pattern then alter it to be a valentine… think OUTSIDE THE BOX..


die cut valentine by Dawn

Ok this is the first one I did like her’s and I used a small foam heart for the center rather than a punch out and you notice I didn’t use ribbon either…

Kath's die cut valentine

This one I remembered to use foam dots to lift it up and then I used a plastic button that I tied the string thru the two button holes….. I really liked this one. Using the foam dots makes all the difference plus I went with smaller size hearts and they lined up better.

kath's button die cut

This idea is using the triple layer card which I shared a few posts ago.  You cut all three layers in white or off white or a color if you choose then layer them together with REMOVABLE TAPE centering each piece and then do your stamping so that it touches all three layers at least on one side. Then using the actual card as the base cut two more layers 1/4 inch bigger than the first pieces and l gently pull the layers apart and insert the colored background pieces and then adhere each layer PERMANENTLY.  These are most impressive and I used a large heart brad on one then on the flower one I painted them with red TWINKLING H2O’s and two very tiny heart brads to hold the ‘i love you’. Go now and look at your bigger stamps and see what comes to mind…the large flowers with the red heart brad I stamped them twice to cover more of the card since it was tall and narrow.  You’ll be amazed at what you might come up with. Oh, this word stamp was a HERO art stamp.

kath's triple layer valentine

kath's triple layer valentine

Ok these last two samples are from the DAWN’S PEEK A BOO EASEL card which I posted back in November or December.  I still have a few of those little battery votives and I just can’t resist using them.  Also you may have noticed that I am currently in love with BLACK card stock.  I just love black and white and red together.

peek a boo valentine kath

In trying to get the ‘i love you’ to show up this one is a little dark… but this next one I think shows up a little better.

kath's peek a boo valentine

This last one is using those cute little WOBBLES on some of the die cut hearts that were the positive pieces that came out of first cards above.  Then I found some confetti that said HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY and glued that onto a white heart then on the top of the WOBBLE HEART.  You can get all the wobbles from IMPRESS RUBBER STAMPS. I think you get about 6 for $3.50.  I just keep buying them…and finding new ways to use them…ps its blurry cause its wobbling..lol.

kath's wobble valentine

Ok guys that’s it for VALENTINES for now.  AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY… wireheaded cyber toad..aka kath

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