I am pretty sure that Dawn has shown us more than one type of box to fill with cards not to mention the Magazine folder box … so this is really probably #4 and #5…lol..anyway they are all cute so lets look at these and see what’s different..one thing is that one is for horizontal card format and the other one if for vertical card format…



For one thing it is made with one sheet of standard size paper …in fact its cut at 10 so you loose an inch at the bottom of the paper… the vertical cards are little easier to make since they just have the medallion and the banner on the front of a white card…and they are using designer paper…I also want to mention that I have a calligraphy teacher Carol DuBosch who uses the phrase ..”.worth the price of admission or worth the space on your shelf ” ..well its my opinion that Dawn showing you to use your bone folder to adhere the tape inside the box (where our hands just won’t ) is worth the price of admission…especially since admission is free …lol… also don’t think I have told you but their( Stamping UP) designer paper is mostly text weight paper its great for layers but it is not sturdy enough in my opinion for cards … Both boxes really only will hold 4 cards and 4 envelopes.


While her’s are all thank you cards…your can be whatever you want…birthdday, anniversary, get well, thinking of  you , just a note, hello, etc.  In fact for me if you are giving these to someone unless you are giving them to a person who just had a recent shower, wedding or baby… it would be nice to make a mix of cards… even if the person is a card maker they probably don’t have time to make up cards after one of these events ..


If the recipient is a card maker you might want to print off the first page or two of this link for the and include it with your box and cards….they will probably ask you for it anyway so just send it along.  My printer prints front and back (2 sided) which is great as that is enough to give them the cutting and possibly the scoring info.  You might also just want to print out the link for them and let them go to see it for themselves…you could just put a post it not in with the box /cards and say sending you the link via e mail…that way they can just click on it and bazinga you are there… isn’t technology wonderful …I mean really how much easier is to share stuff so quickly…


I have a thing for bugs…not all bugs I not particularly fond of roaches but many other bugs are beautiful and even spiders are very unusual and they eat Mosquitos…always a good thing… anyway these bugs are simply gorgeous… they are made from textiles and not all of them are bugs… so check it out think you will enjoy…TEXTILE BUGS.

If you are young mom and have little ones in school or day care and you send things to school for party etc… you will enjoy this post by its told from the view point of a working mother who wants those of us CRAFTY enough to come up with cute ideas for things to send to school ….TO JUST STOPit made me laugh so enjoy.

One last note… I just discovered ( yah I am not as technically savvy as I may have implied) that I got a few REAL comments and I didn’t respond to them…. FOR THAT I AM TRULY SORRY…one person was even asking me about weathergrams… I did finally respond  but I am several weeks late… so if you go into the ABOUT on the opening page you will find my e mail address and it will work much better if you simply email me especially with questions…for the past 3 years I think the first few weeks of the blog I had friends making comments after that all I ever see are the spam stuff and boy is there a lot of that… so lately with sick husband and especially around holidays when we are all very busy…I haven’t been checking comments much …so please e mail me if you have a question but I will try to get better about looking at comments…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPING BY…wire headed cyber toad…aka kath

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