JUST A FEW THINGS TO TELL YOU… well I want you to know that I am going on Vacation for a few weeks and while I have scheduled a few cards/posts there will not be enough to last till I return..but hey that will just give you more time to try making a few more of each of them.   So don’t forget to play.

DAWN’S BOX CARD is both simple and elegant.  I had fun making a few of these and tucking them away for emergency card necessities…lol…YOU never know right.


After watching her video you will see its rather easy… a few simple scores and cuts and then you just adhere the flaps to the back , and then decorate the fronts and inside.  I do have one TIP FOR YOU …if you don’t have the STAMPIN UP  score board then you will find need a little help with scoring those diagonal folds….. if you are using the SCOR -PAL board then when you are scoring on the 10 inch side make a score mark at 5 ” then flip the cardstock over and make another short score mark again on 5″ ..

Now you will need a ruler and you will need to score from the little tick mark diagonally down to the corner score… repeat on the right side and then again flip the card around and do it again on the other side of the card…

If you can’t figure this out the gently fold the right side down to the center then repeat on the left side then do the same on the opposite side of the card…

Ok this is one of those times when words might fail but hopefully a picture really is worth a 1000 words…once you have this done gluing the box together and then folding it flat is a peice of cake…then you need only to decorate the front and the inside… As you can see from my sample I used some black buttons on my decorator paper as the centers of my flowers now these will create bumps in the envelope which as we know means you must post the card with a 66 cent stamp.  Below is my sample.

This is another one of those cards that you can cut and score while watching TV..then you will have them ready for a quick or forgotten birthday.

Ok that’s it for this post. DON’T JUST SIT THERE …GO MAKE SOMETHING…LOL

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wireheaded cyber toad…aka kath

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