I love finding alternative uses for things…. and this certainly qualifies… I think when I was first married I may have NOTE MAY HAVE.. used contact paper to line my shelves in my cupboards…so I got excited when I saw I could buy some respositional contact paper and use it to make art…so you must at least look at the video and then directions and then decide if like me you want to go to amazon (because I am too lazy to run all over town trying to find it) and it turns out its almost that hard to find on Amazon… lol…You might want to wait and check back with me to make sure that what I ordered is in fact removable..they say it is…but they don’t have the word removable on the label…

But the idea really appeals to me… I like using the cut out to add a variety of color and then to stamp again with a design stamp on in this case the balloon… in any case it will take a few days before I can actually try this out and if you buy the large post it notes you can probably do similar idea Ist bit harder to keep the mask in place to add the color.



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