SURPRISE…. yeah I know I said I was taking a break for the holidays…but I keep getting cool stuff and think wow… I should share this now so that they have it for the Holidays…so here goes… there will not be much in the way of samples except at the site I give you…


DAWN’S NAPKIN FOLD… This may look really complicated but she shows that it is really rather simple… write down the measurements as you watch the video just pause it and write it down… bookmark it so you can go back and watch again..

DAWN’S ENVELOPES... Ok I have seen her use this before and I have waited for Scor-pal to come out with one but they haven’t so I have ordered this diagonal board that LOOKS like it will fit into the SCORE-PAL or maybe the MARTHA STEWARD SCORE BOARD…I don’t have it yet but I will let you know if it works…I have several times needed a diagonal scoring board so hopefully this will work as I already have a SCOR-PAL and a MARTHA STEWART…I really didn’t want to buy a STAMPIN UP BOARD…also I am not fond of the fact that it is dark…think it makes it harder to see the numbers that said if you don’t have one at all you may like this one… to help (i think) with the fact that board is dark it comes with little pointers that hook onto the board at the places you put them to help you score correctly…if you belong to a STAMPIN UP group you can order from you own rep but since I don’t I order all my stuff from DAWN…she is quick and accurate.

DAWN’S CHRISTMAS THANK YOU’S….She has these every month and they are all the same yet different… yeah I get it ….its a way to sell their stamps but this one is very cool since it has stamp images that match a die cut …of course you will have to buy both to make it work …lol… but you could tell Santa…she does send me a little thank you with ever order but frankly I don’t get enough gifts etc to use a thank you that often but nothing says you can’t make a birthday card or thinking of you card out of it… in any case at least look at them they inspire something else.  OH remember…this 3×3 card is only mailable in a 3 1/2×5 envelope…or larger

OUT OF SILENCE…. OK this is calligraphic eye candy with a cause… a friend of mine SALLY PENLEY started this project earlier this year after she was moved by the recent suicides of young people who were being bullied for one reason or another.  Sally is well known in the calligraphic community so a great many calligraphers responded with making  pieces to remind us of tolerance and not to be silent when we see or know of someone who is being bullied or harassed for any reason.  They are both moving and beautiful if you have a facebook account you should be able CLICK THE LINK in blue above and it will take you to see the varied pieces.  Piece below is one of Sally’s and I not only like the piece but I like what it says also.

OK that’s it for today and maybe I’ll post again before Christmas just depends on if I have a free minute and something to share that just can’t wait…lol… this free minute was brought to you by ….. letting little birds glued to my xmas cards dry…lol.


AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY….the wire headed cyber toad…aka Kath



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