OK things have been kinda stressful around here lately and right now there is enough chocolate in my house for a chocolate overload….but its not totally my fault…Dawn and others keep coming up with these cute ideas for cards that contain  chocolate… and not the same kind of chocolate so I have to keep going and buying another bag of something so that I can create…. HA AND IF YOU BELIEVE THIS STORY …I HAVE A BRIDGE TO SELL YOU… lmao..

Actually I found this first link on You Tube and I was so delighted with the accent that I had to share it with you…. CHOCOLATE NUGGET…. this one was based on a valentine idea and its very cute…but it could be a get well or a thinking of you or whatever you might want it for…





THERE must be a CHOCOLATE DAY….and just so you know …there are DARK chocolate nuggets with almonds…. both healthy …lol if you don’t eat the whole bag at one sitting…lol… DAWN’s BDAY VERSION



BOTH of them are so cute and the chocolate does fit snugly inside and you can only get three in it but you could always give them the rest of bag….or NOT…. lol

but since we just did the hersey kiss card I thought this was a good one to share also…

then I also found this one on hanging sweet treats….( I think she is using lemon drops but you could also use gummy bears or gummy life savers…. in any case this one is really cute also …and again I loved her accent so I couldn’t resist sharing this one….she is a STAMPIN UP DEMONSTRATOR IN THE UK….and her web site is

UK stamping up sweet treat hanger

UK stamping up
sweet treat hanger


Most of this eye candy is video from You Tube…but I think you will like it…this first one is on creating paper that looks old… AGING PAPER..I have heard of some of the ideas but not all of them and sometimes you just want you paper to look old …one more HINT: they don’t show it but if you are careful and DO THIS OVER A SINK…you can take a lighter /match and gently burn the edges of your paper…but go easy or you will end up with the whole thing burning up ..hence the sink…lol….

CUTE OWL  CARD THIS is from another blog and was a card I saw on INTEREST but i really liked it and I do love that owl punch there are so many things you can make with it…but this one is the owl but instead of just one there are two and I just used to send a card to some friends that are moving and I wanted it to be from both myself and my husband so this was perfect….HINT: while  usually love an excuse to use googley eyes this one needs to use the punched out eyes so that you can be sure to make the bottom owl’s eyes appear like they are looking up at the owl on top…. to me that is what makes this card so cute… and while I think she stamped the branch ( you can get two colors that way) I used mine punched out …


Darlene's owl card front

Darlene’s owl card inside

I also didn’t have the wood stamp but I did have a wood grain embossing template so  used that on the front then punched out the hole…

OK THAT’S IT FOR THIS POST…. AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY …wire headed cyber toad….aka kath




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