Well I should have posted this after I posted the one by Janis Blevins…or maybe before… But you know that saying about hindsight…anyway better late than never….there are two different versions here but I still think that Janis’s version is the easiest but these are unique also.


DAWN’S CENTER PANEL EASEL VIDEO….I love this again its a standing card so of course that to me makes it extra special.. this is like the 2nd or 3rd or even 4th example of an easel card…there are round ones and now this one is sorta square/rectangle…no matter its very cute and easy to do…also I haven’t suggested this in a while but this is good one to cut several cards while you are watching tv at night then slip them into a protective sheet along with measurements and then away you go…. they are ready quick and easy when you need a birthday card…thank you or get well… or even just thinking of you of missing you…. so TIP:  PRINT JUST THE OPENING PAGE (1) of Dawn’s video page then write the measurements on that page …this way you have a picture of card as well as the measurements for it…. and use that same protector sheet to store your extras…

MY center fold using Dawn's pattern

MY center fold using Dawn’s pattern

my center fold standing

my center fold standing

my center fold using stamping school vertical

my center fold using stamping school verticaL

Folded flat

Folded flat


This one is made using a small Z fold to make the easel part of the card but it quick and easy and my card does not open it says it all on the front and under the flap,…but that’s up to you.


MOTHER DAUGHTER ART....this was so delightful and amazing…the daughter draws a scribble and then the Mom using the scribble makes a painting out of it…. There are more of them on You Tube so check it out….

EAGLE FLIGHT IN DUBAI this is the most amazing video… the highest building 2700 ft and they turn an eagle lose and he has to fly down and find his trainer… you won’t believe it…lovely view of the city too…and very smooth …bet it was done with a GO PRO video camera…check it out ….stretch your wings and pretend you can fly…

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