HERE COMES THE SUN AND I SAY ITS ALRIGHT….That song says it all… we live for the sun during the summer months and we have had wonderful weather lately and I just returned from a weekend at Rainier where I did get up at 6 am to go out and watch the sun rise over the Tatoosh range and gradually light up the mountain. It was stunning and worth the early morning and the chill.  The weather was actually perfect weather for hiking and we did some of that and the wild flowers ( see below) were just lovely.

Lupine in Paradise meadows

Indian paintbrush pinky coral color

Ok I won’t bore you all my photos but if you write me at the leave me a comment …cause you just love looking at other people’s photos…lol I’ll send you a link to a journal I created of all my Rainier photos. There is not that many… lol…Ipad and Iphone both have an new app called Iphoto that you can use to create journals… publish to icloud or your home page and then send the link to others… Its great lets you edit them caption them etc… kinda like you used to do with mobile me but way better as they are arranged in a collage fashion or just plain squares…you choose…guess what I choose…lol…I know I sound like an Apple employee but I do love my Apple… it is not however available for my Mac…maybe in the future so I choose to create on my ipad as I can see them better than on my phone…. ok so while we are on Apple let me share some cartoons about Steve Jobs in Heaven…my BFF Pamela sent them to me and I just loved them…. love to think he is still out there having fun..


I know that through history each generation has had things that the previous generation didn’t and we come to take those things for granted.  I however, know that my life is greatly enriched thanks to Mr. Jobs…..its trite but I can’t imagine my life without my iPod, iPad and iPhone to say nothing of my Mac.  Thanks Steve wherever you are.


Linda O’Neill sent me this link to a beginningITALIC calligraphy web site and I looked it over because Italic is my worst script and when I do attempt it I always know I should practice it more…that is how you get better.  So I am going to share this link in case you are like me and NEED TO PRACTICE or in case you are interested and think you might be able to learn on your own a little ….my hint here is USE YOUR EYES… make sure that while you are practicing your letters look like their letters…if they don’t all you are doing is teaching yourself the wrong way.  Another HINT…. no ever tells you that its ok to TRACE a letter or stroke so that you can figure out how to do it correctly… sometimes it just takes that.  Now tracing someone else’s artwork and passing it off as your own THAT’S NOT ACCEPTABLE…however, tracing to learn is sometimes very helpful and for Lefty’s sometimes its the only way most of us righty’s can’t do diddly with the left hand so we can’t begin to tell you how to make that stroke with the left hand but tracing it you can find out for yourself what works for you… I have seen lefty’s that write upside down totally and they do lovely lettering just depends on you and your interest level… but one thing I really HATE is when a person says “oh you can’t do calligraphy because you are left handed” ….DON’T YOU BELIEVE IT…. you can do whatever you want and you can learn anything you put your mind to… More questions about left handed calligraphy send me a comment and I’ll be glad to help as much as possible.

Another web site I found via Cyber Scribes on FB….is a woman Tricia Smout in Australia who has a year long project going and one of things she is looking for is envelopes…check this out she has two projects going and both sound like fun and I hope you will try to participate. Her deadline for the envelope is September 30, 2012.


I made this for the first time several years ago and frankly I have no idea where it came from or who to give credit too… I think I might have seen it at the Impress Rubberstamp Store…then again someone could have shared it with me at workshop… in any case I do love it and will be sharing it with my students at my Akim class at STAMPIN IN THE RAIN.

The size I am working on is so that you can maximize your cardstock and so that it will fold flat and fit an A2 envelope and use only one stamp… unless you put some much embellishment on it that you have it too thick then they are going to want an extra 20cents and what an ugly stamp its of George Washington, oh well if you gotta you gotta.

8 1/2 x 11 cs cut it 4 1/4 x 11 this way you get 2 to a sheet of paper…

12 x 12 cs you can cut it just 4 x 11 and that way you can get 3 to a sheet of paper

Next using your Scoring tools you will need to start at the left edge and score at  21/2….5…..71/2… AND 10

NOW you can fold on each of those score lines and and you will see that the last one is only about 1 ” wide this is the piece that you will glue to the opposite end when you are ready to assemble.  I recommend that if you are writing or stamping or even punching on this that you do that before you adhere it together it’s just easier that way…and if you use punches like this sample of a leaf one below you can then add one of those new little fake candles with battery in it and stand that in the center and of card and you have a mini Luminary.  It also makes a great place card holder …simply write the person’s name on the card then punch out some shapes ….stars, snowflakes…hearts ….leaves etc and stand it at their place with the mini candle inside… you can use really candles in the little dishes but  fire ….paper …this could be scary I recommend the faux candles…much safer.

You will notice that there is nothing punched on the first fold so that I can write a message or stamp an image or even punch out another leaf or a tree…and the flap on the far right is where you would use your double stick tape to adhere it together.  If you fold it in the middle and tuck that small flap inside you can be sure that it will in fact fold flat and it’s the easy way to get it to line up perfectly.  This was a sorta autumn colored paper with punch out but you could use stickers of leaves or even punch out the leaves and then adhere them to this form.  You can make it larger, for instance you could make the it 6 inches tall or even 8 1/2 ” or 12″ depending on your cs or what your purpose is.  It’s just such a great little shape to use for lots of different things and I know you are tired of hearing this but cut your cs then while you are watching tv or sitting out in the sun you can score the paper so its ready to go in the color you want and the size that you want.

Here are some other samples I did using the candle punch , and just a plain circle punch, and a cobweb/spider border punch…and on one the tree with copper leaves and then the little mini calendars. With that calendar one you can take the calendar apart and do all four seasons just by adding a design on each of the four sides then put 3 pages for each Dec, Jan and Feb are winter, Mar, April and May are spring, June, July and Aug are summer and Sept Oct and Nov are Fall…. and it folds flat for mailing you could also use fun photos for the person you are sending to or even funky postage stamps, cancelled or new.   

The one below is meant to look like a balloon with string hanging down and balloon stuck on with foam tape so that it stands out a little on the card. 

This is one of my favorites since its HALLOWEEN…my favorite holiday and look I used googley eyes… you can never have too many googley eyes.

The circle punch in various places on the luminary will allow the little mini light to glow thru the holes and in addition if you used squares of vellum then it will cover the circle and yet let colored light show through.  Give this a try and you will probably come up with lots more ideas of your own.

One last smile… My BFFWA Stephanie got a Harley TRIKE ( yep, 3 wheel) and recently took her little dog Panda for a ride on the back of her brother’s bike to see if she liked it…as you can see she did so I bought her a pair of DOGGLES…too cute…

Panda's first Bike ride


Panda and her purple Doggles



That’s it for another week… hope you have fun and AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY.….wireheaded cyber toad aka kath harney



GREETINGS Y’ALL.. I am feeling my southern roots due to the fact that the PNW went from wet/winter/spring to SUMMER in just one day….lol… yep that is just how it happens…no warning just jumps right into summer and while we are only having Mid 80’s temperatures it still seems warm after being in only the 60’s….. You can also tell that we are having summer by the silly grins you will see on us Mossbacks if you look at videos on line.  You will also note a high level of bare feet and you do know that the NORTHWEST is the only place where it is considered “COOL” to wear Birkenstocks with socks…winter/spring only.  Ok, I have a few more photos to share with you from the calligraphy conference in Portland.  They are not my photos but they were gleaned off of FB ( so guess it does have some redeeming value).  I am also going to give you a link to the Keynote opening speech by DENIS BROWN.  It’s a twenty minute video and he is very funny and its quite well done…and he was in charge of doing it so I assume that he slides easily from the digital world into the calligraphic world.  At the end of the video are two other sites, one that he is trying to self publish calligraphic disks for you to learn by and also just to use for inspiration.  It’s pretty cheap and I am going to sign up …no word when they will actually be available. Since this is a pre-register I assume he is trying to see if he can get enough to cover his costs before he begins produce them.  He does allow those who sign up to see what he has so far.  If his keynote speech is any example then they will be great. I don’t know this person but assume it was done by one of the attendee’s to CNW and that it was taken during the sharing time at the end of the conference. Again, I think this might have been done by same person or another person who was taking this class and I am guessing but think the class may have been in Pointed Italic. Again, guessing from a Pointed Italic class . very funny.

This is MARILYN REEVES and you can tell by that smile she was having a great time.


Well I couldn’t have made more mistakes about the above and they were taken by my friend BONNIE NOEHR and thankfully she read the blog and sent me the correct info so I could set it straight…guess I was in too big a hurry sorry Bonnie.

Since the CNW photos were taken by me, perhaps I should clarify.  “Hallelujah” was a 7×7″ piece in the participants’ exhibit, not done doing the conference. “Create Joy” was done by Carrie Imai who taught. The “If” piece was mine, done in Martin Jackson’s double stroked letters class.  As you can see, all I did was the “I” since I found this challenging. I took the photo of Marilyn during faculty demos night; love what she does with a brush!  And, the Weathergrams photo was taken of CNW staff hanging them before the conference began. SORRY everyone, I’ll try to be more patient and get the complete info before I POST…mea culpa.

These are another variation on Julie Gray’s cut out letters…very detailed and it was small booklet with a page for each letter.

These are students choosing their favorite WEATHERGRAM to take home with them as a souvenir!


EMPRESS HOTEL and Victoria Harbor taken from back of Ferry as we heading back to Washington.

Government Building which is always lighted up at night.  Taken from our hotel room.

Me at the edge of Chinatown in Victoria with a lovely Dragon…and yes you can tell I have been


I believe that these photos were taken by my granddaughter Rachel and/or my Daughter Becky from their balcony at the Beach. Some of them are storm clouds and she even got one of Lightning and a great one of the moon breaking thru the clouds. I do miss the storms this time of year as I love thunderstorms , however, I don’t miss the heat that helps to cause them.



I think this is kinda a weird name for a card and it basically has a page in the center that has a peep hole… but I can’t come up with a better name for it than she did… Peep Hole in Middle …doesn’t sound to good either…in any case it does what I love it gives the person receiving it a little surprise… and I loved it.

Ok this is her sample from the video and I am going to post the one I did.

Again… I do recommend that you make up what I call a dummy image and place it with the page where she gives you the dimensions of paper to cut and then you have all of that at your finger tips and it may be all you need to make up a card…but if you need to go see the video again you can always come back to the blog and look at it or when you get it open to her page you can BOOKMARK (APPLE) or list it in your FAVORITES (PC)on your computer and then you have it there also. One thing I would also suggest is that while she is using 81/2 x 11 paper it will require you to use two sheets of paper to make the card… I found that using a piece of 12×12 card stock ( if you have it ) works better and has less waste or scraps left over… don’t know about you but keeping scraps is a pain yet I can’t just throw away reasonably large pieces of paper.  I also liked using a piece that was duplex (double sided …each side different color or pattern) made for a fun card.  That is what I did with this anniversary card.


I have to share a few calligraphy tools with my pen friends…these were found at CNW at PAPER AND INK ARTS…They are called COCOIRO (yeah I can’t say it either) and what they are is first you buy the pen holder basically and then it had multiple colors and even sizes of inserts and the inserts are complete cartridges with very tiny brush tip that can be taken out and put aside with its cap back on ( i.e. DON’T THROW AWAY THE CAP FOR EACH COLOR). This will allow you to write with different colors or you could splurge and buy two penholders and work it that way… in any case…as my mom would say they are the CAT’S PAJAMA’S… first the brush is very tiny and while I know people who can write very tiny with Pentel color brushes or even paint brushes that is not me…so this was wonderful.   When you go to link be careful to see that you are buying the FLEXIBLE pen tip not the ball point… I went for the brush tips and you can get different colors of refills for whatever pen body (thats what they call it) you purchase.  The sample below is done with the BLUE/BLACK cartridge and that tip is VERY SMALL. Know what else, yeah they are by one of my favorite pen people ZIG…Zig made the first disposable calligraphy pens in 5mm and 2mm that had felt that stayed crisp and sharp ..the Marvey ones always got soft and mush way before they ran out of ink….I even kept the Zig ones after they were out of ink and dipped them in ink instead cause the felt nib was still good.  Now I am glad I did as I think they stopped making them with the 5mm tip and switched to only a 3mm which is ok but I love that big one for dramatic letters on an envelope or card.

Now speaking of calligraphy (chisel nib) pens there is another new or updated guy on the block… its PIGMA CALLIGRAPHY (which is apparently from SAKURA) my other favorite pen company.  These are also available at PAPER AND INK ARTS and that is the link I took you too ( ya’ll do know that there maybe other sources but I am not here to find all the sources but rather to give you a quick fix as to where to get the product and No I don’t get a kickback but merely like to help businesses that work hard to supply me with my needs ok maybe I should say wants…lol ) These come in sets at least that is how I bought them one is a multicolor set of 3mm and the other is multicolor set of 1mm.  The great thing about them is that they make really fine hairlines cause their tip is not FELT but rather a hard plastic ( i think) and it stays crisp and sharp also they are great for ” take-along”.  They are disposable and not refillable but while I have yet to try it again I bet you can dip them once they are empty.

By now you are probably wondering just how many pens do I have…THE ANSWER is unknown and I am thinking seriously of donating my stash to SMITHSONIAN…lol… or at least to one of the calligraphy groups I belong to so that they will go to good homes when I am gone which I hope is long time from now as I have lots of projects and of course this Blog to do… lol.

One last tip… if you want to subscribe to my blog…all it means is that you will get an e-mail every friday with my new blog… and if you go to any of the blogs you will see in the upper right corner under the heading there is a box that asks for email and then hit subscribe…then to make sure you are not a robot , they have you write in one of those wiggly words.. then one more step…they send you an e-mail and think you have to confirm it so that you are then registered and it will arrive depending on your time zone some time on Friday with the new Blog for that week…

Ok its been fun … but the sun is calling and I have company and birthday and anniversary cards to make… GO MAKE SOMETHING….AND AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY..THE WIREHEADED CYBER TOAD…aka kath





great driftwood against marsh

Our room is bottom right

painting on wall of building

sunrise over marsh

Favorite name for a grocery

WOW its Friday again…. seems like it keeps coming sooner and sooner maybe because the past two fridays  I have been out of town so I worked like a demon the week before to get the posts ready and then set them to auto…well I am sure by now that if you looked at the blog more than once you saw that I had to keep making updates …..why you ask… well because I forgot things and then while I had planned while on the road to make a few tweaks to blogs I was unable to connect well enough… the blog on the 12th I forgot to say that all those lucious samples came from my friend, teacher and fellow calligrapher ELIZABETH WALSH.  Also I came home sick with what I think they are telling me is Bronchitis…not sure if that’s correct spelling but I can tell you it means trying to cough your toes up… I am a little better or perhaps its the meds so if this blog seems really weird chalk it up to the meds.

The photos at the beginning of this blog are from my recent trip to APALACHICOLA Florida.    If you are wondering where in the heck that is look at map of Fl and its up in the panhandle  a little south of Panama City .  For you oyster fans it is also where about 90% of US oysters come from , at least that is their story. I wasn’t sick there so I am pretty sure that is what they said but they may have said 90% of Florida oysters come from…that makes a little more sense to me since I know WA has lots of oysters and they don’t come from Florida cause FLorida oysters are much smaller and I am sure that a connoisseur would be able to tell you the merits of both… My confusion indicates alcohol was involved.  Right, moving on the place we stayed was on a Creek and was both a hotel and Marina so there were boats tied up right outside our room which was more like a condo than a hotel room …Its called the WATER STREET HOTEL AND MARINA.  Ok I am not really changing this blog to a travel blog but still thought I’d share some of this with you. We went kayaking on the creek and around in some of the inlets of the creek which brought us really close to marsh…. I am in love I am ready go stay somewhere on a marsh for a long period of time… It was fantastic and I fell in love…it is also extremely peaceful and relaxing.


I am sure you are all aware of  Jo Ann’s and Michael’s dollar bins well actually they seem to be going up at Michael’s but I recently went into TARGET and they had a dollar bin with lovely little tins already decorated with MARY ENGLEBRETT designs and I thought, WOW just a dollar and it makes a great little box for an accordion card…and just in time for one of my favorite people so below is the photo of my birthday accordion card that I slipped into the ME box for my friend SHARON CLYMER and she is so good at sending me photos back just in case I forgot to take one.  So if you have a TARGET near by pop in and see if you can find some little tin boxes for $1 and you can use them for tiny gifts or as I did make an accordion card.  I rounded the corners and I did not glue the card in thinking that Sharon might also re cycle the box and make a card and send it to someone else… Thanks for the photo Sharon..

accordion card in tin by kh

You can see I also used the Clothesline Caps with colored pencil as well as some embellishments..there was plenty of room for them in the box and you can make your accordion as long as you want.  Sharon also shared with me a great web site of decorated envelopes by Mark B Hill. They are great so take a peak and once you are on his site click on his ENVELOPE PROJECT.


STAND ALONE POP UP from SCS (split coast stampers)

Ok on to the stuff you came to see.  This is a lovely little stand up card…and I have suddenly taken a great interest in TAGS and this card works great to either make your own tag for the pop up or use a ready made tag that you decorate.  You can use designer papers for the tag but it must be rather heavy or it won’t stand up on its own.  So light weight card stock with designs on is fine but text weight paper will not work. I actually got this card in  a kit and then found it on Split Coast Stampers…yippee… I was trying to write up the directions and then when I found it on SCS I realized I did not have to re invent the wheel..merely share it with you all they called it the FREE STANDING POP UP. I


Now they decorated theirs with ribbon and embellishments but I have a tendency to decorate mine with more stamps.. I also write a personal message on the back of the tag . You do not have to follow either of our examples but can make your own.. and of course if your willing please share a digital photo with me.  There are lots of pre-made tags out there and you probably have some already … if you put embellishments on your tag remember that you might need to enlarge the slit so that it has room to slide up and down with the embellishments.

Again this is a great card to pre-cut, pre-score and have in various colors so that you can grab it and go … you might even want to make up some tags ahead also.

I used some zebra stripped card stock to make my tag and then some crayola crayon mini cards glued on top .  I also had some mini popsicle sticks and also a cupcake brad.  My tag is actually a little longer than the one in the pattern so it will require a larger envelope when I get ready to mail it, probably a 5 x 7.  But that is still regular mailing size so it won’t require extra postage except for the fact that I have bumps being the brads as well as the popsicle stick that would make it require extra postage.



I can’t remember where I found the little green crayola cards but it was definitely a dollar bin…probably from Michael’s and I have had them for a while…

This is the back of my card and I just like to add a little personal note on the back as well as the decorations on the front.  I still haven’t added the string or ribbon at the top that you would use to pull it up and you may want to enclose a note to the person receiving the card so that they will know to pull up and make the card stand on it own.