We are moving right along from HALLOWEEN…which I hope was delightful for all of you… TO CHRISTMAS or various holidays…. I don’t really do much for Thanksgiving holidays due to fact that I am in transition…however, LAST weeks twisted gate fold card  just so excited me that I made up several and now they only need the stamping inside and then some type of embellishment on the outside.


(this first one above used the cookie cutter as a cookie… me I plan to use it as a reindeer.)

But because I plan to use them for the few Thanksgiving cards that I need… I found some cute readymade embellishments which are Thanksgiving themed…BUT…are ya ready for this… that cookie cutter punch makes a terrific reindeer and I really like it if she had only shown the gingerbread boy I would not have been very interested… but turning it upside down (repurposing) it to be a reindeer well that one got my attention…so picture the card above with a reindeer on the front rather than the gingerbread boy….

By now I am sure you have figured out that I bought the both the punch and the stamps but you can probably do without the stamps if you can draw just a little…. but remember my nome de plume is LAZY STAMPER…lol..

DAWN’S RUDOLPH CARDthis was just a basic card folded in half and then decorated..the whole thing was making the reindeer which in this case she is calling Rudolph and giving him a red nose… just too cute…but you can use him with any of the other cards we have made like putting him on the front of gift card /candy holder…or on the diagonal/twisted gate fold card.  So you decide if you can pass up this punch… I couldn’t cause I have no willpower.

EYE CANDY….Ok so last weekend I took a PASTE PAPER class with SALLY PENLEY..if you don’t have a clue what PASTE PAPER is then basically its like watercolor on paper then using just about anything you can think of to make marks on the paper while its still wet… however , you are needing something that is more opaque so paste paper is made up of wall paper paste with acrylic added…there are other kinds but this is what we were using … and it was such fun… as a calligrapher this paper can be use to write on depending on how busy a background it is or it can be used to make cards, booklets even  gift wrap if you are careful with the folding … Sally prefers to make her designs on ARCHES TEXT WOVE paper…this paper takes the paste well and for the most part holds up to most of the tools you might use to kinda scratch designs into the paste. Ok enough talk here are some photos I took of the class and the papers.. If you have an opportunity to take a PASTE PAPER CLASS I think you will really enjoy it and if you can take one with SALLY PENLEY well then I know you will have a great time…

this piece Sally had written on the paper before applying the paste

this piece Sally had written on the paper before applying the paste

note gloves to keep the paste off your hands. also the scratching tool

note gloves to keep the paste off your hands. also the scratching tool

some of Sally's finished pieces

some of Sally’s finished pieces

well that should have gotten your creative juices going so now go make something… and most of all play…

ONE FINAL EYE CANDY…well I am not sure its really eye candy…while raking up the leaves from the last storms my hubby rescued a weathergram as seen below…he swears there was a squirrel holding it who told him if you ever want to see this again bring me the nuts…( we have run out )…lmao…good weathergram though..

kath's half eaten weathergram...the squirrel's hostage

kath’s half eaten weathergram…the squirrel’s hostage

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad ..aka kath


HALLOWEEN..Buckets, Flaps and Panels..


My good friend ELIZABETH WALSH recently sent me this link from SCS on making a HALLOWEEN bucket using the pillow box pattern… you may have a die for this and if you do it will be easier but still its cute and you have a whole month to get one or two made for those special little guys in your life or even for a friend or yourself for table decoration…


bottom bucket

bottom bucket


bucket with handle

bucket with handle

i do have the die but no time right now to make one…still its really cute…

DAWN’S POP UP PANEL…This is the most incredible card and while it looks complicated…just watch the video so you make sure to cut and glue where necessary and if you do that it not complicated… I would recommend that you cut and score the mechanism and store them in the sheet protector so that you have them ready to go when you need them… this one is a halloween but it could be birthday eat…

Dawn's pop up panel open

Dawn’s pop up panel open

front of the pop up panel

front of the pop up panel


pop up panel bday

pop up panel bday


DAWN'S triple flap fold

DAWN’S triple flap fold

She has give directions for this before but this is very cute and Halloween is coming…

DAWN’S DOUBLE FUN FOLD6a00d8341c09ea53ef01b8d21c5eb4970c-450wi

The cute thing about this card is that it just keeps opening… just a matter of decorating several pieces then assemble the card…and again it can be anything it doesn’t have to be halloween..

Not to be left out on Halloween…I found this ghost card in my PAPER CRAFTER and fell in love…. turns out the die is Lil Inkers… and I think its available from Amazon… I love him… and have used him several different ways…both inside cards and outside… here are a couple of samples..

this was the magazine version.

this was the magazine version.


this ghost was cut from text weight pale green paper and then because i thought the design looked a little bare I tried stamping in a new BRILLIANCE PAD called STARLIGHT BLACK …on white paper its closer to a smokey grey with glitter … and it doesn’t show up much in the background of the ghost but I loved it as it looked IN THE BACKGROUND… I did trim the ghost down a bit so that he was didn’t cover too much of the house… and then I stamped the BOO on the front and I did use the same stamp pad.


this is a tri-fold ….5 ½ x 12.. score at 4, and 8… then on the 4 ” score you use a hole punch approx 1 ½ round and you center it on the 4″ fold and punch out the hole then you fold it closed and glue a moon the same size .. In this one I also cut the top with a wavy cutter and then on the front I folded a flap about 1 inch wide back and used designer type paper to decorate.


this is the ghost card folded open with the front flap …the ghost is cut off so that it doesn’t stick out beyond that fold on the front… and still I like him…


screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-1-08-18-pmok this is open to the third flap and the writing is washi tape.  I also used the eat drink and be scary stamp , a web stamp on the moon and then a sticker for the spider…. I like it … these are just two of the designs I used with the ghost… and I also think he works for birthdays…in BIRTHDAYS AREN’T SO SCARY …it all those candles… …happy birthday… love it..

Ok this is all for this week and plenty for you to try….AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad…AKA kath


OH MY GOSH….ya’ll know how much I love interactive cards…well this one is just too cute and not that hard to produce… just cut your pieces first then go forward with the creation…and don’t worry if you don’t have the stamps she used…. you more than likely have others that will work… ONE HINT..I can’t find any place where she gave you the measurements except ON THE VIDEO…so keep paper and pencil handy and write them down…. DAWN’S HAPPY DAY SPINNER ( I CHANGED THIS TO FLIPPER because it was too confusing to have two spinner names…)

Dawn's spinner closed

Dawn’s spinner closed

Dawn's spinner open

Dawn’s spinner open

this can be almost any type of insert… it could be square or round or oval…or funky…as long as it fits thru the opening and frankly while I love that is will spin…many who receive it at least from me…don’t do this kind of thing and so they may not even realize that you can spin it… still its MY KIND OF CARD…

In addition… I didn’t have those same flower stamps so I used what I had…and in fact I have a flower punch ( old stamping up i think as I can’t find it now) so punched out flowers or whatever designs you might want for the inside of the card….like maybe seashore type images or cakes and candles etc…

front of flipper/spinner card by nah

front of flipper/spinner
card by kh

inside flipper spinner cd kh

inside flipper spinner cd kh

as you can see I did not get the image in the correct position on the back side… ha…but I am sure my uncle will not care he will just flip it… I do like this and I want to try another one using circles…



VAN GOGH ON DARK WATER this is a paper marbling video and its the most amazing thing I have seen… I know about marbling and how its done but this goes way beyond and remember I told you I can’t draw hence the stamps and dies and etc… well this guy is just too fantastic for words… warning though as soon as its over click off as apparently Youtube had a new trick called jump right into another video or ad and they may not even have anything in common with this one…..still its worth it to see this guy work….

THE LETTER N ….this was an interesting video on carving jewelry the old fashioned way by hand… its kinda noisy so you may want to turn you sound down..its just background noise not music.

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…..wire headed cyber toad…aka kath


Decorative_Corner_Card_300ELLO, ELLO, ELLO,  ah yes feeling a little british this am… I did post this card along with some other cards quite a while ago but I must say I didn’t give this card credit… I have used it a lot… maybe because as in my hints I said that she was correct that you could just use an 5 ½ x 8 ½  sheet of card stock and score it at 2, 4, 6, AND THEN ADHERE IT TOGETHER WITH THATHPIM8057_by_lacyquilter ½ STRIP.  Well I cut quite a few and scored them ahead so that I would have them when I needed them…. and that’s probably why I have used it so often… it was already ½ completed… lol…MARTHA STEWART I AM NOT… I am nothing if not the lazy stamper…SCS DECORATIVE CORNER CARDLet_s_Talk_Turkey_by_Clownmom

THE two above are samples from the decorative corner gallery of SCS…


my b day corner

my b day corner

front of my b day corner

front of my b day corner

Ha just noticed that what is actually an ANT brad…down by the writing looks like a mistake that was marked out…lol… its an ANT I promise….

So I am reposting it here and as I said I really use it a lot… in addition I will add that I rarely use her method of attaching the embellishment…again LAZY…I just adhere one side of the attachment to the base… if more than one attachment I adhere one on one side and the other on the other side… It works just fine …still folds flat and lots less effort… yes it will not stand out just from the point of the corner but I think it works just fine….

This the most recent one I did for a friend who loves GIRAFFES…the giraffe image is off the internet

giraffe corner

giraffe corner

kh giraffe corner

kh giraffe corner



so you can see when folded flat it fits envelope but standing I have one going one way and the smaller one going the other way….easy peasy…


BEACH ART BY ANDRES AMADOR..he isn’t writing words or letters like SUZI BRINGER but this is amazing and beautiful and gone with the tide… enjoy

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad..aka kath


FLAP FOLD card with Dawn

GREETINGS..this has been on my draft pile for quite a while but its still so cute and I liked it especially because it almost just uses scraps….just a quarter sheet of cards stock for the base then smaller for surface and then scraps for the front pieces… watch the video and then go make something…FLAP FOLD CARD

Dawn's flap fold

Dawn’s flap fold

two versions of flap fold

two versions of flap fold

This card will work best with small short sayings….there is not room for a long or large quote…although she makes it a birthday …it will be great as a THANK YOU..OR A HELLO if you need more space you can always write a note on the back of the base card…As I said part of the reason that I like this card so much is due to the fact that it doesn’t open and close like a regular… it doesn’t take much to amuse me…lol…

I also like the fact that it gives you an opportunity to use up some small scraps of paper that you may really like but now you don’t have enough of it left to make an actual card….

I also have a very small snail die and I think cutting out a small snail for on the front of the card and then on the inside I would write ( have to hand write it as I don’t have a stamp that says it) YOU’VE GOT MAIL….I LOVE THAT SENTIMENT…then on the back you can write a slightly longer note with whatever you want to say to your recipient.

These posts are shorter but this is due to HEY ITS SUMMER….and the outside is calling even if its only to go lazy about on the deck and read a good book..watch the birds feed and watch the squirrels and crows and Stellar jays fight over the peanuts… then every so often we get several BANGTAILED PIGEONS..which I must say give meaning to the term BIRDBRAIN…they appear to be the dumbest bird I have ever seen…I am convinced they have no idea of their body size ( they are quite a big bird..approximately

BAND TAILED PIGEONS are approximately 14 inches tall….which does make them a large bird who might be trying to land in a birdbath only to find that they have splashed all the water out…my little song birds (Chicadee’s, Goldfinches, Nuthatches and Purple finches…etc ) look at them like WHAT THE HELL… dude you now no one can drink…



The STELLAR JAY…is very aware of his size and regularly challenges the squirrels as well as the Crows… he is so vibrant that while many consider his loud and screechy cry annoying, I think that his color is so impressive that I don’t mind the noise….He is also a rather large bird approximately 11.5 inches tall.


Ok I am sure you have had enough of my nature studies but I do love my birds and my friend Stuart Feil says I should have a sign that says Nature Sanctuary.  I am not sure about that but WHOA to the cat that thinks he can grab a meal from my back yard….I am a pretty good shot with my slingshot…Please don’t think I don’t like cats…I do but I think the if you have a cat you have a responsibility to keep them in your yard or in your house your neighbors should not have to deal with them…. My closest neighbor does have a cat that just runs loose but one day I took a shot at it with my slingshot and a marble …the marble hit the wall in the back and shattered right underneath where the cat was slinking… I am happy to say it scared the pooh out of the cat and we now seem to have an understanding the cat will stroll down the hill behind our house and there is a line of bricks on the approximate property line and the cat will look at me as if to say…hey I get it I am on my side of the yard… no way would I even think of coming over to your side no matter how many birds I see over there….lol….anyway a truce has been formed and we seem to be able to keep it…

EYE CANDY…. I promised you a link to the WINNING AND BEST OF SHOW site for this years GRACEFUL ENVELOPE…ENJOY…




This one on Youtube…starts out and you think well just some statues…but CHECK IT OUT….stay to the end its a huge surprise…. and amazing…MODERN ART

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad…aka kath


2 FOR 1…4 fold card…SCS AND DAWN

YIPES.. you won’t believe this but both DAWN AND SCS…had a post on how to do this card and I did make one then forgot to copy it and now its at my daughter’s as I gave it to her for birthday….DUH…this is what happens when you are under the gun to “GET ER DONE” and then you dash out the door to celebrate and forget to take photo…. I am going to try another and this time maybe I’ll remember to scan it for the blog..

DAWN’S 4 FOLD CARD so here is Dawn’s image and the link to her video…6a00d8341c09ea53ef01b8d192facb970c-450wi

ok this was pretty simple just takes a little time to cut the four panels…but its not that hard… and they line up pretty easy if you are careful with your cutting…. you can even use your soapstone pencil ( available at sewing stores or amazon of course) and after you cut the first one you can lay it on each of the other panels and draw the circle or whatever ever shape you want on it so that you cut them each in the same spot…you can then rub the soapstone mark off with a paper towel or just leave it as its on the side that eventually gets glued together so no one will ever see it when the card is finished…. AS DAWN SAYS “LOVE IT”…


SCS FOUR FOLD CARD…this is basically the exact same card with ONE DIFFERENCE..they cut four images to hang in the center…I think this was over kill…you really can’t see them unless you make an effort to open them… I think just two back to back works just fine and because it is lighter in weight will flip a little more easily… but I also want ed to show you this one so you could see that you can use the heart shape for valentines  so it doesn’t have to be a circle but for the heart or any other shape you will need nesting dies so that one in hanging position has room to move a little…



WITH the one that I forgot to scan…I was using one of the round TIM HORTON birds so I did use the die cut for it after I water colored it with the inktense pencils ..then I use a  wobble spring and stuck onto a circle that fit in the center of my cut out on the back side I just used HAPPY BIRTHDAY ..then as you can see in the video this will fold mostly flat to mail ..but it will need the extra postage if you are mailing it…. ok…

WELL I am sure you have discovered that the was started back in Jan as that is when both SCS and DAWN posted them……they are so cute and I do like them and yeah sorry I didn’t finish the blog sooner but what I can tell you is that life happens…

I think you should give them a try and while you can cored you might have handy you can use fishing line or even dental floss just make sure that you seal it down on the card stock so that it holds or you will have to send a note with your card that says …some assembly required..


This first one is just so amazing I had to hunt hard to find this off of FB so I could share it with if you have ever gone to a grocery or a Trader Joe’s grocery and been in awe of the chalk board art you are going to love these.  CHALK BOARD ART actually I couldn’t find to share but if you are on FB…in the search box type SECRET CHALKBOARD ART….SORRY…

HAND MADE PAPER this is a great short video on making paper by hand and if you have never done it its interesting….

NAT GEO VIDEO This is a great short video various wild animal shots… always exceptional..

HANDWRITINGhttp://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2016/07/the-art-of-handwriting/488963/ check this out ….remember when we use to WRITE letters…

well guess that’s it for this post… AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY… wire headed cyber toad…aka kath






OH MY… I was so lucky when I began my digital and snail mail friendship with JANIS BLEVINS..our friendship is often via e mail but she frequently surprises me with a delightful card in my snail mail box.  That’s where this card came from and it was my birthday card this year.  below is JANIS’S birthday card to me this year…IMG_9822

Janis's bday card to me

Janis’s bday card to me

You can’t see the die cut in the center too well as its dark but you can see it in the previous picture where it is standing… The die is from AMAZON and unfortunately it was out of stock the last time I checked but if you just go to amazon and type in HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIE…you will find several that will also work on this card… and you also just die cut a shape and put it in the center with the words stamped or with balloons and words etc…turn your imagination loose…

The pattern for this is what makes it so wonderful… 5  ½ X 8 ½ CARD STOCK FOLDED..

Next on the left side of your folded card measure in 1 ¼ inch and then cut straight down from the fold to the 3 “ mark on the side…..THEN REPEAT ON THE RIGHT SIDE…using the paper cutter I flip the card over measure in 1 ¼ then cut down 3″.. that’s it for the cutting …now for the scoring… again leaving the card folded… SCORE ONLY THE CENTER CUT AREA FROM CUT LINE TO CUT LINE…

Now you can use a ruler to measure again 1 ¼ inches up from that first score line and again score only the center piece….If you are heavy handed as I am you will not need to score any more…however if you feel the score line on the other side (i.e. flip it over to the back) isn’t showing well enough then you will need to score it again in both places…

straight across at the bottom of cut line and again 1 ¼ inch up from that score line and score again…

now open the card and fold the bottom or first score line in mountain and the one in valley then mountain then valley… TA DAH… it’s done…you need only to decorate and choose your image or die for the center… You can see that Janis layered designer paper on the front of her card both sides and bottom… if you used a printed card stock you would not need to do it ..you could also just add balloons or some other party type embellishment on either side….and across the bottom if you wish…. it’s all your creation at this point…so just go for it… and you may want to cut a sample and write on it the measurements just so you don’t have to go back to this post to see it…. then keep it in a sheet protector…and mark t center step card.

This is an image of the SCS CENTER STEP and you can see it has more cuts more folds and they are skinnier on the sides…I like JANIS’S better but you know what a lazy stamper /cardmaker I am… lol… but I think her’s is just wonderful…



This one is a lot more measuring and cutting and in my opinion harder than the one I am showing you today… and it won’t fit in an A2 envelope because it is bigger …so you would need an A7 ( 5×7″) envelope to mail it… it also has more of a bump due to the extra fold at the bottom and so you would also need to add extra postage.

This is similar to the the other center stand cards that both  SCS and DAWN have posted only this one fits into a standard A2 envelope unless you add things one the side that stick up or out….lol

SPEAKING OF ENVELOPES…EYE CANDY YOU may remember that I participate every year in an envelope contest that was started but the USPS but now is handled but THE WASHINGTON DC CALLIGRAPHY GROUP and each year a submit my entry for the theme which this year was communication and once again I did not win nor was I an honorable mentions ( i have won once and been an honorable mention at least 2 times that I can remember the most recent was in 2013… )  the winners and honorable mentions are placed in a glass case at the postal building in WASHINGTON DC and left there till next year’s winners are announced any way…here is a link the to HONORABLE MENTIONS enjoy ..

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY ….wire headed cyber toad..aka kath

I WILL POST THE LINK TO THE WINNERS a couple of whom I know and also the BEST OF SHOW  which is also a friend of mine….next posting…





By the time you see this post I will hopefully be back in the GREAT PACIFIC NORTHWEST OR PACIFIC NORTH-WET..as we sometimes refer to it…however I am certain the temps will be cooler, the trees taller and the sky bluer….. can you tell I love it there.  I wrote this post while still in Florida and scrambling to get things together to go back to WA…but I liked this card and you may have already seen it on DAWN’S POST if so forgive me for showing it again..I just got a bit behind in the rush to go home.




It is however, a really cute idea and while she designed it to be a card that can open with space for message inside… its also possible to make it a card that doesn’t open…it will have the slide/pull out part with a brief message and still you will have room to write or stamp on the back and additional message.

I will tell you that I didn’t feel just a different piece of paper ..the little half circle… on the end of the pull tab was enough to encourage the recipient to pull it out to see the surprise message. My idea is to put the piece small circle on the end of the pull strip…..then I punched a small hole in the center and added a small piece of ribbon as pull cord…. it does make the card a little larger than a standard A2 size envelope but you can fold the ribbon or you can jump up to the next size which is A6 or approximately 5×6…


You all know that I am always looking for a way to use GOGGLY EYES..I will them on just about anything and I have them in every size imaginable at least I think ti do…so when I stumbled on this piece of eye candyI just had to share it…. please make sure you are sitting down and  prepare for a belly laugh….

Well I know this is short but I have company coming and I must wrangle the dust DRAGONS…after several months they are no longer bunnies…lol… and prepare for a fun adventure…

I am home and here are a few of the photos to prove it…

my Mt Rainier out plane window before landing

my Mt Rainier out plane window before landing I actually squealed when I looked over to see it out the window…then others got up to look its a wonder the plane didn’t tilt…lol

my japanese dogwood in full riotous bloom.. white star shaped flowers

my japanese dogwood in full riotous bloom.. white star shaped flowers its hard to see them but they are snow white but it was sunny and doesn’t show well..

one lonely weathergram just barely hanging in there

one lonely weathergram just barely hanging in there

first bowl of PHO soup..sure do miss it in FL

first bowl of PHO soup..sure do miss it in FL

my lovely new fountain which glows in the dark as it has tiny lights... next post dark picture..lol

my lovely new fountain which glows in the dark as it has tiny lights… next post dark picture..lol

So far only Goldfinches and a Towhee….but I am certain the my chickadee’s and hummers will arrive soon..they just don’t know I am back with food yet…lol… The squirrels found the peanuts within minutes of putting them out and the Stellar jays found them soon after the squirrels.

Yes… I am home…definitely…. happy face…AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY……wire headed cyber toad…aka kath


Dawn, has more unique gift card holder designs…this one is VALENTINE GIFT CARD HOLDER BUT you know it can be and any theme gift card holder and it is very simple and quick…so hey QUICK AND DIRTY should be my middle name…

valentine gift card holder that slides in and out

valentine gift card holder that slides in and out

Now this works great as a gift card holder but lets just say that you are not giving the person a gift card or that you want to do something a little more personal… well cut a piece of card stock the same size as a gift card…(2/1/2x 3″) and you can put your message on it…like THIS ENTITLES THE BEARER TO ONE FREE DINNER AT MY HOUSE WITH 24 HR ADVANCE NOTICE…or ONE LUNCH AT ANYPLACE MY TREAT call and your phone or e mail and schedule…Or ONE DESSERT /COFFEE…. ONE AFTERNOON SHOPPING ….ONE FREE BABYSITTING…etc… then if you don’t feel that your card looks impressive enough or you want to jazz it up a little you can laminate it at many copy stores and for sure at the FED EX stores which use to be KINKO’S…THEY HAVE SMALL laminating sheets that work for business card size to make luggage takes with …or maybe like me you had to have your own laminating machine (PURPLE COW at AMAZON).

HINT: IF you laminate a card then maybe wait to make the folder to make sure that you have the correct size or to see if you might need to trim the laminated card down some so it slide in and out easily…. 

In any case this is another fun way to make a unique gift card holder… and I give lots of gift cards…especially STARBUCKS and Movie cards… something you know they will use …think I told you that I just gave my hubby 5 GUYS gift card as he loves them and I don’t and he already used it twice…..

STARBUCKS HINT: You might notice that they have lots of different kinds of gift cards and sometimes they are seasonal ones… Like they had leaf shaped cards last fall and they had cute little starbucks cups at christmas….and last valentine’s day they had great hearts…so my hint is that grab those unique cards when you see them…you don’t have to put the money on they right away you can do it anytime…j and if you do it right then just make a note of how much money you did put on it so you will know later… and not be like me and forget …of course you can always ask at any Starbucks and they can tell you how much is on the card.


MAGIC ENVELOPE CARDThis is a great video of a card that I learned a about 15 yrs ago from a wonderful creative woman MARY WORTHINGTON….Mary told us that she came up with this idea while fiddling around with a church bulletin.  Mary and a friend published two books that are now out of print but this was called the church envelope fold.  I don’t know where this woman got the pattern and I do believe that she figured out how to do it using the smaller paper ( Mary’s was designed using 8 ½ x 14…) but I had to give Mary credit too….I also saw Michael Jacobs teach this once and his was exactly the same as Mary’s so I know it was not his original design….sorry if this seems like a soap box but I believe one should always try to give credit where it is due and even if you modify  a design or write up directions etc be sure to tell where you got it and if you don’t know then say that too…. just my personal belief… still this is a great video and it’s nice to know that you can do the same thing using smaller paper…. so give it look see and then give it a try… It’s also a great way to write up an invitation on the computer or by hand then fold it and mail it … my favorite part is using the little triangle to put on the postage stamp but you can also flip it upside down and use a sticker to hold it together.  In addition to using duplex paper you can also use magazine covers and or calendar pages cut to size.  Its just such a great idea….

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY….wire headed cyber toad aka kath


OK things have been kinda stressful around here lately and right now there is enough chocolate in my house for a chocolate overload….but its not totally my fault…Dawn and others keep coming up with these cute ideas for cards that contain  chocolate… and not the same kind of chocolate so I have to keep going and buying another bag of something so that I can create…. HA AND IF YOU BELIEVE THIS STORY …I HAVE A BRIDGE TO SELL YOU… lmao..

Actually I found this first link on You Tube and I was so delighted with the accent that I had to share it with you…. CHOCOLATE NUGGET…. this one was based on a valentine idea and its very cute…but it could be a get well or a thinking of you or whatever you might want it for…





THERE must be a CHOCOLATE DAY….and just so you know …there are DARK chocolate nuggets with almonds…. both healthy …lol if you don’t eat the whole bag at one sitting…lol… DAWN’s BDAY VERSION



BOTH of them are so cute and the chocolate does fit snugly inside and you can only get three in it but you could always give them the rest of bag….or NOT…. lol

but since we just did the hersey kiss card I thought this was a good one to share also…

then I also found this one on hanging sweet treats….( I think she is using lemon drops but you could also use gummy bears or gummy life savers…. in any case this one is really cute also …and again I loved her accent so I couldn’t resist sharing this one….she is a STAMPIN UP DEMONSTRATOR IN THE UK….and her web site is www.pootles.com.

UK stamping up sweet treat hanger

UK stamping up
sweet treat hanger


Most of this eye candy is video from You Tube…but I think you will like it…this first one is on creating paper that looks old… AGING PAPER..I have heard of some of the ideas but not all of them and sometimes you just want you paper to look old …one more HINT: they don’t show it but if you are careful and DO THIS OVER A SINK…you can take a lighter /match and gently burn the edges of your paper…but go easy or you will end up with the whole thing burning up ..hence the sink…lol….

CUTE OWL  CARD THIS is from another blog and was a card I saw on INTEREST but i really liked it and I do love that owl punch there are so many things you can make with it…but this one is the owl but instead of just one there are two and I just used to send a card to some friends that are moving and I wanted it to be from both myself and my husband so this was perfect….HINT: while  usually love an excuse to use googley eyes this one needs to use the punched out eyes so that you can be sure to make the bottom owl’s eyes appear like they are looking up at the owl on top…. to me that is what makes this card so cute… and while I think she stamped the branch ( you can get two colors that way) I used mine punched out …


Darlene's owl card front

Darlene’s owl card inside

I also didn’t have the wood stamp but I did have a wood grain embossing template so  used that on the front then punched out the hole…

OK THAT’S IT FOR THIS POST…. AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY …wire headed cyber toad….aka kath