WELL ITS OCTOBER and if you been following my blog for any length of time you would know that that means HALLOWEEN ….which is my favorite holiday….its eat drink and be scary time…I AM SO BEHIND…between trying to get ready to leave …making Halloween cards and then to top it off a friend dragged me to a quilt store and I got hooked on making a so called 10 minute table runner… lol that 10 minutes has taken me 3 days and I am not done yet but the next 3 will go faster…lol yeah I bought fabric… but it is cute and will make great holiday gifts…maybe even for this year…lmao…anyway here are some cards and sorry this posting is little late…


Dawn's Halloween slider

Dawn’s Halloween slider

I really like this card and not just cause its halloween… because it is a slider ……but you will not want to get too carried away with embellishments as you must keep them on the piece that doesn’t slide …so lots of stamps and lord knows I have halloween stamps… and every year I think I will pare them down and give some away but I just can’t seem to do it… oh well as my hubby says it keeps me out of the bars…lol

Dawn's Xmas slider

Dawn’s Xmas slider

This is the same card but this one is in the vertical format… not a lot of cards work that way but this one does and I like it too… I do have the acorn punch so it will be a fun one to use that with…


dawn's candy/gift card holder

dawn’s candy/gift card holder

This is so cute and quick…and while this one is halloween it will be great for the holidays and just perfect to slip a Starbucks gift card into or any that you would like…and no I don’t get a kickback from Starbucks but I do love my coffee…

My dear friend SHARON CLYMER…emailed me this adorable images of really artsy PUMPKIN CARVING…so here is your EYE CANDY FOR THIS WEEK…10086









I DON’T KNOW who he is but think we can all agree that he is super talented…thanks for sharing Sharon…. ok so that’s all for now…again sorry its late…but ” time keeps on slipping,slipping into the future”…


AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPING BY….wire headed cyber toad…aka kath



NORTH TO ALASKA the cruise is on…

Well about 1973 I brow beat my husband into going on a cruise to the BAHAMAS…we had only been married a few years and we were living in Florida …. my then and current BFF’s husband was working for a company that had a group of tickets for the 3 day cruise and they asked us and another couple we were friends with to take the cruise with them… I really wanted to go but hubby and done this cruise in high school (he’s a bit older than me both physically and mentally lol) and he was against it …finally as the deadline for signing up approached… to get his attention I sat on his chest and looked him square in the face and said… I AM GOING …am I traveling alone or are you coming… he agreed to go… we had a good time but I was slightly depressed at Nassau. I thought it would be casinos, glamor, glitz…it wasn’t it was rips in the blackjack table tops, burns in the drapes and nasty carpet…. still we had a day on a private island which I am told they still do and of course now Nassau has the ATLANTIS on paradise island so I am sure its much more fun now… still I wanted to try another cruise and yes I have been whining about it for a while …finally he gave in and scheduled a 7 day cruise to ALASKA FROM SEATTLE I love it

FIRST STOP JUNEAU..…..we left on a rather sunny ( for Seatte) day and headed up to JUNEAU…where we had scheduled a trip to MENDENHALL GLACIER and a whale watching boat trip ….I actually thought they were both a boat trips or one trip that did both… turns out the Glacier was a bus ride with a slightly cranky no nonsense bus drive and a very jerky bus however the Glacier was lovely to view from a great distance ( again more than I thought) and also a tremendous waterfall which we did not have time to hike to due to the next leg which was whale watching… as it turns out I could have skipped this …it was a fun scenic boat ride and we did see lots of whale blows quite close and very frequent …however due to the time of year they were not breaching ( that’s when they leap out of the water and crash back) because they were feeding for their return of I think they 5000 miles to the hawaiian islands to breed so just eating as much as possible and not really surfacing so I we saw tails which taking a photo of was harder than taking a photo of lightning…lol…

MENDENHALL and the waterfall to the right

MENDENHALL and the waterfall to the right


Mendenhall zoom

NEXT STOP SKAGWAY here we took the train excursion up into CANADA and then back …again I thought it was an HO narrow gage steam train…it was HO AND NARROW GAGE and they did have steam engine however on our ride they used desiel engines… so that was wee big disappointing but it was a fun ride and I love trains so that part was fun..and the guide told us that a waterfall was coming up on the right and that we could see it but probably don’t bother to take a photo as its so close to train it always comes out blurry and yet….indomitablel spirit that I am I jumped up and went to the open platform between the cars ( this was allows for those of my friends who know that I run with scissors) and when the waterfall came by I snapped….and look it came out great and even the guide was impressed…for my sister in law who takes great pictures always …I DID IT.

may great photo of the waterfall from moving train

may great photo of the waterfall from moving train

one of skagway's old buildings made of driftwood

one of skagway’s old buildings made of driftwood

close up of driftwood decor on outside of building

close up of driftwood decor on outside of building

UNLIKE JUNEAU we had time to wander around SKAGWAY before we left on the train ride that afternoon…loved it… they had walking tours and I found the postoffice so I mailed quite a few postcards and the postman was impressed most people don’t send postcards anymore…too sad…I also found a quilt shop which I went into for my Mom and for my friend STEPHANIE who has just started quilting… and I found this incredible seam ripper ..now if I don’t sew what the heck do I need with a seam ripper…. well I do needle point and cross stitch and sometimes you have to rip out …and I had been looking for these seam rippers and hadn’t found them. The one I was looking for was the one with the resin handle as I have one if Fl and I love it… but when I also saw the wooden handle one and that they slip in side to protect people and point on ripper well I boosted SKAGWAY’S economy and bought them both …train and then back to ship..

and on to GLACIER BAY...this was definitely the most scenic part of the cruise…First according the captain and crew we had the most incredible weather they had had all summer…and this was end of august.  It was sunny and bright and what they do …the cruise ships as there were 3 more behind us they go into the bay a boat brings a ranger from the park ( yep its a national park) out to the boat and you turn your TV on and they show what you are seeing and the ranger gives you information and our concierge had told us that we had the best viewing spot from the back of our deck…we were on the aft ( butt end )of the boat and she was correct..the captain slowly rotates the boat in a a 360 about 4 times and those with decks can see everything without scrambling to get to a railing and then running to the next side…remember this lounge chairs I showed you from my deck well l sat in one in the sun and slowly saw the whole of the bay several times… its was perfect… well a bloody mary to go with would have been even better if I had thought of it and I could have had it but I was too busy looking…eventually we had to give up our space and allow the other boats a chance.. it was the best..

glacier bay

glacier bay

glacier bay

glacier bay notice my deck neighbor also taking photo..photo bomb




NEXT STOP KETCHICAN… I fell in love…. if I was going to live in Alaska this and Homer are the two places I have seen that I could do it…. here we only took the DUCK TOUR so we would have more time to see city and while the guide on tour was born and raised here and obviously loves it the boat itself was covered in plexiglass and it was scratched etc and hard to see thru so wish we had skipped this one all together…Wandered the town and had the best fish and chips ever….and I found a level antique ivory whale tail necklace and bought myself a ulu pocket knife that folds and has antique ivory for the handles… wish I had had more time to wander the town as it was just so pretty perched on the side of hill.

our room on ship

our room on ship


our view at breakfast each morning

our view at breakfast each morning

yes, there were 4 hot tubs on board and each evening we thought maybe as we returned from our excursions we go get in one..but we didn’t want the next day’s news to read “elderly couple found drown in hot tub…LMAO

WE WATCHED them Jog as we ate our breakfast each day ...does that count???

WE WATCHED them Jog as we ate our breakfast each day …does that count???

our wonderful deck at the aft end of boat...highly recommend aft end..

our wonderful deck at the aft end of boat…highly recommend aft end..


critters each night

critters each night


LAST STOP WAS VICTORIA BC..While this is one of my favorite places we go there several times during the summer and we were going there the week after this with cousins and aunt and uncle so we didn’t get off the ship just hung out in the sun on our deck and enjoyed the view and read…at midnight we sailed back to seattle and arrive around 6 am… I love SEATTLE it is such a wonderful city regardless of the fact that it rains A LOT…

HOME SWEET HOME… AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad….aka kath

JUST A FEW HINTS FOR GOING ON A CRUISE… take less clothes than you think..

bring an extension or power cord unless you have no devices..there are not enough electrical outlets to re charge

bring stick up lights for the closet..it was very dark

take some salty snacks… they brought snacks every night but always sweet

decide before you go do you really want to do excursions or do you want to see the location…

don’t bring new shoes even if they are sneakers unless you have broken them in…

go for priority boarding … that was the best think we didn’t know we did…