FLAP FOLD card with Dawn

GREETINGS..this has been on my draft pile for quite a while but its still so cute and I liked it especially because it almost just uses scraps….just a quarter sheet of cards stock for the base then smaller for surface and then scraps for the front pieces… watch the video and then go make something…FLAP FOLD CARD

Dawn's flap fold

Dawn’s flap fold

two versions of flap fold

two versions of flap fold

This card will work best with small short sayings….there is not room for a long or large quote…although she makes it a birthday …it will be great as a THANK YOU..OR A HELLO if you need more space you can always write a note on the back of the base card…As I said part of the reason that I like this card so much is due to the fact that it doesn’t open and close like a regular… it doesn’t take much to amuse me…lol…

I also like the fact that it gives you an opportunity to use up some small scraps of paper that you may really like but now you don’t have enough of it left to make an actual card….

I also have a very small snail die and I think cutting out a small snail for on the front of the card and then on the inside I would write ( have to hand write it as I don’t have a stamp that says it) YOU’VE GOT MAIL….I LOVE THAT SENTIMENT…then on the back you can write a slightly longer note with whatever you want to say to your recipient.

These posts are shorter but this is due to HEY ITS SUMMER….and the outside is calling even if its only to go lazy about on the deck and read a good book..watch the birds feed and watch the squirrels and crows and Stellar jays fight over the peanuts… then every so often we get several BANGTAILED PIGEONS..which I must say give meaning to the term BIRDBRAIN…they appear to be the dumbest bird I have ever seen…I am convinced they have no idea of their body size ( they are quite a big bird..approximately

BAND TAILED PIGEONS are approximately 14 inches tall….which does make them a large bird who might be trying to land in a birdbath only to find that they have splashed all the water out…my little song birds (Chicadee’s, Goldfinches, Nuthatches and Purple finches…etc ) look at them like WHAT THE HELL… dude you now no one can drink…



The STELLAR JAY…is very aware of his size and regularly challenges the squirrels as well as the Crows… he is so vibrant that while many consider his loud and screechy cry annoying, I think that his color is so impressive that I don’t mind the noise….He is also a rather large bird approximately 11.5 inches tall.


Ok I am sure you have had enough of my nature studies but I do love my birds and my friend Stuart Feil says I should have a sign that says Nature Sanctuary.  I am not sure about that but WHOA to the cat that thinks he can grab a meal from my back yard….I am a pretty good shot with my slingshot…Please don’t think I don’t like cats…I do but I think the if you have a cat you have a responsibility to keep them in your yard or in your house your neighbors should not have to deal with them…. My closest neighbor does have a cat that just runs loose but one day I took a shot at it with my slingshot and a marble …the marble hit the wall in the back and shattered right underneath where the cat was slinking… I am happy to say it scared the pooh out of the cat and we now seem to have an understanding the cat will stroll down the hill behind our house and there is a line of bricks on the approximate property line and the cat will look at me as if to say…hey I get it I am on my side of the yard… no way would I even think of coming over to your side no matter how many birds I see over there….lol….anyway a truce has been formed and we seem to be able to keep it…

EYE CANDY…. I promised you a link to the WINNING AND BEST OF SHOW site for this years GRACEFUL ENVELOPE…ENJOY…




This one on Youtube…starts out and you think well just some statues…but CHECK IT OUT….stay to the end its a huge surprise…. and amazing…MODERN ART

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad…aka kath




First I want to say that there may be less postings in the coming months my time is getting busier and busier and I am finding less time to tell and not enough time to do…. so don’t be alarmed if you don’t get e mails for posts it will most likely be because I didn’t post…lol..

I loved this box and in fact I think I like it even better than her BIRTHDAY IN A BOX…and the reason is the box is bigger…so I am going to get a helium(UNFILLED)balloon and also some latex balloons and a few more candles and still make the little cake using the battery tea light…. and stick a card in it also…. then put the whole kit into one of the small priority flat rate boxes… and off it goes …what a treat for the person receiving…if you know how old they are you might at dollar store or party store even find the numeral candles for their age or just use 39 AGAIN… LOVE IT…




Dawn’s SPLIT TOP BOX… LOVE THAT STRAWBERRY PAPER…here is photo of the one I just did for my sister in law…IMG_0438

my birthday in a box

my birthday in a box

I even had  a little battery tea light that made a tiny cake …like Dawn showed in her BIRTHDAY IN A BOX … and best of all it did all fit in the small FLAT Rate Priority Mail box.

I found star candles and made the tiny cake…


anyway I just loved it… and think she will too… my niece her daughter is picking up a real cake for her as a surprise… I called the local grocery/bakery and ordered her favorite cake…all the way to FLORIDA…..and my niece will pick it up for her birthday…

SO the box is easy but the layers and the printout that DAWN GIVES are not…. the layer paper for the designer paper is just fine but I found her recipe for the black layers was very confusing so I wrote them down when I FINALLY GOT THEM cut correctly and here they are THIS IS JUST THE BASIC BLACK LAYER :

FRONT TOP CUT 2…4 ¼ X 2 ½                    designer… 3 ¾ x 2 (2)

OVER LAP TOP CUT ONE…3 ¾ X 3 ¼         designer….3 ¼ X 3 (1)

END SIDES CUT 2….4 ¼ X 1 ¼                    designer…..3 ¾ x ¾ (2)

FRONT AND BACK  CUT  4…. 2 ½ X 1 ¼     designer…. 2 x ¾ (4)

INSIDE BLACK LAYER…CUT ONE   5 X 4     designer……4 ½  x 3 ¾

then just so you know each layer of designer paper gets cut approx ½ inch smaller on each side… her layout and measurements are probably all the same but I found that those directions for the BASIC BLACK..BB…WERE JUST TO HARD TO FOLLOW…

now my HUGE HINT..IS CUT ALL THOSE PIECES BOTH BLACK LAYER AND THE DESIGNER PAPERS AS WELL AS THE BASIC BOX…before you start to assemble or you will be jumping up and down 50 times …. and it will take a lot longer to make the box.. But if you have all the pieces cut it goes to gather really quick…. and I do like it even more than the first little birthday box you had us make.


FLOWING INK ARTI use stamps because I can’t draw so this video left me spellbound cause I can’t image how she sees these images as they just flow from her brush… amazing

HUMMER SWARM.. these are not US hummingbirds but it is still amazing and when I watch my one or two stop by to feed I am jealous of this guy with his swarming like bees..

THAT’S ALL FOLKS…AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY...wire headed cyber toad aka kath







This is good info on carving your own designs from erasers..well for years I did this and I  have about 500 I carved not where I am at the moment so can’t show you any but I will tell you that I don’t like the pink erasers…mostly because while its cheaper at least at Amazon its thin and doesn’t give you a chance for a good grip without getting ink on your hands and then on your card when you try to press it down’t used for a long the white plastic erasers by Mars Staedler…and after many years they finally started making them larger as this long rectangles definitely limited your designs… AMAZON of course sells MOO BLOCK and it is the white plastic easier to carve and large so you can get multiple designs and its ¾ inch thick so something to hold on to and even allows you to carve on the other side so you actually get two for one…if you scroll down it also shows you where to click to see the basic carving tools that come with handle and the blades can be stored inside… definitely better than just an exacto knife…. but these are just my opinions….other than their choice of carving block their directions are great…. pretty much anything you see or can draw you can carve… I would suggest you start with easy stuff first maybe even solid images rather than those with lots of detail but seriously its not hard and as I said sometimes its great cause you can carve something that you might never find a stamp for.

I think this is one of the only carved images that I have here at the condo the rest are all if WA… and even this one is not one I carved but one a very dear friend Lorna Hutsell carved for me …it a very good image of myself …younger of course but the sunglasses on the top of my head are very accurate… We both belonged to an Eraser exchange group that was started by ELIZABETH WALSH from our calligraphy group… it was great fun and I have a whole notebook of cards we exchanged and after Elizabeth wanted a break I took over sorting the cards and sending them back to participants… but again all my samples are in WA… But the

Well I didn’t get any images from Elizabeth think she was out of town but here are some that I had saved from the exchange…some I know who they belong to and some I don’t there were all kinds of people who participated in this and many of them we were all total strangers just had a love of carving our own images and creating with them…

my penguins

my penguins

marn's ducks

marn’s ducks

my friends ducks and I am not sure who did the fish…

lorna's buns

my dear friend Lorna Hutsell’s buns…. she loved plays on words..

lorna's black and whites

lorna’s black and whites

lorna's neuland letters

lorna’s neuland letters…she carved a complete alphabet using neuland letters and then she also carved the kiss.

So there you have some ideas about what you might carve and I will say because I can’t draw that many of mine were traced images from magazines, etc…..even though most of those things would be copyrighted if you are just doing this for yourself and not selling them in any way then there should be no problem with using them…except for basic shapes I could never have done this without having tracing paper and pencil handy…

My carvings

My carvings

I think I said at the beginning that I had about 500 remember some are very small stamps and so I started keeping track of what I carved in a small blank book and I was storing them in a large plastic bin with lots of drawers that was from Walmart in the tool section as it was designed to store nuts bolts, nails etc…but worked great for stamps and then I numbered the drawers with stickers and then numbered the images in the book so I would know what drawer to go looking for them and some are carved on both sides because the small blocks that were the white plastic erasers we were using to carve were about ½ inch thick so easy to hold and to carve on both sides..

Mine and Lorna's carvings

Sorry for the blurry press couldn’t get it to lay flay on the scanner ..the picture of the head on the top left of first page is an image of me…LORNA carved that for me and I still love it and use it a lot to sign the back of my cards…at the time it looked pretty much like me…no sags or bags…lol she had a great sense of humor though as the back side of my head is the toilet bowl….. Love it…I know we had a great reason for the toilet bowl but I can’t remember what it was… A joke of some sort and probably a pun of some kind… In any case now you can see what some of my pages looked like and how I kept track of the images and where they lived… I haven’t used a lot of them in a long time but I think I will start using them again as some of them are really good..ok

now to some EYE CANDY

This first one is another ZENTANGLE video that will show you how to create a specific design over and over again to fill in a space…apparently there are a lot of comments on the fact that they don’t like the music….I had mine turned off so didn’t hear it the first time but it is a bit snappy and frankly i think of Zentangles as being meditative so yeah the music doesn’t go for me but just be aware of it and you can turn it off… also note that since this is on YouTube the right side of the screen has many more similar type videos if you have any interest… also HINT: she makes the dots with a pencil then uses the pen to create the actual design that way you  can either cover the dots with ink pen  or erase them if they bother you…

Y tangling from YouTube

Y tangling from YouTube

You can see its not just the drawing but the shading which really makes this shape stand out.

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad…aka kath





Well the SKY IS THE LIMIT…lol… here are two really great techniques on how to create clouds on your cards IN THE BACKGROUND… so if you have images that need to overlap and that looks more realistic, you will need to cut a mask or else stamp or adhere images and then work around them … with the paint it will be a little more risky but it is do-able






I am not sure if it will work but I am also going to try to create clouds using the scallop circle as template and trying with GELLATOS and baby wipes… that’s right baby wipes…Gellatos will blend with water but baby wipes any kind will make them more bendable and very vibrant.  so here is my effort with them…ok Gellatos make great blended back ground but they don’t work for this technique…they just don’t give the definition that you get with the sponge and stamp pad ink…that’s my favorite…. I am not very good with the watercolor either….

This was mine using a large scallop circle…

kh large scallop stamp ink cloud technique

kh large scallop stamp ink cloud technique

Ha…those dark spots are not on my paper but I apparently need to clean my scanner top…lol….

In any case these are two great ways to add clouds….ie sky to your background which helps anchor your images to the page…. depending on your image..( if its solid and you are going to stamp darker) you might not need to do the masking ..but this bunny was an open image so she needed to mask it so that the clouds were not on top of the bunny with the painting one she didn’t make just made sure she didn’t go over the bunny but just up to him…. important things to remember…

Now it’s just my opinion but I would also not have such a busy background behind the image with clouds… I would have it be more a solid color so that it doesn’t draw your eye away from the clouds and bunny trying to figure out what else is there…or if you were going to use a patterned background layer I would have it be all the same not…this is just to distracting for me….


I think I may have told you that I am in an International Envelope Exchange and so I thought I’d share some of the envelopes that I have received…It just started in FEB of this year so some of these are from previous years….

another envy from the exchange ...

another envy from the exchange … using entangles

envy art

envy art

envy art

envy art







SURPRISE… it’s me again…just can’t help my self… as I love birds and this is just too cute….




Well I have in the past used the tubes of MARVEY UCHIDA WHITE LIQUID APPLIQUÉ and then you had to heat it with a heat tool…dig thru your stuff and see if you have a tube of it that still works or hit the drug stores or Wally World for a travel size can of shave cream…I think this is much easier but will still require a “SAFE” place to lay it to allow it to dry and right now FLORIDA IS NOT THAT PLACE AS WE HAVE BEEN HAVING SINCE OCTOBER 90-100% humidity… really a pain…and I am sure you go well why are you there…. too long and boring to explain but lets just say not my choice..

AS well as the PUFFY PAINT technique she will show you a cut idea for using the bird builder punch…I do have it and I do love him…. then on PINTEREST I saw this I could not find directions for them so assume you will just have to wing it…but still cute idea for making multiple birds but just putting different color wings on the punch makes for cute bird as well … I am not selling SU stuff just so happens that I do like this but I think that others actually have dies of birds…like maybe Tim Holtz…and also think Martha S has a punch for bird but it may be in flight and look more like a dove than just a bird… again not sure…love that parrot… of course as you know I love anything with googley eyes…lol

pinterest birds

pinterest birds

As for the wood fence… if you don’t have the stamp and its one of those humongous ones so I don’t like them…use your embossing folder…lots of folks make the wood one and just lightly rub stamp pad over it after embossed to add color… it will work just fine…or cute strips of brown paper and using a fine line pen draw lines on them and then past them onto paper to look like fence…

Do you ever notice that with CRAFTS and ART work you can almost always find at least one way around something to create what you want and often several ways…nothing says it has to look exactly like mine or DAWN’S or anyone else…. do with what you have .

This puffy paint and the fence or a tree limb would also work great with the owl punch or die cut…. I do have the SU owl punch and I do love it as it also is very versatile … I am pretty sure I mentioned in a previous post that it can be turned up side down and made into a bat or right side up and cut off ears to make a ghost…or an alien if you cut off ears and draw on a antenna…etc… and as you can see from this video she uses part of his vest to make the black on the head of the cardinal… think its also used on both the other birds…

Ok that’s it for today…AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPING BY …wire headed cyber toad …aka kath



MONDAY …MONDAY…so good to me…

HELLO AGAIN… First my blog server Not my actual Blog but the machines that allow me to write it and then put it out on the internet were hacked and I had to have my Guru deal with it ….then right after we moved to new servers that were running very fast….my Computer died  and I do mean died…my hard drive complete rolled over with barely a gasp and croaked and all attempts at resuscitation were unsuccessful so this meant  trip to Apple for new hard drive… luckily I was still under warranty and while i have had many apple devices this is the first one that actually died on me so I am still hard core apple as they replaced it in less than a day…so these are my excuses for no POSTS…SO HOW AM I DOING SO FAR…..SERIOUSLY with  Christmas marching rapidly forward I thought thiswas a good idea for possible gifts…… which is that you make some cards or perhaps like you have plenty you can use to fill the box just put them in this little box so that you can give them to someone as a gift… I am sure we all know friends who think are cards a lovely and say things like wish I was creative, or wish I had time to make cards…so here is a lovely way to share some homemade art with friends and if you check out her web site you will see that she has both the box and some samples of the cards…now she is using leaves but to some people leaves mean raking…so make your box for whatever you want if you do it a box of birthday cards you might want to put balloons or if you did thinking of you cards you might want butterflies or flowers… the possibilities are endless… you could even do a box of MINION CARDS…lol..no I am not over them yet….anyway I think the box will hold about 4 or 5 cards so depending on how many you want to make to give away that are a nice thing to have handy for quick gifts… thank you cards are always a nice thing to have handy…also great teacher gifts… so Here is her link check out the video and give it a go….


Dawn's vintage leaves box

Dawn’s vintage leaves box

sorry about the photo ….I tried to post from my husbands computer but he doesn’t use mouse and I am lost without it.. again not my computer and its coming up weird and while it shows that I have edited it and cropped it …. this is what I got…. but you will see it better when you link  to her sight… these can be any kind of cards…. whatever you want…birthday , anniversary etc or a variety…


Dawn's luminary window card

Dawn’s luminary window card

I also really liked this adorable card , remember i showed you about buying those little battery candles and using them as birthday cakes…well there are everywhere right now for the holiday season and here is another great use for those candles… and you will notice that this sample is her recent Shadow box card but you could also do this using the DIORAMA BOX CARD

DAWN’S DIORAMA BOX CARD  Now the difference with this one is that instead of window you have a cut out using that punch or you could cut a rectangle and in side of putting a separate piece of paper in the center you can stamp on a piece of vellum and then paste it to the back of the front of the box against the cut out then you can just put the candle behind that image and the card will fold flat for mailing and you remember I told you that you could this in one of the small priority mail boxes to mail or of course you could hand deliver it to someone…

dawn's diorama boxs

as you can see she made this back before halloween and then being smarter than me moved on to Christmas…. anyway its cute and easy and fun with or without the little luminaries.

NOW BECAUSE I AM SO FAR BEHIND…here a few more too look at…

DAWN’S CHRISTMAS GIFT CARD HOLDER 2015.. (she calls it lots of labels gift card holder).this is really easy and quick and you can just use decorative scissors on the front flap and overlay if you don’t have the die she uses….Dawn's xmas gift card holder

these are just a few that I did…

my gift card holder with embellishments

my gift card holder with embellishments

one more of my gift cards

one more of my gift cards

as you can see I only used one layer of paper and then the circles with little embellishments… after doing these three I decided that they would be better with solid color with layer of designer paper then solid color for the circles…. however these will work fine and since they are going to folks that don’t do this kind of thing they won’t know…lol…. why is it that them minute Thanksgiving is over the dishes and left over turkey not even put away yet… things move into warp speed….and its not like I don’t plan ahead…I do…it is just never enough… any way…

One more then I promise to quit for this post this one is SPLIT COAST STAMPERS ...DECORATIVE CORNER CARD...

SCS decorative corner fold

SCS decorative corner fold

sorry this is blurry for some reason it won’t go bigger an when I tried it got blurry.  maybe this one will be better…

deco corner card from the web

deco corner card from the web

ahh much better…lots of extra die embellishments but lovely… one other 

this is very cute and stands up yet folds flat and the unique part is the the circle on the front ( could be square, oval, star) stands out complete…cute little mechanism that allows that to happen…. but you could just adhere the image on one side it would be quite as spectacular but it would still be quite impressive… Now my HINT..is she mentions that you can just use 5 ½ x 8 ½ paper and in fact you can and it works just fine… SCORE  the paper on the 8 ½ inch side at 2 , 4, 6 and 8… THEN GATE FOLD the card and seam it with that ½”…. now you layered panels should each be 1 ¾ ” x 5 ¼” and if you want a third layer cut it 1  ½ x 5″….otherwise its the same as the one in the video….

HINT…you can use punches and make this a candle type card as well using the little luminary inside with vellum covering the cut outs…. again it would go in one of those little priority boxes to mail or you could hand deliver it.

Ok again I am sorry for all the delay and remember that everything here can be adapted to birthday, get well, anniversary…valentines…whatever…. hope you will forgive my delays…

MERRY MERRY and AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPING BY... the wire headed cyber toad…aka kath


YEP…STILL HERE…just running behind as seems to be my usual…in fact I have always thought that the statement” If it wasn’t for last minute I would never get anything done” was specifically directed at me…not that it bothers me…just letting you know..actually we were on the road and down on the Oregon coast to my favorite beach BANDON, OR…here are just a few of my favorite pics from that road trip…of course no road trip would be complete without a quick stop at Rainier…as you can see lots less snow than usual but still standing tall and looking beautiful..


then on to……


as you can see my calligraphy in the sand is not SUZIE BERINGER’S…I need more practice and although I had fork in the room i forgot it and had to make do with just a stick but it was ok…

sunset at Bandon with Facerock in the background

sunset at Bandon with Facerock in the background that quirky little one in the foreground is called WITCH’S HAT…just love all these sea stacks.

Bandon Or

Brandon Or…day break

great caves to explore in the stacks

great caves to explore in the stacks

and this is why ……

mary ann radamacher quote...that I have loved for years.

mary ann radamacher quote…that I have loved for years.

ok enough road trip on to the card…

SCS FLAP FOLD CARD.. Again another cute simple fold that just makes your card stand out a little from those store bought cards…and its a great chance to use some embellishments that you die cut or I am great a picking up what use to be dollar bin stuff at Michaels and is not $1.50 BIN stuff… and using that…so here are a few of my samples.




You will notice that they once again used the small circle to hold the card closed….You could use a belly band if you don’t want to use the circle or you could use a any shape that works for your design… just use foam tape to lift it up so it the flap can tuck into it…

for the cupcake at the top..oh boy oh boy …I get to use an image that will sit on a wobble spring… you can never have too many google eyes or wobble springs…lol…. I gonna try with a MINION …face… let me know what you think…

minion face...

minion face…I love him but was not able to use wobble spring cause the face was too big and it wouldn’t go thru the cut out…:( but still I like it…

wobble spring but with smaller image...actually embellishment from the Michael's 1$ bin..

wobble spring but with smaller image…actually embellishment from the Michael’s 1$ bin..

First TIP: be sure that your make your circle in the card base with just plain edges or it will be more difficult to get the card open…ie don’t use the scallop circle to cut the base card…works fine as they have it here.

Notice again that we are using that little image in this case circles to hold the flap closed… to do this you must ( well maybe not must but works best) if you mount it with foam tape/dots etc….

OK that’s it for this post… go out there and make something…oh by the way you may notice that DAWN has started posting the measurements and scoring on the page with image and the video… I LOVE THIS…it was difficult to go get the measurements from the video cause I was never prepared to write them down the first time I watched it…so now they are on the page one…SO WHAT I DO…is print out that page just so I know the name of the card style and now I will have the measurements also without writing them by hand also easier to share if you want to send a copy to a friend along with the way to access it you can just copy page one…DO BE SURE YOU SET YOUR PRINTER TO ONLY GET PAGE ONE AND MAYBE 2 or you will get all the comments and that can go for pages…yeah I have done it…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPING BY.…wire headed cyber toad…aka kath

stay tuned for another exciting road trip around the middle of August…WA at its best…







I really liked this card for a male…. it could be for either but it looked masculine to me… well except for the sequins… I know that’s a new trend but I am not too interested in it… I did use sequins loose in a card between sheets of acetate… but while this is nice I would probably have used cords… notice too how she uses the spongeing to rub light color around on the paper .ha… just watched her video again and she doesn’t show doing that but she did on this one anyway…lol  also she made an extra layer to cut out only part of the banners…HINT/TIP well Lazy stamper here…says since you are going to layer the CONGRATULATIONS on top of the flap why not just cut out the full banner’s and layer them then place them on the flap and cut off the excess on the far left side and then layer the congratulations on top …just seems easier and less thinking like how far in to cut the dies….but either way it makes a really cute card….she especially does this on white paper but she does it on colored paper too and while its a simple technique it makes such a difference in making the card have more dimension… watch her video for complete directions and the blue link above will take you right to it…

JULIE’S BLOG SPOT…how to cut a grad cap …I found this and thought it would be fun to share but mostly I was so blown away by the simple idea of sticking a small piece of  card stock onto a post it note so we could PUNCH IT AGAIN… how many times have I tried to get a small piece into the punch in just the right place so that I could alter it with another punch… such a simple Idea can’t believe I never thought to try it… so as my favorite CALLIGRAPHY teach CAROL DU BOSCH would say…” WORTH THE PRICE OF ADMISSION..all of that said the cap is really cute too… I will try to post the link to the orgiami fold for grad cap.



how to re punch a small item...stick it to a post it

how to re punch a small item…stick it to a post it

bottom of cap how to

bottom of cap how to



my back yard clematis...deep purple..love it

my back yard clematis…deep purple..love it

ANOTHER type of card for GRADUATION…I had posted this card on the 5th of May..its DAWN’S TWIST TURN CARD..this is the one I have used several times as a graduation card…and I can use either stickers for the grad cap or I can make my own grad cap using the technique from above on JULIE’S BLOG SPOT…so this one is one more option for those grads you have coming up..


Dawn's twist turn grad card.

Dawn’s twist turn grad card.

my twist turn cards using a stamp for the grad cap..

my twist turn cards using a stamp for the grad cap..

LAST ONE...DAWN’S TWISTED GIFT CARD HOLDER..I posted this one on May 3rd 2013…wow..CAN’T BELIEVE ITS BEEN THAT LONG… anyway click it up and check it out the advantage to this one is that while each of the others you can slip a gift card into the envelope with the card ..this one actually has a pocket that will hold the card. It also works great for birthdays.

dawn's twisted gift card holder

dawn’s twisted gift card holder

twisted gcholderinside

WHY YOU BUY AN IPHONE…this is only funny cause the guy survived..well maybe not funny at all but I have a very black sense of humor so it made me giggle…. He really was shot with a shotgun but a lot of it hit his phone… although he was wounded he did survive. Click the blue link if you want to read more.



Well I think that will do it for this post… just wanted you to have a chance to see some graduation cards for any family or friends that you need cards.

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY ….wire headed cyber toad…aka kath




Mt. Rainier at sunrise.

Mt. Rainier at sunrise.

Seattle night with the Wheel

Seattle night with the Wheel

space needle and the blood moon

space needle and the blood moon

Mt Rainier at Edith creek and or Myrtle Falls

Mt Rainier at Edith creek and or Myrtle Falls

YES…I am home where my heart lives…as I said on my Graceful Envelope this year…this is truly where I think I am supposed to be… just love the mountains, Seattle , the beaches all of it.. but enough I am starting to sound like RICK STEVES..lol on to card making…

Dawn's twist turn

Dawn’s twist turn

Dawn's twist turn grad card.

Dawn’s twist turn grad card.

DAWN’S TWIST TURN If this looks familiar it should I THINK I posted this from SPLITCOAST STAMPERS and they were calling it SIDE SPRING CARD… I am pretty sure that I suggested you cut them and score them ahead of time so that you would have them ready for embellishment when ever you needed them.  Any way this is very cute and I am sure you’ll enjoy it… Duplex paper Pin Wheels pin wheel cds kh SCS PINWHEEL CARD  This is just the funest… wait don’t think thats a word..but this is really a fun card… It does look most impressive with duplex paper /card stock but not too heavy… watch the video to make sure you understand about which side you want to be the pin wheel part….now the first thing you are going to say after looking at video is I DON’T HAVE THE STAMPIN UP SCORE BOARD AND DIAGONAL INSERT… well don’t disappear which she tells you how to do it using a pencil and ruler… another SCS member says hey  try using your ENVELOPE PUNCH BOARD... a lot of us have that and it does allow you to make the diagonal scores not all the way to the edge but close enough to cut out the triangles… now DON’T TRY using the punch part to cut out the triangles…that won’t work…they are not deep enough and the folds won’t fold properly so after you score the 4 sides go ahead and using your scissors cut out the triangles then using whatever score board you have score the flaps at 1″ mark fold staring at the bottom and going counter clock wise all around then tuck in the last one just like on a box top… For the PUNCH board line your first corner up at the 3 3/8″  and DON’T PUNCH just score rotate and repeat for each of the 4 corners then using whatever score board you have score at the one inch mark ..fold , tuck and TA DAH …pin wheel…

envy punch board score at 3 3/8 " rotate and repeat

envy punch board score at 3 3/8 ” rotate and repeat

punch board 3 3/8"

punch board 3 3/8″

Ok now you say well I don’t have the ENVELOPE PUNCH BOARD either.. no problem You can also use your MARTHA STEWART SCORE BOARD with the triangle insert for making envelopes… just put your triangle insert into the score board and slide it all the way to top left side… then lay you 8″ square with one side ( doesn’t matter where you start you will still have 4 sides) against the bottom of the triangle then SCORE ALONG THE 3 ½” LINE ROTATE THE SQUARE AND REPEAT FOR EACH OF THE 4 sides… IMG_7332 REMEMBER THAT THE TRIANGLE NEEDS TO SLIDE ALL THE WAY UP TO THE TOP OF THE SCORE BOARD ON THE LEFT SIDE AGAINST THE EDGE.  I JUST REALIZED THAT IN THIS PHOTO I DO NOT HAVE MINE SHOVED ALL THE WAY UP TO THE TOP….. SO DO AS I SAY NOT AS I SHOW…..LMAO…it should be up at the top then score at 3 ½…



CUT OUT THE 4 SMALL TRIANGLES ON THE PAGE as per the video THEN REMOVE THE TRIANGLE and score each of the 4 flaps at the same 1″ mark.. fold and then tuck and again you have a lovely pin wheel. If you don’t have or can’t find duplex paper that you like or that is thick enough  you can use designer paper and cut 4 strips ¾ ” wide by 4 inches long and adhere them to the flaps before you tuck them into the box top shape. Of course you might be thinking …hey she has the punch board, the Martha Stewart score board and we know she has the SCOR-PAL… huge sigh… yes yes I have them all… but with good reason… the SCOR -PAL is my favorite but unless you have gone out there and got the new one…it doesn’t have enough score marks…so with my trusty Michael’s or JoAnn’s coupon ( i don’t remember now which) I got the Martha Stewart score board a long time ago ..but it does come in handy from time to time since it scores every 1/8th ”

gray card done on Martha Stewart board...yellow white card done on punch board

gray card done on Martha Stewart board…yellow white card done on punch board

You will notice that I cut the diagonal the wrong way on one of the gray flaps… I like to show you my mistakes too so you know that none of us are perfect…

ANOTHER TIP… Be careful with the both the scoring tools on the PUNCH BOARD and also on MARTHA STEWARTS BOARD… both of them can easily punch thru your card stock if its not very heavy and really heavy stock is hard to fold… a real CATCH 22.

Well I think that’s all for this post…. I hope you enjoy both of them and that you will continue to check out my blog… AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY...wire headed cyber toad…aka kath

WHINING SESSION… I have to add this but I did put it at the very bottom in case you just aren’t interested… the wire headed cyber toad well I earned that title ever since we got back… my TV wasn’t working then our computers are still not 100% and we can’t for the life of us figure out what is the problem… we headed out for a shopping trip a few days ago and came out from lunch to find we had flat tire…and that took forever….my hubby didn’t want my help in getting my big ( 4 ft tall ) fountain out of garage and you guessed it fell off the dolly and broke… he broke my smaller one the year before which is how I got the one he just broke ….he felt so bad of course that he took me to fountain place and of course they had NONE…. expecting a couple of truck loads some time this month…. ;(….I was beginning to think that coming back early was not a good thing…. but I have this wonderful arbor in back yard and there is wisteria growing over the top of it and every year we see it and it  gets bigger and it is always very full and lush…however, we assumed for some reason it just never blooms…but this year we returned in April and TA DAH… it was covered in blooms turns out it blooms better each April… kinda like that ” if a tree fell in forest and there was no one to hear it would it make a sound”  based on my wisteria I answer with a RESOUNDING YES!!.



ALSO April is the month that the Pink Dogwood’s are in full bloom and they are beautiful…see for yourself below…







punkin moon

punkin moon

Have no idea where I saw this probably on FB someone sent it too me and it just cracked (no pun intended) me…so had to share it…happy halloween

I am getting back my southern accent as we will among our souther family soon.  lol I have to share this with you because it is soooo WEIRD and I have never had it happen  before.  You should know that I have a thing for PURSES AND SHOES… I am pretty sure its heredity as my Mom has a thing for SHOES AND WATCHES…lol.. anyway best I can remember I bought this great pair of ECCO flats about 2006 or so as is often the case with me I kept saving them i.e. never wearing them… until last FRIDAY when I pulled them out and since it was raining this looked like a good choice… well I noticed right away that my feet were sticking a bit to the wood floor but I looked at the bottoms and decided it was just because they had never been worn YET!!! So I just ignored it and went to dinner with friends…next day I put them on again as we were heading to visit a few days with my Aunt and Uncle. Again something I never do is pack ONLY ONE PAIR OF SHOES…in this case I did have flip flops in the side pouch for use in the hotel room.. but otherwise I had only this new pair I was wearing which while still sticking a little were very comfortable…

We stopped for  gas just before arriving at destination and I reached down to get my purse off floor and noticed that while My hubby had put new clean floor mats in car two days ago mine was full of crud…but I grabbed my purse and headed to bathroom.  On my way back I noticed that the rocky area seemed to be poking thru shoes i.e. it was poking me in the foot…. I got in car removed my shoe and this is what I found

my old new

my old new shoes

As you can see the tops and iside are perfectly new …however the bottom was shedding rubber like one of this wheel things you see on the side of the freeway… pieces were falling off in huge hunks and my foot would have been exposed to ground if not for the leather lining on the inside …. I was AMAZED… I did not know that your shoes can literally fall apart when they are not worn… they were not kept in the heat and in fact they were stored in a box with the no moisture thingie in the box and wrapped in tissue… SO MY TIP FOR THE YEAR IS DON’T SAVE SHOES…wear those babies before you have a major wardrobe malfunction and have to go buy another pair of shoes just to get through the weekend…also NEVER pack only one pair of shoes.. lmao…. ok onto LETTERS



I  was recently  confined to the couch with my leg up due to some minor surgery and so there was a lot of TV watching going on and I was watching DUNE on the SCIFI station and it was a friday so they kept showing this screen that said FANTASY FRIDAY and I had paper and pencil handy plus my phone so I took picture of the screen and then started playing with the monoline script…obviously  its it is a font but I had no idea what it was called and didn’t feel like trying to find it so I  just decided to go with the letters they had on the screen and then make up the rest of them… for the most part it is a tall, narrow set of letters and the special effects are that they used dots for crossbars on the A,E, F, H…. then I decide to also add the dot to the center of the O…. and I suggested that if that was enough you could add it the Q and maybe the U or P as well.

I would not suggest that you use the dot in the center of any of the other letters with bowls like B,D to me that is just too much.  But hey its ok to play…

The pen I used to write the exemplar is the WRITER by ZIG …

zig writer pen

This and my SAKURA GLAZE GEL (black) are my go to pens for lettering and this one is the one I use to write my exemplars most of the time… mainly due to the fact that it has two size tips/nibs …a large bullet on one end and a small not really a bullet but a fine point on the other end… both tips last well beyond the amount of ink i.e. they don’t wear out they run out…the large bullet doesn’t get mushy like a sharpie will and while they are permanent ink on both ends they don’t bleed through your papers like a sharpie will.

Also I like to show you the letters in a larger than you will probably use except for single words or names on envelopes…it is easier to see what the letters really look like when written large then taking them down to the smaller size gives you a better idea of what is possible for greetings in/on your cards.

This is not just a DISPLAY (meaning that it best be used only for single words and not sentences or phrases)..but it is clean and easily legible so that it can work for even a long letter if you chose to write one with it.

So as you can see I love letters and love looking at them and writing them so here is fun new script that maybe will work with your Christmas cards… yes, its time to start thinking about that… SO practice and play.




 This is an incredible technique and you need to watch her video to see exactly how she does it and she is using WATERBASED MARKERS, in her case the distress markers and distress ink pads that are dye based and NOT waterproof..the colors would be some different but you could also try using the TOMBOW water based markers with the brush end…I do believe that the tree stamp is stamped in permanent black dye ink. There are a lot of layers here and they are by necessity going to make your paper wet so as she suggested you need to use watercolor paper for best results…even heavy card stock will start to “PILL” up with this much moisture on it…and if you want really smooth watercolor paper then try buying the hot press…in a large sheet ..then cutting it up…

Now the LAZY STAMPER IN ME…would never want to do more than one of these cards but the LAZY STAMPER is also resourceful so what I would say is if you like this a lot then DO ONE perfect one and then either scan it into your computer and print it on photo paper or take it to Kinko’s or some printing shop and print it there on color/photo paper and cut it to fit on your cards… yes, they are only getting a copy but its a lot of work and maybe there only one someone who would really appreciate the original or perhaps save it for your own portfolio… REMEMBER  this is the LAZY STAMPER talking not the perfectionist who would make one for each person or maybe like my friend Steph you might enjoy the process so making multiples is not a problem for you… In any case I wanted to share the technique with you… ENJOY

EYE CANDY  WESTERN AUSTRAILIA CALLIGRAPHERS this is a link to ISDI college Mumbai..I am linking you to this FB page and you should be able to open it even if you don’t have a FB account if you look at both the first video on the top left and the one down on the right with the man bent over a huge strip of paper those are the ones I really wanted to share… the MAN is ACHYUT PALAV… and he has his own web site as well abut the video on the Western Austrailia FB PAGE is not on his web site… but he is lettering with so many different tools and they are not your usual calligraphic tools but the results are fantastic and the number of students in the workshop is incredible also.

The first one at the top is just various types of letters all done with a regular ( well maybe a more flexible ) fountain pen and its incredible also… if you have a Face Book account I recommend you follow this group as they have some wonderful stuff…

This next picture is the pop up box card that I posted a few weeks ago and this one was a birthday one done by my most talented friend JANIS BLEVINS… had to share it cause it was just to great…

Janis's pop up box

Janis’s pop up box

Ok that’s it for this week… AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad….aka kath