I called this EASTER/PICNIC because its actually designed as a picnic and this is the 3rd basket she has posted very cute and somewhat similar baskets but each of them is unique in their own way. I am not a fan of the lid on this one which actually makes it more of a picnic basket but it is cute… I made two of them as Easter Baskets for a friend.

I also didn’t put the trim on the handle because these baskets were for friends who are not so into fru fru…so I skipped that part….  but this can also make a very cute birthday basket or just a thank you basket with a treat in it… personally I like the Ghirdelli chocolates but you can use whatever makes your friend the happiest… You could also get a gift certificate and if its paper you can roll it up like a scroll, tie it with a ribbon and put it in the basket…

In any case use it as you see fit…

easter/picnic baskets

I do like the way they sit and shape into a basket though which is a bit more curvy than the other basket..and its slightly bigger so it will hold slightly more candy or even plastic eggs filled with candy like jelly beans or m&ms…. either one is good…..


a) I don’t have the stampin up paper trimmer so I can’t use it to score with… I was forced to use my scor pal because my paper trimmer is a fiskar with a wire and a slot that the cutting blade runs thru…while its great at cutting when I tried to score it ended up cutting the paper or scoring it so deeply that it cause the paper to crack and tear…yep ..had to start all over again…SO if you have to do as I did an use a scor-pal you will need to score one side of the basket and then turn it 180 score it the same on that side.. all of that is do-able..

b) You can cut up your regular card stock  but Jo anns and Michaels both sell lots of 6×6 pads of card stock and they are often duplex even if you use solid colors you can always stamp on it. So this is just an FYI..

I can’t think of much else to tell you about  this pattern as its pretty simple….I did write down the various measurements for the basket and put them on her cover sheet to make it easier for you and you should be able to print this sheet for reference. I also made some notes on how I did the measurements etc using the scot-pal. Hope it works for you.

pattern with measurements

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…Wire headed cyber toad…aka kath


GREETINGS SWEET SPRINGTIME… it gets closer to Easter everyday and I had hoped to get a few more pieces set to post but alas for me anyway if it wasn’t for last minute nothing would get done…lol… I continue to be playing with watercolor… and this was another technique that really appealed to me… that said I will say I am not a huge fan of rainbows…. but I could really see this background as STARRY STARRY NIGHT…and currently being in Fl … I went wow… just imagine some palmtrees stamped in black against this blue background…. and leaving a bit of open space in the area and then putying some yellow in there as moon… PRICELESS…then basically just using wet on wet and flicking other inks onto the background …. as I said priceless…


HOk so you can see here how she is using the cap of the water pen to flip/ or flick other colors onto the wet background… but HINTS… there are other tools that will do this as well… back in grade school we used a toothbrush and splattered ourselves as well as the paper…lol so with any of these methods…you  may want to a) go to the kitchen sink or someplace you can clean up easily…b) wear and apron or old shirt or if you have on ( you may want to designate one) a painting shirt..lol… again… AND then don’t forget to remove it when your hubby comes home or he will wonder what you have been doing all day… lol

so in addition to the toothbrush ( make sure you are not going to use it to brush your teeth any longer… )this little tool and I have no name for it but SPATTER BRUSH works just like to your tooth brush and your children will not refuse to brush there teeth any longer once they see you using it… of course as always it available at craft stores but on AMAZON also..

amazon spatter brush ACTUALLY it says its a kemper tool… lol… what you can’t see in this picture is that there is metal bar on the back side of the wooden dowel that says kemper tools nd if you dip the bristles into the paint then you push the bar up against bristle and twist the handle and bingo it spatters…. test it on scrap paper first to see how much paint you want on it…


another spatter.. THIS ONE as you can see is a TIM HOLTZ product is there anything he doesn’t make… still it looks interesting… I am assuming that with this one you dip the long bristles into paint and then maybe using a pencil tap the brush on the pencil to drop ink onto you wet background or you may want to use it on a dry just to make spatter ….. again I found this image on AMAZON… but I assume that it would also be at Michaels or jo ann’s or HOBBY LOBBY…

SPEAKING OF HOBBY LOBBY...it appears that they are either trying to clear out all their stamps Ie discontinue selling them or they just want to get rid of old stock.. in any case I have come to the party late and only found one or two that I just had to have… but almost all of the ones they have for sale are down to less than two or 3 dollars… I was amazed even big ones… so you may want to check it out if you have one near you… I asked several of the checkers and no one seems to know if they just starting over or if they are no long going to sell stamps…..:(…. and if the stamps go does that mean the paper will also… not sure and they are not telling… so this is just an FYI if you have a HOBBY LOBBY  near by..

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY….wire headed cyber toad…aka kath


HOPPY EASTER….I AM JUST GONNA JUMP IN  ON THIS ONE…LOL…also I am celebrating a major BIRTHDAY…that’s right I am 16 today…no you don’t believe me well how about 30…ok that’s not working either right..so now you have to just guess but I can say that I am alive and well and thankful for every day…

I love this waterfall card and while I was taught it slightly different this is just so easy…I had to share it again…. and these little panda’s from STAMPING UP … they are a freebee if you spend $ 50 so yeah I had some birthday stuff and I had to have them… I think they are just too cute…here is the link to her video..PANDA WATERFALL VIDEO and below is are the measurements needed for each of the pieces that create the waterfall..

I don’t have all the other set she uses but I had some other narrow stamps that work for that last space…AND I did have several designs of cards that I bought by the box at Michael’s cause they were on sale for like 5 bucks… It was just such a deal and so I am using them for the background layer just like see did and even thought the front and back are not the same it works just fine I think… see below

ok there are my two using a box of black and white cards… but I am also going to make one with my favorite frog stamps and I can’t remember where I got him but he was on an image on PINTREST AND and I found her blog and ordered the stamp… sorry guys I just didn’t keep the info but you should also know that he is unmounted totally no cushion either … anyway I like him but there are tons of frogs out there…

I will still use the black squares and the black card basic..just because I like black and because I think it sets all the colors off better… I am not a fan of ink and paper being the same color… EXCEPT BLACK…lol…

I am also pretty sure that you can stamp the panda with the balloon on the last piece of white if you just mask off the bottom a little it might cut off the feet but the rest of panda and balloon will be just fine…

Here are some other designs you can use on the waterfall card…

I used my favorite frog  and then in the second one I used a large balloon stamp that I have.,..my background on each black base are the fronts on some cards I got at Joann’s that were on sale with like 20 cards in one box and envelopes… only the fronts of the cards are decorative the back are plain white but can be use to create the small squares… just saying..

So give this a card a go and my suggestion /hint is to pre cut some of the pieces of black and white as well as using the measurements to score the long strip of white so that all is ready to create your waterfall at the spur of the moment…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad….aka kath









me at New Year’s eve with the FLU…

Yep… right after Christmas the 26th to be exact both my hubby and I were at urgent care to find out that yes , we did have the flu…. canceled group annual dinner party as no one wanted to get the flu along with us… but my BFF Pamela had given me these great glasses at her Christmas party and it was good way to cover up how swollen and red my eyes were… lol  got meds now just need energy and ability to hold a thought…lol

BUT I wanted to share some information with you as I figure some of you may have received $$$ for christmas and it may be burning a hole in your pocket… so here is my take on the possibilities… and know that in some case you might also find the Holtz platform at either Michael’s or Jo ann’s and be able to use a coupon… again for the bang for buck my money is Holtz ( I do think lots of his stuff is over priced  but this is pretty fair)

TIM HOLTZ stamp platform

FIRST A DISCLAIMER... I don’t receive any payment for that which I am about to share with you regarding stamping platforms… 2) I can’t really take credit for this as it was shared with me by one of great readers and friend Janis Blevins…she does great research and is always looking for the best product for the money… so with those said… I should also share that I bought a MISTI stamping platform( no video) in WA and while I used it a few times and it worked ok… I did not initially purchase one for her in FL ….so when Janis wrote me and shared the video of TIM HOLTZ’s STAMPING PLATFORM .… I looked but frankly didn’t intend to purchase however  after watching it and discussing more with Janis I had to agree that 1) ITS EASIER TO STORE IN SMALL SPACES…2) IT DOES STAMP BOTH VERTICLE AND HORIZONTAL WITHOUT HAVING TWO PIECES OF LUCITE and there folds flat for storage…a huge plus for both of us.. while I am going to include a link to STAMPING UP’S platform…I don’t like the its two pieces and that the magnets are so difficult to and that ou have to store them on the back … The Holtz one stores on front under the plexiglass..they are strong but so strong that you can’t move them well ( it could also be her nails that causes Dawn trouble…lovely but hard to work with some things although she doesn’t seem to have a problem) 3) and this is the biggest reason… you can order this RIGHT NOW FROM AMAZON and you can’t get the STAMPING UP ONE if you missed the last preorder date until JUNE…. way too long for this impatient stamper… one last disclaimer…remember I am on meds…incase this blog seems a bit spacey…lol

NOW the best part of this device which ever one you choose is that is it will allow you to stamp over your image exactly in the same place until you get the image well inked… for larger stamps ( and I have been removing a lot of my wooden large stamps and using them with this positioned as I get better inking and perfect position every time as long as your image is removed from platform.

In addition it will make stamping multiple cards with the same image go a lot faster just cut your paper and place each sheet in the same place on your platform use your magnets to hold it place and ink and stamp and repeat as necessary.  So as my favorite Calligraphy teacher Carol DuBosch would say “WORTH THE PRICE OF ADMISSION” to your stamping tools…


One more item Janis shared with me was a cleaning cloth from LAWN FAWN... I don’t know what it is or truly understand but you simple wet it and wipe off your stamps and VIOLA it comes clean with the exception of STAZON…that one takes a bit more work and your image is going to get stained with the ink color but it will be clean for you decide where you want it placed on your card…if you are uncertain about the clean  then use a scrap piece of paper the same size as your card and test it… just to make sure… kinda link running only one copy to test before you make 50 upside down..lol..hey it happens…also it stays wet for a long time even WITH AC… now heat maybe be different if it dries too quickly keep a plastic bag handy and tuck it in there when you are using it. But you are supposed to get up and move every hour anyway…lol….so just go wet again…

SO the links are listed above but not the MISTI as I was not that impressed with it I am sure you really want to see it go on line to YOU TUBE AND type in Misti and I am sure you can find one…

Ok as I said I am just sharing some information and for ME  and Janis… we found the TIM HOLTZ was our favorite….

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad..aka kath




SCS SNOWMAN PUNCH BOARD TREAT HOLDER….this is just too cute…I am working away on my 10 that I need for New Years eve party….

OMG …you know I love snow and this little snowman is just adorable and so easy…I plan to use it or my placard  at my New Years eve dinner…. I will need 10 of them but they are just too cute…

SCS snowman treat holder by

SCS PUNCHBOARD SNOWMAN..YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE THIS guy and I am even going to use him for my JANUARY AND FEBUARY birthdays…since they are all back where there will be snow…and I have a snowflake punch to use for the name tag for New Years and I can stamp happy birthday on it for the birthday ones ……HINT: I will try to use ribbon for his scarf as I don’ have good luck with Washi tape and especially twisting it and then getting it to stick… but glue dots will work just fine for ribbon...HINT: I think I WILL USE  this for New Years I will also use use a small circle and the printer to put 2018 on it ….. pretty clever huh…..some days the brain does work better than others…lol that instead of a flower for on his hat…

I am also going to probably delete the arms as I don’t have anywhere to get the branches…condo here and they frown on you cutting the plants …lol,…so I will just use a glue dot to adhere the punched out snowflakes with the names on them…for the party

I may also use the end of an eraser on a pencil to make the buttons on the front of the snowman since I don’t have green buttons… to glue on…

Ok this is short but there is not much too it… while I will use some ghirdelli chocolates for the insert on some of the snowmen … for the guys..I think I will insert the mini snickers bars …just so its not so girly…

You could also add a gift card to each on and because it wouldn’t stay on its own you can use a glue dot on the back of it and then they can just take pull it out and remove the dot… they are not that permanent on something like a gift card….well guess thats all for now….

HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR... last post before 2018.. see ya next year…AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad …AKA kath



TICK TOCK,TICK TOCK….YEP the clock continues to click on getting your cards together to and ready to mail…but least you feel that you won’t make it ….let me just say that late cards are always accepted and you can change it to a NEW YEAR’S CARD and buy yourself an extra week…lol

SCS LAYERED WINDOW CARD this is an interesting little card…and while they show it standing up…that will only happen if you have either one of those alligator clips on a base or if you send along a small plastic photo stand for it go it… but it is unique and unique is good.. I am pretty sure that I have posted about this before but its been awhile so thought I would do it again… and perhaps use a different die maybe just a plain circle…

Layered window

Open layered window

I am pretty sure that we have done this before but it is one my favorites… and don’t think that you have to do those side panels with the same stamp you can use word stamps or you can use the various decorator papers you might have also… and again the shape in the center could be round , or heart , square or even just plane round… and as I have suggested so many times… cut some of the bases and fold them so that they are ready to go they all you need to do is add your panels and the center design… I do suggest that you stamp first and cut second on those so that you make sure you get the images that you want where you want them …..this is also one of those image and added words will work so well with the stamping platform that I gave you links to last week…I am not saying you have to have it but it does make laying out a multiple image layout much easier…

just in case you missed it last week TIM HOLTZ STAMPING PLATFORM again…my good friend and best stamping buddy JANIS BLEVINS ..shared these with me and now I am sharing it with you….

In any a case hope you enjoy this who knows maybe it will be your 2017 christmas or valentine card..

I am keeping this short cause I am sure we both have lots to do…lol….AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad aka kath


HELLO HEH, well that’s as good as I can do for making a it sound like I am Canadian…oh well ….by the time you get this I will either be in Canada or on my way back…. in any case you know that my grandkids would roll thier eyes if I gave them anything for Christmas BESIDES A GIFT CARD….one of these days I am going to give them each socks and not just any socks but Christmas socks just to see the look on thier faces..lol so having this cute little box to put it in seemed like a really good idea….

Dawn’s gift card box


HINT 1……It is easier than it may look at first glance and one tip I will tell you as some of us may not be using as much paper as others or maybe you’d just like to skip a step… what ever you decide to use as the inside card holder part of the box you don’t have add designer paper if you use a designer type paper for the inside…of course it needs to be cardstock rather than text weight paper or it won’t hold the card..but if you have duplex paper which mostly only comes in 12 x 12 sheets you can get two boxes out of a sheet and you  wont have to stress over what coordinates with the out side because it will be what is on the opposite side of your duplex card stock…..did that make sense…well anyway that’s what I am suggesting….in the end no one is going to know that you skipped the layering step so why not…..I am all about quick and easy …. right…

HINT 2….my second hint is that you can also glue a small loop of ribbon on to a corner of the box and hang it from a branch in your Christmas tree…just cut about a 2 inch piece of small flat ribbon and fold it into t a loop then stick it down I under the tape of the flap on the TOP right corner so that the box will stay closed and yet be able to hang… this is just a thought ….if your box isn’t staying closed you can alway tie it with a piece of the same ribbon and then hang it.   My Dad always liked to hang presents, envelopes, tiny boxes etc isn’t the Christmas tree and make us hunt for them even after we were adults… just making christmas more fun and more interactive.

Hint 3 …pretty sure there also room for a small candy cane inside of the box as well or at the least a peppermint… If you have small guys that you are giving too…you may not want to use a card because they are too young to use one so you can also fold money into a heart and then tuck it into the slot for the card…you will have to push it down into slot a bit more so that the lid on the box will fold close but still it would be cute or even just fold the money in an accordion and have just flap of it sticking up thru the slit and then can pull it out like a tissue…

HINT 4….again depending on the age…you might be giving them a special time with you like taking them to zoo or to lunch , tea, or even a sleep over or trip to beach …all of that can be written on a strip of paper no wider than the gift card so about 3 inches and then again accordion fold or if its long roll it up and and just a have flap maybe with the word pull written on it sticking out of slit ….

So think that is enough for this little box…AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY..wire headed cyber toad…aka kath

EYE CANDY….since we have been on a paper art journey…PAPER WIGS none of this is in English but you can look at the incredible wigs made completely out of paper ..still I wonder how heavy some of them must be… enjoy..

PS due to my Mom’s status at not being back in Fort Myers our trip to Halifax was canceled… so no photos and I will stop the Canadian accent..lol


Greetings ya’ll its FALL and by the time you see this i will be in Florida and the only resemblance to fall will be that IRMA took out a lot of trees, bushes, flowers, etc and everyone is in the clean up mode and piling the debris along the sides of roads in hopes that the city and county will pick it up and haul it off to someplace where there will giant piles of botanical debris and the when the weather permits it will get burned…or perhaps chopped up to become mulch. I am not making light of IRMA she and MARIA have done serious damage to Places like Puerto Rico and they has been much loss of life…Our area of FL had lots of water damage …long lines for food /water and long waits for power to come back on but not the damage that other places have seen. On top of all that they have had sweltering heat and humidity. But we have had almost a week of FALL WEATHER….very dry and sunny and warm during the day but nice and cool during the night …my idea of cool is down in the 50s…and it has been but now moving up to 69s at night but still dry so no humidity… YES…

DAWN’S EMBOSSED RESIST is a great technique type of card and also she is using the technique of sponging ink .  Now I have a friend who might prefer to remain nameless (Stephanie)..who hates to get her hands dirty…this always tickles me as she is a motorcycle mama…so you would think a little ink or glue on her hands would not be a problem but it is…so if you also hate getting glue or ink on your fingers then try using this sponges cut in wedges and then hold them with what I call butterfly clips or what office supply people call binder clips …they come in all sizes and even in colors but if you use one of them to hold your sponge then it will keep you fingers clean and free of ink..

If you haven’t don’t much embossing with the heat tool there a few tings I”d like to mention… I think it works best and easiest to use a solid image IF YOU SPONGING AROUND IT….its not a rule but it will make the sponging easier if you don’t have to worry about getting ink inside the image…..with the solid image you can’t just use a tissue to wipe off the ink that may get on the image ….basically the embossing acts as a resist g…and this card and these stamps certainly show off that aspect very well… it makes the town and the characters look as if they either are lit up or that moonlight is shining on them…just gives your card a more dimensional look…

Sponging over embossed images by Dawn

If you also have little experience with SPONGING then be sure to watch this video as she gives you really good lesson on how to do it… and most important is to note that you start off the paper…also dense ponies don’t work as well as the open airy kind…at least that is both STAMPING UP and my opinion….you can use those ready made sponge things but its easier to use do and you have more control with the open airy kinda yellow ones …you can buy them from SU of course but also from places like Walmart in the car wash area or over in the paint section..it doesn’t matter what color they are as long as they are the open airy looking sponges…

THE WATERMARK pad works great to stamp with then depending on your weather quickly sprinkle on the embossing powder ….you can also use a white pigment pad to stamp and if you use white pigment then you could use clear if you didn’t have white…

More sponged ideas..its great as background too.

Sponged background

Another sponged background

Dawn’s Sponged background

 EYE CANDY…this link will take you a true paper artist or maybe I should call  him a paper engineer….its a short video but I think it may have taken him hours or days to create these pieces……PAPER GEAR ART….enjoy

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY....wire headed cyber toad…aka kath

EXTRA ….since I posted the piece on the CORNER FOLD and suggested you make a calendar…here is SCS EASEL CALENDAR CARD..it is really cute as well and while they give you a web site where you can go and print up tiny calendar PAGES..then adhere them together to make a complete calendar…my suggestion is to make the card and order the calendars from IIMPRESS CARDS AND CRAFTS…AS I mentioned in the previous blog…they have three sizes of mini calendars all of them will fit on this card but the smallest rectangle will either need more embellishment or for you to downsize the card…I am ordering some more calendars myself….





IN APRIL of 2016 I posted DAWN’S VIDEO LINK to this little card… I had posted it before that and The pattern that I am sharing here actually came several years ago from Impress Rubber Stamps when they still had a store in BELLEVUE Square….They gave away the pattern for free….and as you can see its incredibly simple but as I said its good for so many ideas…and this time I am also letting you know that it works as a mini desk calendar where it can stand on someones desk or counter with one of this two little mini page a month calendars…

mini calendars from IMPRESS RUBBER STAMPS top one is about 1 ½ in x ¾ inches square and the bottom one is like about 3 ” x  1 ½ inches… and now they found on my request the older version which was about 1 ½ ”  SQUARE…. I always love the little square ones but they kinda disappeared and so when I asked they come up with them so I think you can get them there.


So decorate your standing corner and then add your little calendar…you can decorate with embellishments , punched or die cut images or even a favorite photo…or one my favorites is to use canceled postage stamps…when I get cool postage in the mail I save it to make my cards /calendars etc…you can soak them off the paper even the newer sticky ones or just use them like a collage..or you can just make this a card as Dawn has done..

I know there is not much to this but think you will enjoy making these and IMPRESS CARDS AND CRAFTS does sell the tiny calendars and this year they also have some that are about 1 1/2 inch square.

This is short but I am heading to HALIFAX soon and I wanted to get one more blog lined up before I left…I hope to create some travel blogs and especially with photos of the Bay of FUNDI…which can have a 30 ft tide….yikes what fun…a 30ft tide in Florida would cover coast to coast underwater….I listen to lots of books on AUDIBLE and just in case you have a any interest in tides …AUDIBLE has a book called TIDES ….that is really interesting…it starts by talking about FUNDI and the thousands of SANDPIPERS that swoop in to feed on the muck when the tide is out….I hope to get photos of that and share them with you but while its not a book I might have read ….listening to it was fantastic. It’s TIDES..THE SECRET SCIENCE OF THE OCEAN..AND some other books I highly recommend are THE BOYS IN THE BOAT ..About the 1936 Olympics and the rowing team from university of WA….again fantastic story…..and JOYLAND by STEPHAN KING…nope not horror at all its actually a love story/coming of age and the narrator is fantastic…ahhh the english major in me is coming out… I will quit for now… but how about some

EYE CANDY….this is a short technique on how to create water color background for stamping or lettering… I love this and while it looks messy my suggestion is to tape your paper to a piece of Masonite or FOAMCOR board and then work over a plastic tablecloth or near your sink…this made me think of my making mud pies days.. sometimes we just need to be a big messy….Michael’s sells the hand held small spritz bottle for about 4.99 and its a great one as it has a trigger… some control of the amount of water…


AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPING BY..wire headed cyber toad…aka kath



Ah yes here we are again with my favorite time of the….and I especially liked this card because I have so many HALLOWEEN STAMPS that I could open my own store selling just Halloween stamps in fact I am heading to my annual retreat soon and I plan to giveaway many of my gently used Halloween stamps…..giving away means you can buy more…. lmao….

Actually there are two reasons for loving this card and she has done it before slightly different and I am sure I posted it then also still I tell myself that there are always new people out there looking at my blog… glass half full.


YOU’LL also notice that she has used that sponging technique to create some great spooky backgrounds..


REASON # 1,,,, IF you don’t want to watch the complete video then just slide along till you get to the part where she is showing you how to both cut out part of die and still leave it attached to the card base…. when you first think about it is seems very perplexing and I know from experience you can confuse yourself and cut the die completely out so that it falls right off the card…..always fun but you can save those pieces ( i have a whole small box of them) to re use on another card… but if you just watch that part of the video( and I”d bookmark this video so you can easily refer back to it …) you will see its actually quite simple ….and while she is using a label die…you can use anything if However …you use a heart shape die…and you want it to fold down over the top…you would want to cut that one upside down …i.e. The two bumps at the bottom and the point at the top of you cut so that the humps will part that stays attached…

Using the center flaps as a guide for how far to cuT

REASON # 2….My second reason is she does and excellent job of showing you how to sponge/rub ink onto your card so that you get that excellent depth effect…now this will only work really well on some very smooth white cardstock…normally I am a huge fan of texture and think it adds greatly to the design but not in this case…this effect has the effect of drawing you into the center of the images… and it also works best if your stamps are done it black ink so make sure your black pad is well inked and that you get nice bold black images….and using the black is not just because this one happens to be a Halloween card… you would use black or a very dark color no matter what the occasion with this technique.  So this post is more about techniques than the actual card….

Sponging on the color…

Sorry this is a  wee bit blurry but it kinda hard to stop and screen shot a photo and not get it blurry…. so best ye watch the video…( I think I been watching bit to much OUTLANDER)..;that is not southern y’all……

Ok so its a BIT complicated…but its what My hubby and like to refer to as BRAIN AGE…you know it goes along with the idea that if you don’t use it you loose it… well this will help you keep all those brain cells active, alive and hoppin…It just makes such a nice presentation and can’t you just see it sitting on someone’s end table or mantle…too cute not make… and it could be Birthday not just Halloween…and the flap in the center could be a balloon, or a heart or any die shape you like…. so get motivated and go make something…

EYE CANDY…this weeks eye candy is really simple…first you need an empty TP paper tube….or paper towel tube cut in half ….you get the idea…. again this is very simple watercolor technique and I do like it….she makes it into flowers but you could also use it as fireworks for a birthday card..ALSO you can make puddles of paint on a piece of wax paper or if you have those teflon sheets that you can stamp and glue on you can use one of those and then just wash it clean when you are done… (AMAZON has great sets of them you can buy and share with friends for less then 10 dollars..just search teflon sheets they are in the cooking section but they will work for this project…)

WATERCOLOR TP TUBE ART this one is not brain age but it is fun… and Micheal’s has 4 pack of cheap acrylic paint (get the basic red yellow green blue and you can mix )for 3 dollars…such a deal… ok that’s it from here…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY wire headed cyber toad…aka kath