Or KATH’S ADVENTURES…some times it feels like I have fallen down the rabbit hole…a) I am getting bigger…lol b)pretty sure my queen of hearts is actually a king of hearts and I know he is ready to cut off my head…..and I don’t seem to be able to wake up from this adventure and I certainly don’t think I want any more of it…

THE ADVENTURE ( if you don’t want sad story skip down to CARDS)

On April 25th my MOM , who has Alzheimer’s and is subject to UTI’s… and had a UTI was sent to the local hospital and there tested postitive for the virus…I am sparing you some of the details but for the next 35-40 days she  spent in the hospital and on approximately May the 28th she tested negative twice as required and was released to the Memory care facility that she had been in for the last 3 yrs… she is weak and needs physical therapy to walk on her own again (which before hospital stay she did quite well in fact was very healthy physically on Alzheimers med and assorted vitamins and something to help prevent UTI) so she is back and hopefully getting better but I can’t see her and in fact haven’t seen her since sometime in FEB…when they shut the memory care facility to help protect the patients…Its a small facility and I know she is getting best care they can give but still its hard not being able to see her or spend any time with her and she doesn’t get FaceTime at all and try to reach into the screen and touch me… we are still here in hopes that the place will reopen to visitors soon and we can see her before we head back to WA…so enough of my adventure it could have been worse she is 94 and other than the UTI had no symptoms…not on regulator at all …I know there are way worse stories out there but I felt the need to share …I did however give you a chance to skip this…


FLOATING GATE FOLD…YouTube has a couple videos on how to make this and this one is made off the Video by Dawn.. but I had trouble with the Pop ups sticking to the paper and so I thought I try it a different way…you know me I am a lazy stamper /cardmaker and if there is an easier way I am going to give it try.  I did make it and turns out it is not really easier…so suggest you try either the link to Dawn’s or one of the others that are listed on YouTube.


Now for my pen pun intended… AMITY PARKS is giving another couple of classes and these are on her CHUNKY CAPS… so here is the link to her new class sign up website also with samples  .

I think there other classes listed also including a second one on the BISTER INKS.

So you might want to check it out as the classes are in July but not sure if there is a limit on them or not.

Here are some of the pens that I just love… the top one is BRODY PEN from JOHN NEAL BOOKSELLER. Its basically an updated ruling pen…and it has two different angles for making thick letters as then of course the tip allows you to write a moonlike…I had it but hadn’t used until I took JULIE WILDMAN’S AKIM VARIATIONS CLASS and she is also doing more classes here is the link to her web 

after her class I really started playing with it… it had been virgin so I just looked at it but didn’t try dipping it into ink and even after watching Julie… I only dipped into walnut ink… then I got brave and tried it with sumi… I did clean it well after.


I am not sure if you will be able to click on these links and then see them or not but a calligraphy pal of mine SHARON CLYMER shared them with me recently and they both make me laugh…

This snake one could be here in Fl since we are over run with pythons however because they are an invasive species they are doing their best to eliminate them and so they would most likely have killed it before tossing it… still its pretty funny…its title is “WHEN YOUR CHECK ENGINE LIGHT COMES ON..

The one below is titled WHERE’S MY PURSE and it is funny but obviously a set up and after looking up the link On YouTube saw that it was at least 2 yrs old…STILL  being down this RABBIT HOLE…I will take all the laughs I can find…

this also cracked me up… now below are some older photos of Mt Rainier and a visit we made last year.

The critter ( other than my hubby and I ) is a Marmot…they cute but not vary sociable..they can do the distancing quite well and that’s probably a good thing as depending on if it early summer they can be rather cranky and they have nasty front teeth …think Badger.. and mostly they want food and women…marmot women… I can’t tell you what flowers they are as my pic is pretty blurry but they are also from the Rainier National Park… this year sadly I had several reservations on the most important one was for around the 25th of July but sadly they have canceled all reservations at PARADISE INN due to this virus so while we could stay outside the park or down at the LONGMIRE area ..its then a good 30 minutes to the top or to PARADISE and I like to get up early around 5 or so and grab a cup of Java and go out side and sit on one of the benches near the visitor center and watch the sun come up over the top of the mt.  It doesn’t rise there but the sunlight starts lighting up the snowfields and it just soothes my soul… and puts me at peace with the world..but If I have to drive for 30 or so minutes while its a pleasant drive but curvy so you can’t go too fast… it means getting up even earlier and then my hubby will wake and think he should go with me… as long as I am just walking across the parking lot he is fine with me going alone and I like to be alone… usually no one else up then and I have often seen deer grazing in the meadow while its still a little dark and no one around… I do love it there.

Mt. Rainier at sunrise.

Ok I promised to try to end this on a happy note so think this photo does that…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY...wire headed cyber toad..aka kath


GREETINGS AND SALUTATIONS….. but if you have listened to the news lately or even talked with friends you know that we are NOT in the HUNDRED ACRE WOOD..…in fact for most of us we are not even in our happy place and its getting harder and harder to even find that happy place…but enough… I don’t want this post to end up being negative .

So I told you all that I was taking a couple of on line classes via ZOOM and they were quite  fun…if different…I did try to work( they were calligraphy)  along with the teacher but it was easy… as Kermit says it ain’t easy being green in the case of of my last class which was with AMITY PARKS on Bister Inks…. being blue… I had my blue bister ink mixed up way to dark and then got it all over me… lol.. still the class was great and I think she will be doing more of them so I suggest you either check out her web site or think she has a site on FB.

I also took two classes with JULIE WILDMAN and she was fantastic also .. I am pretty sure she is offering the AKIM VARIATIONS again and maybe an ALPHABET book class. I also highly recommend both AMITY AND JULIE as great teachers.

I am sure there are lots of other classes being offered and in fact know that Carol Dubosh is also offering an on line class… I am pretty sure that JOHN NEAL BOOKSELLER also has some listing of on line classes…

No one seems to know when this will be over or if we will need to learn a whole new way of life… regardless ….as the saying goes KEEP CALM AND KEEP INKING

Now as I gave this title .. I think this is true…so many disappointing and negative things are going on… it would be great if we could just block it all out and you can just mute it whenever it comes on.. lol…

I wanted this to have some redeeming features so I have some lovely photos to share with you…

This is a photo from my Nephew Nathan Hoiles of a Butterfly that visited his butterfly/hummer garden …just lovely
and look no mask …lol

With all the bad stuff and especially with grads who were robbed of their graduation…this was too cool… these signs were from the 2020 graduating class of my high school .  They ran for a mile or so and while I couldn’t get a close up of them each sign had the name of a graduating senior.  I think that they the seniors were allowed to go pick up the one with their name on it after graduation date and take them home to their own yard… but these are along McGregor Blvd …a lovely scenic main road from down town to the beach… now the signs didn’t run the full length but it was AWESOME to see…

this was photo of a sunrise here sent to local TV station by this viewer…. note I said sunrise not sunset…

Photo my hubby took of an owl that we see frequently at the ranch.. and also the thunder storm that is brewing…

SPEAKING of thunderstorms …we had a short but noisy one yesterday …some terrific boomers and I wish there was a way for me to capture them and replay them for you… I do love my thunderstorms..

We are all a little mad here… as the Hatter said… and one morning a few weeks ago I woke up and this was running thru what I like to call my hard drive…so I had to get up… it was about 3:30 am east coast time and I went in and just started writing …. trying to come up with as many “x” s as I could think of… a flash back to SESEME STREET… who knows. I am pretty sure that X is what we are going to write on our calendar for this year. As you can see I didn’t spend much time with it as far as care of lettering because I wanted to get it all down… I may go back and rewrite it in a more perfect form but decide to go ahead and share it just because I might also loose it…lol

RED HOT POKERS from my friend Craig Barker’s yard..these are one of the hummingbirds favorite take out restaurants… no masks required..

One last image …I had to end this post with a cartoon from NEW  YORKER that my hubby sent me… i am still laughing

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad..aka kath


FELLOW DETAINEES…which according to the dictionary we are not Detainees because we are not being held for questioning nor for political reasons…well most of us aren’t…lol

Its hard to suddenly find ourselves being told to wear masks , stay at home, and even if we don’t stay at home most things have been closed… but they are starting to open a little and what is really hard is to realize that this, while it affords us time to play, read, and just sit and not really LIVING…its just surviving and trying to help others survive.

Its hard on everyone and I just discovered that keeping my self distracted by doing things I have not done before and maybe not doing so well is a good choice…so I am going to share two different Calligrapher’s who are teaching via ZOOM if you don’t know about ZOOM it is very easy and its also fun…not the same fun you would have if you actually took the class because you miss out on the creative energy that one gets in a class..

but I am going to post this quick because one of them happens tomorrow thru Wednesday and that is JULIE WILDMAN’S FUNKY LETTERS… AND ITS NOT TOO LATE TO SIGN UP…. HERE IS THE INFO

I took Julie’s first class VARIATIONS ON AKIM and it was great fun and I am still playing and trying to improve my swoops…so I am looking forward to this class as well since it looks like lots of fun too.

The next class in on the 17TH and its taught by AMITY PARKS…and its all about the BISTER INKS..and tools etc… i have signed up for it as well and really looking forward to more discoveries.

Amity Bister Online

sorry I am late with these but I started cleaning out files and you know what happens when you do that..and since many of my fellow detainees are calligraphers I thought and hope that you have seen about these classes thru another source…


this Clematis is from my back yard  in WA…and was sent to me by my neighbor/friend Shannon as was this image of my Red-hot poker…

The rest of these are from my friend in Chehalis Craig… he has lovely flowers.


And this as you an see if from the WOC newsletter… and i love this sea pen… wonder what kind of letters it makes.


Hope you are all staying well and that your worlds are slowing coming back into focus..

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…..wireheaded cyber toad aka kath



HELLO AGAIN fellow Detainee’s

THE Magic here is the launch of the SPACEX  DRAGON space craft which was built and launched from the US.. First time since the last launch of SPACE SHUTTLE ATLANTIS. BOB said it was definately a Dragon ride up to orbit… huffing and puffin little more bumpy than the space shuttle had been.  They made the trip in 19 hrs and connected to the INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION for the first time in 9 yrs.  Really exciting and I had hopped that I would see the launch from my lanai across the state ( but it is a very flat state) however the weather did not cooperate and while 9 yrs ago I was able to see the launch of Atlantis once it was air born and then see the contrail but not yesterday. Below are the photos that I took and the color is a little off due to fact that I am using my i phone 11 pro to take photos off the TV… which makes the color a bit wonky.  If you go to your TV and type or say NASA you will see a complete set of photos and videos of the launch and the entering of the ISS…

this is the launch

the crew from left to right are BOB AND DOUG ….

this is the dragon that was on board the SPACE X DRAGON note the logo in the previous photo

Bob coming aboard the ISS

Bob and Doug and  Doug is whipping at his head as he hit something coming aboard and apparently was bleeding a little.

the complete crew two Russians and 3 Americans now on board the ISS.

Incase you can’t tell space is another of my passions and I am trying to figure out how I can send them a weathergram or several WEATHERGRAMS to hang in the ISS…can’t hang them out side but maybe they could just let them go outside… and float around in space…till they dissolve… bet Lloyd would love that..ok moving on.


The following photos are of cards I made this past week using the same format that Janie the Card Princess used to in my previous post of One SIMPLE FOLD.

FOR some reason I am into making small cards and I stumbled on some tiny pieces of stamp art and watercolor that I had done and they worked with this smaller size which is the size that DAWN uses for her thank you etc.  It is basically ½ of standard size card which is normally  8 ½ x  5 ½ folded at 4 ¼  and then it can be either vertical or horizontal.

But the ½ size is 2 3/8 x 4 ¼… I have lots of cards that I have purchased in various colors so I just cut them in half and the proceeded with the double fold on one half of the card ie just like Janie showed with the standard size then a couple of them were actually the standard size…so here they are and have fun with any size you want to use..good way to use up scraps and you saw at the end of her video how tiny you can go…. so just get in there and PLAY…

this is one of the easel type cards with the center being taller than the folded section and it is the 2 3/8 x 4 ¼

again same easel and same size but this time the easel part is a full 4 ¼ tall and only adhered to the bottom of the fold… so it will lie flat to mail and stand up as an easel .I was motivated for this own by friends in WA telling me how lovely the weather was….

Ok this is Based on DAWN’s SIMPLY SWEET  Z or what I call the double easel card and it was also smaller being only 3 x 4 ¼ ...

these last two are both standard size 5 ½ x 8 ½ folded at 4 ¼ then they are done in again what I am calling Double easel and DAWN calls her SIMPLY SWEET Z fold….ok now I have given you  so ideas for making the cards a different size now it your turn to go and play…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY  .…wire headed cyber toad ..aka kath





Greetings Fellow Captives

Initially thanks to the media we have seen very little that is positive about this dang virus…( you will note that I will not use the name of this virus as I feel it has gotten way to much attention already….) but EARTH DAY was terrific almost every where this year….. VENICE had canals there were so clear you could see all the way to the bottom for the first time in years….LOS ANGELS had clear skies so that you cauld see all of downtown skyline …something that handn’t happen in about 30 years I think….

Italy canals after lockdown

Los Angeles skyline fully visible…

Lions in africa on empty roadways

DUKE our favorite Gopher turtle

In addition my husbands family owns property that has been in their family since 1910 and we have had gopher turtle on the property for at least 35-40 yrs….maybe not the same one but he is still using the same hole… Gopher’s are protected in Florida and I have recently been sending lettuce, carrots etc up with my hubby to toss out near his house..

Tuesday we were rewarded with him paying a visit to edge of the road and I took this video below…We have decide actually guess I decided to call him DUKE, and no Idon’t really know if he is a male or not . After I took the video he wandered out of sight kinda behind the car so I go out to see where he was and he was right behind the back wheel so. I picked him him and moved back to side of the road where one of his other entrances to his home is located…. as we drove away my husband looked at me and said that I had probably ruined Duke’s afternoon delight because Ray thinks there is a female on the other side of the road…

I also found a lovely duck pair taking a quick bath ( I say quick because an hour from now the water will have evaported) in a puddle across from the grocery

AND while I am stuck here in FLorida due to Mom (94) getting the virus and then testing negative after 25 days in hospital she was due to be released yesterday and they found that her potassium was going down so now probably there till monday., and while the heat Is worse then ever and now we have the love bugs too nasty little guys that don’t bite but fly around in tandem like they are brain dead and really mess up your car….

I have had lovely thunder stoms for the last two evenings just before sunset… and there are lots of lovely trees in bloom here the Ponciana( red to orange0 , the Jacaranda,(Purple) and the Goldenshowers… I have posted photos of them below..



Remember that My hubby thought DUKE was crossing the road to have a little afternoon delight…well we found proof… below are pictures of DUKE’S FRIEND…we don’t know if its a she or he as we don’t really know what DUKE is so we are just going to call this one CLYDE after Sherlock Holmes turtle ( even though his is a box and ours is a gopher) in any case CLYDE was spotted two days in a row and appears to live on the other side of the highway and about half a football field away…we are attempting to supply each of them with fresh ( semi fresh) veggies…so we’ll see what happens…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY.... hugs the wire headed cyber toad aka kath



YES, many of you are EPISTOLARY friends,

Yes that is a word… and it means that you are in a friendship that is basically just writing.. ie you haven’t met the other person so it sounds so much more grown up than pen pal…I have had an epistolary friendship with Janis Blevins for 22 years… actually it might be approaching 23 yrs but this past February she and her hubby came to Florida sightseeing just before everything went haywire but still it was in the middle of the height of tourist season and they were in there RV and looking for a place to stay that was close to where we were so  we could finally meet…. and amazingly they found one just north of us and so we drove up to spend a delightful afternoon with them and eat an early dinner… it was hot but we had nice shade and breeze and while you might think that since we had never met it might be a bit awkward but after 22 yrs we picked up right where we left off in letters, emails and exchanges… Our husbands found something to talk about also and it was great finally meeting her but it was like I always knew her.

Now lots of our e mails /exchanges are about card making and stamping so I recently got a link from her regarding this web site about 5 CARDS you can make from one fold… well you probably know from my older posts that I hate to just fold a card in half and decorate, I like to make it interesting and this YouTube video did just that … so a huge shoot out to Janis for share ONE EASY FOLD by Janie the Card Princess.  You may find that you are familiar with the fold but she makes it a lot easier then some of the other times I have had to look up measurements and scoring lines etc… in any case check it out if you are interested..

As I said you may recognize this fold as an EASEL , OR A Z FOLD ETC…but she has some interesting ideas and the best one is that you can make them any size at the end of video she even fold up a sample that is only about 1 ½ inches and suggest you use it for a place card …. so its worth a look and like most of YouTube you can subscribe to her site and see lots of other ideas…

I haven’t given up on DAWN..and her video that I just watched could have been part of this one as I would call it a double EASEL.. but she calls it SWEET EASEL Z FOLD.  IT is similar to one of Janie’s but I like it a little better as a way to make it stand up it needs that extra support and Dawn’s is little more refined.

Told you these posts would not be all about cards so I want add some more photos of a very lovely plant that my brother in law has that has TRUMPET shaped flowers and I have also seen these in Victoria as unfortunately by the time I got to visit him they were pretty far gone due to the HEAT…but I am not complaining…LOL opps forgot photo … f

OK well that’s all for this post.  I know i use to sign off with THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY but times change and for now I’ll just STAY SAFE AND WASH YOUR HANDS…

HUGS kath the wire headed cyber toad


OMG…so sorry ..when I did this post I didn’t realize that she was only going to show you how to do the card with the pocket on both the outside and the inside…not the one I liked the best which was just the diagonal fold… no pocket… so here is the link to that video..

MASCULINE DIAGONAL FOLD this video is on YouTube…not her web site …well maybe there too but this is the one I found… basically they all use the same size papers…

BASIC CARD is 8 ½ by 11 ..then score it on 8 ½ side at 4 ¼ ..then rotate paper and score at 5 ½..

Next using your paper trimmer cut the card from one point to the opposite point ie diagonally …if it won’t fit in your paper trimmer that way then you will have to use a self healing cutting board and an exacto and a ruler… then fold on the score lines…

now you have two cards… so for the front triangles you need to cut

2 pieces ( bottom layer 4 x 5 ¼ i wouldn’t use designer paper for this because only an 1/8 inch boarder will show so choose a coordinating paper for this layer or you can just make this your ONLY LAYER ON THE FRONT OF CARD … still need two of them since you have two card bases assume you will want to use the same papers on them and in that case if its your ONLY layer probably use designer paper…

if you are doing a TOP LAYER OF DESIGNER PAPER  you will now cut 2 pieces of it 3 ¾ x 5….after you have cut the papers then you will cut each of them again diagonally ie from point to point so that they will fit on the triangle folds on your base card…

SOMETIMES A PICTURE REALLY IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS… so just watch the video this was basically just to give you the measurements so she only gives them on line… aaarrrgggghhh..

above are my two regular sized ones and the one on the left says HAPPY B DAY inside…the other says HAVE A HONEY OF A DAY…

above are the two 6×9 cards with only one layer and in this case because they were smaller I ending up using the same designer paper for both triangles… if you believe that I have bridge in brooklyn that I can sell you really cheap…lmao…. actually I got side tracked and had glued them on before I realized what I had done… so the left card says CELEBRATE wherever you are…. and the right one says DON’T COUNT THE CANDLES ON YOUR CAKE …JUST ENJOY THE GLOW THEY MAKE… ( I think I may have purloined that saying from Hallmark… lol)

Now if you want to make it easier it must also be smaller… so cut the following.

BASE CARD 6 X 9 …SCORED AT 3 X 41/2 ..

the diagonal cut and for the triangle panels on the front and for the inside panel.. cut

cut 2 ..3 ¾ x 4 ¼…only cut one of them diagonally the other can be your inside panel if you used a dark card it should be light … the other piece should be a piece of designer paper. ok hope you find this helpful and worth the second post..

again my bad for not giving you this with the first posting…. thanks for stopping by…

DIAGONAL POCKET FOLD CARD…we have seen this fold b before with putting the pocket fold inside and using it to hold a special note or a gift card… but I LOVED THE IMAGES OF THE CARD FOLDED WITH TWO TRIANGLES ON THE FRONT…

diagonal front fold flaps..

Now Dawn doesn’t give you the way to make this card but if you look closely at this image from her video… I think I can talk you through it. SO HERE GOES… using the 8 ½ x 11 piece of card stock  then score the 8 ½  side at 4 ¼ then rotate the paper and score it  5 ½ now here is where it differers… now instead of only cutting the diagonal on the bottom left rectangle you will not cut a diagonal line front the top left down to the bottom right..then when you go to fold the card closed it will make in insistence a diagonal gate fold…WHAT FUN… I also like the idea of just using complementary papers on the front of the card and a belly band with an image or quote on it … in the example above if you look to the left you will see the belly band with a circle on the front and a quote..

here is one that is closed two scraps of paper and belly band with circle…

two triangles on the front make a pocket on the front

two diagonal cuts make a triangle that folds up to create two pockets using 8 ½  x 11

the original with pocket inside in vertical format

same pocket inside but turned so that the card is horizontal.

in addition this one has a much larger belly band with multiple strips of paper and string..

All of the cards have a space for you to write your message on the inside… but I like the funky two triangle flaps on the front…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad aka kath

EYE CANDY…KEITA SAGAKI...ART WORK done using thousands of tiny manga images….. he draws directly onto paper using a 0.015-inch black pen, referring to images of the painting that he’s reproducing. Sagaki’s drawings vary in scale, from roughly the size of a sheet of A4 paper to enormous works almost 10 feet wide. Given that a single mistake could ruin an entire work, Sagaki takes his time when drawing, and some works take as long as a year to complete….just amazing enjoy..


HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the mom’s out there hope your day is filled with love and laughter… 

TRI FOLD CARD..I really liked this card because it had this quirky opening …however you might need to put a little note in with the card that tell them how to open it….I have friends who only receive cards and aren’t involved in making them they may not be able to figure out how to open it…  ANOTHER HINT…When you put the piece be it oval or circle or rectangle don’t overlap it too much ie too far down on the bottom flap because it will make it harder to open and in the end they may accidentally end up tearing the card ….of course you can simply fold the flap inside the card and then it will be easy to open but folding it over the top to hold the card closed is more interesting…as long as they can figure out how to open it…

I also like all the layers both on the front and on the inside but again don’t make that piece that is what holds it close too many layers or again it will be so stiff that the bottom won’t want to fold out easily.

Although Dawn made a wonderful card for her husband or a man card using her motorcycle stamps ….I just want to suggest that MOST men would not have a clue how to open this card…and it would definitely end up being destroyed.  Now her husband would not have a problem because he also makes cards…

I also think that the penguins would work really well with this card as would flowers and also the punch out owls… So just a few suggestions about this card technique…so have fun and GO MAKE SOMETHING… AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad aka kath

OLDEST PENCIL FACTORY this is one of the last pencil factors in America… very interesting.  I hope you will enjoy it…




GREETINGS …from the Easter Bunnyok I am not really the Easter bunny but after making these wonderful little diaper/pocket fold cards…I feel like the EASTER BUNNY…of course I should also share that I know have the crinkly cut paper that one uses for Easter grass all over the house… I do like it but its a pain to get out of the bag and also to keep into the pocket…lol… maybe that’s why the bunny usually uses just a basket and HIDES his eggs…no grass in the basket… all that said I am also looking for jelly belly jelly beans if you eaten any of them you know that every one loves Jelly Belliys…… I am pretty sure you can find assorted ones at AMAZON and you may find them at Walmarts also…

I will confess that after making the diapers/pockets I used some lovely little rabbits and chicks that I found at Jo Ann’s they are felt and just too cute and I liked the idea that they were dimensional as well.  I found these early near the end of February then recently I found the little wooden painted ones so you have to go back often… which is just what they want….

Dawn’s larger pocket/diaper…this is one she made using an 8×8 square… mine were all made using 6×6 squares…

This is one I did a few years ago with an origami chick if you check my blog and search for origami chicken you will find the pattern for making it..


kh mini diaper fold 6×6  2018 easter card

kh mini diaper fold  the little eggs and the tiny chick in the other card are both little painted wooden embellishments I found at Jo Ann’s

back of my mini

Now the problem with this card is that it makes a huge bump in the envelope so then you do have to add an extra stamp to mail it and also I would suggest that you tape it shut just to make sure …. as long as they hand cancel it it will be fine but if they run it thru that machine…well all bets are off.. fingers crossed…

Couple of HINTS on this one… you don’t ‘have to make it an easter could just be a pocket that holds a gift card for birthday or just a mini message inside and it wouldn’t need the easter grass at that point…so up to you… If you decide to use it that way I suggest that you put the pocket inside a folded base rather than just using a single piece of card stock…it will be more secure and what ever you stick in the pocket has a better chance of staying there… lol..

coffee and chocolate
what could be better


In case you don’t know the above is an ad for SPIDERS financial something or  I have watched their ads for years when it always a spider creating a web somewhere but this one is all about PAPER folding and cutting and books … hence the new chapter reference…anyway I just love it.. and had to share it because like the SHERWIN WILLIAMS PAINT ADS its so intricate and so amazing … they hours they must have spent just filming it… so enjoy… and HAPPY EASTER…

I am going to an ADULT EASTER EGG DECORATING PARTY ON SAT..SO watch for pictures next week…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad aka kath


WAIT… this is not the same as the one I had already posted about painting WITH tissue paper… in fact this is just the reverse… with this one using your waterbed stamp pads on a piece of acrylic or the teflon sheets ( amazon) then smear your watercolors together  or not leaving white space will work too… then press your piece of tissue paper or even Kleenex over ink and let it soak thru. Then you will need to lay it aside to dry…


SCS WATERCOLOR TISSUE this is great for creating background in which case you can glue it ( tape will not work well) to a piece of watercolor paper or just card stock…white is probably best if you want it to show up well…because tissue is so fragile it needs some kind of backing … if you wanted to use it to die cut or punch something out glueing it to card stock or w/color paper works well… BUT …you can also let it dry then you can use your IRON and butcher paper and you can iron the tissue the butcher paper… now if you also iron clothes with this iron then you want to protect your iron by using another piece of paper over it so that the waxiness of the butcher paper doesn’t get on your iron…if you have those teflon sheets you can use that also….

HINT: IF you use the butcher paper then it will be ok to cut it with the dies..however it gets harder to use the punch so the best way to do it into flip it over and punch with the white side of the butcher paper showing rather than the tissue… if you punch is old and not cutting well try punch it thru tinfoil. few times to try to sharpen the edges… but it still may not work well with a very detailed punch a solid image like balloon, heart , square etc. or any mostly solid image… should work just fine…I also do not think that you will be able to adhere it to the acetate…but you can try by just cutting a small piece and trying it…

NOW they also suggested that if you glue the tissue onto the card stock or watercolor paper ( I suggested glue on the card not on the tissue)then scrunch up the tissue as you press it down you will get more texture and then she suggests that you VERY LIGHTLY ie don’t press down too hard …rub the watermark or embossing pad over the raised parts of the tissue and sprinkle with either (my suggestion ) gold or bronze  or black embossing powder you get this wonderful CRACKLE EFFECT…. now that really excited me…. and you can do it also using the BUTCHER PAPER..

W/C crackle effect..with embossing powder

HINT: once the tissue is colored and dry …wad it up like you were going to throw it away…then iron it onto the butcher paper and again willl achieve texture that you can apply embossing pad/powder to and get those CRACKLE LINES to really show up…. OK so why are ya sittin here reading this …GO PLAY…

HINT: You can also do larger sheets of tissue and then cut it up smaller…especially if you are doing the wadding and iron on butcher paper effect….

EYE CANDY..again this is a kwerner…video and its delightful.. and so much fun…so give it a look and then a HINT…you can get the masking fluid she shows from AMAZON…where else… lo…. WATERCOLOR ENVELOPES

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY… wire headed cyber toad aka kath

EYE CANDY PAPER MARBLEING IN FLORENCE ITALY..I just had to share this one because I am pretty sure that I have been in the store in FLORENCE and helped boost their economy ….a lot…. so just enjoy seeing all the lovely stuff…