WAIT… this is not the same as the one I had already posted about painting WITH tissue paper… in fact this is just the reverse… with this one using your waterbed stamp pads on a piece of acrylic or the teflon sheets ( amazon) then smear your watercolors together  or not leaving white space will work too… then press your piece of tissue paper or even Kleenex over ink and let it soak thru. Then you will need to lay it aside to dry…


SCS WATERCOLOR TISSUE this is great for creating background in which case you can glue it ( tape will not work well) to a piece of watercolor paper or just card stock…white is probably best if you want it to show up well…because tissue is so fragile it needs some kind of backing … if you wanted to use it to die cut or punch something out glueing it to card stock or w/color paper works well… BUT …you can also let it dry then you can use your IRON and butcher paper and you can iron the tissue the butcher paper… now if you also iron clothes with this iron then you want to protect your iron by using another piece of paper over it so that the waxiness of the butcher paper doesn’t get on your iron…if you have those teflon sheets you can use that also….

HINT: IF you use the butcher paper then it will be ok to cut it with the dies..however it gets harder to use the punch so the best way to do it into flip it over and punch with the white side of the butcher paper showing rather than the tissue… if you punch is old and not cutting well try punch it thru tinfoil. few times to try to sharpen the edges… but it still may not work well with a very detailed punch a solid image like balloon, heart , square etc. or any mostly solid image… should work just fine…I also do not think that you will be able to adhere it to the acetate…but you can try by just cutting a small piece and trying it…

NOW they also suggested that if you glue the tissue onto the card stock or watercolor paper ( I suggested glue on the card not on the tissue)then scrunch up the tissue as you press it down you will get more texture and then she suggests that you VERY LIGHTLY ie don’t press down too hard …rub the watermark or embossing pad over the raised parts of the tissue and sprinkle with either (my suggestion ) gold or bronze  or black embossing powder you get this wonderful CRACKLE EFFECT…. now that really excited me…. and you can do it also using the BUTCHER PAPER..

W/C crackle effect..with embossing powder

HINT: once the tissue is colored and dry …wad it up like you were going to throw it away…then iron it onto the butcher paper and again willl achieve texture that you can apply embossing pad/powder to and get those CRACKLE LINES to really show up…. OK so why are ya sittin here reading this …GO PLAY…

HINT: You can also do larger sheets of tissue and then cut it up smaller…especially if you are doing the wadding and iron on butcher paper effect….

EYE CANDY..again this is a kwerner…video and its delightful.. and so much fun…so give it a look and then a HINT…you can get the masking fluid she shows from AMAZON…where else… lo…. WATERCOLOR ENVELOPES

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY… wire headed cyber toad aka kath

EYE CANDY PAPER MARBLEING IN FLORENCE ITALY..I just had to share this one because I am pretty sure that I have been in the store in FLORENCE and helped boost their economy ….a lot…. so just enjoy seeing all the lovely stuff…




HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! WELL HERE WE ARE IN 2018..lets hope that its a fabulous creative year for us all..

You know I can be never resist a gift card holder …and especially one that uses the regular 8 ½ x 11 paper and you score first and then cut and VIOLA you have two card bases …couldn’t be easier…. Now since xmas is over for a while I plan to use this for a  Birthday gift card holder. The second thing that makes it so appealing is the use of the small pieces or decorator paper/card stock…I don’t know about you but I have tons of scraps and while i mostly have them sorted by color its almost overwhelming…

DAWN’S CHRISTMAS CARD HOLDER …so here is the link and then this is what here’s looked like using the dark green and then the green and black plaid…… but you can use whatever paper works best for you…

Gift card holder closed

Then this is the image open and you can see that actually only one side of it opens… and that the greeting on the front is a circle but yours could be any shape …if you use the circles then instead of a bow you could add a string off the bottom to make it look like a balloon or you can use a square and then punch out smaller balloons and adhere them to the square …the banner die would work well here also with a greeting stamped on it… one of my favorite stamps is HOW OLD..and if you do use he banner dies then you can also make it run verticle rather than horizontal… so many choices… but that’s what its all about making fun choices and making a card your own…

Gift card holder open with. Gift card on the left..the right side doesn’t open and the pocket tucks in under the circle…

Oh I wanted to share my SANTA PANTS candy basket with you…. I had trouble getting the straps to hold so I decided to use brads in addition to glue or tape…but it may have been because I am in Fl and Humidity is a way of life here… I tore my work area apart hunting for the snowflake brads I knew i had somewhere in there but finally due to time I had to move on and so I used these little star brads ….they worked just fine and of course after I had all three of them done….I found the snowflakes buried….under stuff on my desk…. isn’t that always the way….

SCS santa pants basket w/o the brads

this was the first one and I just followed the pattern but with the next two I used one of the label dies and cut the yellow piece out of gold paper instead  and then a slightly smaller piece of black to glue on top of it… made it more belt like I thought…

Santa pats with brads and gold belt.

NOt the best photo but I was trying to block out my messy kitchen where I was working on Parry stuff and also pre christmas dinner cooking…

Here is a close up of the belt buckle and you can tell I don’t wear belts as I have the star on the wrong side of the belt to it should have been over on the left side….duh oh well maybe they won’t notice… lol..

EYE CANDY….EARTH RISE THIS is the first EARTH RISE  as seen by the Apollo astronauts….you gotta see this… simply amazing.. Thanks to CAROLE CROSE for sharing it with me so I can share with you… 

Hope to see you again soon…AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad…aka kath



Hope this finds you laying around to stuffed with Turkey to do more than read and look…lol and also hope that you and your familiies and extended families had a delightful THANKSGIVING…

SCS ACRYLIC TECHNIQUE….I left out the word drunken because I am not sure it applies..but I do like the idea and I like the fact that she uses a spray bottle but opens it and drops the alcohol( guess that’s where the drunken comes from) onto the paper..but you should know that not all reds , blues and yellows, blend together to make good colors and I really didn’t like the addition of the turquoise to her sample… lI thought that the red or in her case the magenta and the yellow ….were stunning and certainly made me think of the Pacific Northwest this time of year… most cases the rule for blending colors is no more than 3 or you get mud… BUT  in this case I think that the red/magenta and yellow work best.  However, you could also try doing the base color yellow then when dry apply the red over part of the card and let it dry then go back and apply the blue over the yellow that is still showing but not over the red…

3 color alcohol /acrylic technique…too much in my opinion..

This is interesting but in my opinion just too its also possible that this looks way better and way different in real life than it photographed… so experiment and play my favorite two words…

Another thing I would try is to actually spray the alcohol on the card maybe from different directions with each layer… the spray will I think make it a bit more streaky…but this is interesting background…

REMINDER….you drop/spray the alcohol onto the color while its WET…then let it dry before adding a second  or third coat…each time drop/spay when the color/layer is wet then let dry totally before moving to next layer…


HINT 2…Because you need to let this air dry naturally I would suggest you precut several pieces of card stock and work on all of them at one time… then go away let them dry and come back for stage two….each time you have to let it dry naturally or AIR DRY no heat tool as she suggested it would make the paint bubble…

Alchol acrylic technique from SPLLITCOAST STAMPERS

With the unicorn above I think she used the WHITE acrylic over the top for her last layer but I am just guessing….again not my favorite effect looks a little too busy to suit me …I often have to remind myself that LESS IS MORE…

THE ONE WITH THE TREES IS MY FAVORITE…. it so looks like a fall background and its possible that on that one she did as I suggested you try putting the colors on over a solid background BUT not over each other so much… IE THE RED LOOKS LIKE it might be over the yellow but not over the green and the same with the green over the yellow but not over the red except in a few places…. remember it is all about play so explore and if you think when its dry that you don’t like it ….BEFORE YOU THROW IT AWAY…look and see if there are areas that you do like and cut them out or punch them out etc…before you toss…. look at carefully to see what might be saved…

HINT 3….because I also do calligraphy I bought a small set of  HIGH FLOW GOLDEN ACRYLICS……these are just what it says very fluid so you probably won’t need to add the water just put some on a plate and paint away….of course they re available in a 1 oz set of ten..from AMAZON for about $34 .  They work great in calligraphy pens as well as making art with them… so put them on your christmas wish list or play some christmas music and order them today…lol don’t forget the water color paper but you may find that locally at either a Michael’s, JO ANN’S OR HOBBY LOBBY…and you might be able to use your coupon… but I doubt you will find the HIGH FLOW SET.……the cheap acrylics will work just fine for this technique… I am only suggesting the HIGH FLOW..for those of my readers who might also be calligraphers and would want to use the colors to letter with as well as making art…

My favorite

These three are definitely my favorites for a lovely fall background…. enjoy


EYE CANDY…as you know I am in Florida and I recently saw this on FB and because I know I have friends out there that don’t use FB ….i found this video of STARFISH WALKING. CHECK IT OUT …its very interesting … when I was in college on the east coast of Florida we had a medium size fish tank and we had baby starfish that we brought from the ocean into the tank so we got to watch them climbing the sides of tank as well as walking around…but this nice big one so you can really see how the move .

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPING BY …wiire headed cyber toad..aka kath





GREETINGS one and all….

Well  its getting to be that time of year when you are wanting to send treats to friends and family , teachers, hair dressers etc…so this is slight variation to other gift card holders and hey you can never have too many card ideas with POCKETS….right ….

Dawn’s gift card folder

Dawn’s gift card folder

DAWN’S GIFT CARD HOLDER so after you look at the video… here are a few hints that you may find helpful….HINT 1…..paper is cut  5 ½ x 12. And she is using duplex paper that means decorated on both sides…however she then shows you how to cover up the inside design as it is really too busy …so just wanted you to know that because at least where I am I only know two stores that sell a selection of duplex paper …you don’t have to use duplex paper…you can do with with 12 x 12 paper that is solid color on both sides or paper that is designer on one side and white on the back side….

HINT 2…This really ties into HINT 1 …I have found that many times the solid color on both sides paper is not cut with the grain and when you go to fold it CRACKS…sometimes it cuts when you are trying to score it so my suggestion is to a) score carefully and b) do score before you fold… that triangle…as it may not fold neatly if it isn’t either scored or folded and pressed with bone fold…it doesn’t happen all the time but its always a surprise when it does happen.

My next suggestion is othe ways of using this card….you can slip a hand Made coupon in the pocket inviting the person to lunch , a party , or maybe write a encouraging word on separate paper, share a business card or even a photo…this would be a perfect idea for sharing a photo of a new baby in the family , human or new pet even…also it could be a we’ ve moved card with new address inside… or if you have someone who has a hard time writing you send them some address labels for their family and friends…or print up some special return address labels to give as a gift..the small strips of post it notes to use as markers etc.. Lots of things to fill the pocket..

I ALSO WANT TO SUGGEST that you follow DAWN’S hint about trimming off just a smidge of the flap of the card…especially if your card stock is rather thick it will make it fold much nicer…

EYE CANDY..This week I want to share a site that is a DIY on painting rocks which seems to be a craze again and these are showing you how to paint PUMPKIN ROCKS.. they are so cute I may have to go out and round up some of my hubby’s rocks and paint them before he finds them missing…..TTFN…for you non TIGGER fans that TA TA FOR NOW..

ok think that is it for this blog AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad…..aka kath..


IN CASE YOU DIDN’T KNOW HALLOWEEN IS MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY….and to kick the season off I want to share a photo by a friend that was on FACEBOOK back in August when the Eclipse happened…. I think these photos tell you why I think  it should be here in this post….

partial eclipse in 2017…

I love this card… I love the pop out effect…ya know the BOO effect…and the fold is that old explosion fold she gives you the directions of how to do it and you can use 6×6 decorator paper or you can do as she did and decorate it yourself with embellishments or stickers or stamps…. then if you have one of those Martha Stewart boarder punches ..there are several but the cobweb is very cool land gives almost a lacey effect…

here is the link for this one…..

Now in case you can’t tell  this explosion fold when enclosed in the card is a 3 inch square mounted on the diagonal inside the card…. however…. just so you know it can also be a card all by itself… small maybe but you can also do it an 8×8 fold which would give you a 4inch square….or if that still isn’t big enough for you… you can use a 10 x 10 piece of paper and you would end with a 5 x 5 inch square card…. now one of my favorite uses for this fold is to use it to create calendars that stand on their own for my friends… SAME FOLD but you remove one panel so that you now will need to overlap two of the panels to create a corner then glue them to together so that the diagonal fold is in the bottom of the card its the platform the card stands on….then decorate the two panels inside and using one of them to glue the little monthly calendars on for me that is usually the right panel but it can be the left one also…. so the little calendars are available at impresscardsandcrafts as you can see from the photo they come in two sizes and depending on what you want to use to decorate and what size square you end with will help you decide which size calendar you want to use


mini calendars from IMPRESS RUBBER STAMP

Well its getting to be that time of year again… I have to leave my paradise in WA and head to FL…. I know lots of you think that is just a terrific thing and I am not really complaining because I get to see our daughter and our grandchildren as well as my Mom and also all of my husbands family however, I don’t think l am ever going to think that CHRISTMAS at 87 degrees with probably 80% humidity is just not my idea of christmas….but being with family makes up for that a lot.   In any case the reason I am even mentioning this is because I am going to be really busy and also taking a trip to Nova Scotia so my posting is going to be iffy….as in if at all….lol… but I am going to give you other web sites to check out and also be sure to check out PINTEREST ……just go locking for Handmade cards and then you will have more sources than you can stand… but I have alreadying given you

FRENCHIES SCRAP AND STAMP Frenchie is a Stamping Up rep but she does have a different take than either DAWN…or SPLITCOAST STAMPERS..  IN any case guess  you will have lots of sources to check .  if you go looking on PINTEREST or even YouTube.

EYE CANDY…this is a lovely video of painting wet on wet…I keep telling myself I can do this but somehow ….WATER COLOR WET ON WETcheck it out maybe your’s will be better than mine…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY..wire headed cyber toad…aka kath

Dawn’s Move Me card and TRI FOLD CARD


AT first glance this looks like a card with a window shade …and an image behind it… not so…. this is the most amazing card…and YES i went directly from the video to the shopping to order this bundle ….You will have to watch it to appreciate it…


OK are you amazed…definitely SHOCK AND AWE.This is just such an incredible idea and while I think both the butterfly and the hummer are terrific images but I can only hope that they do this with some other images as well …like balloons or boats or the birds..airplanes … ok I’ll try to calm down… but I am excited about this  bundle and in addition I will post another of Dawn’s cards which is also using this butterfly die as an overlay over a solid image of a butterfly..this is a die cut that comes with the set and gives you both a solid image and the cut out image… 

aren’t they just amazing.. I will try to show you an additional card that also uses this butterfly and it uses the butterfly as a closure to hold the card closed… its the                    LIVE LOVE LAUGH TRI FOLD This is a rather simple card but the fact that she used the butterfly to hold the flap on the front closed…is really unique.  In any case I think you may find lots of ways to use the dies in this set.



BUTTERFLY CLOSURE .. then when closed the left side of the card tucks lightly under the piece of butterfly that is cut out…. creating a very unique card.

It’s not to easy to see but if you look closely at the photo above and of course watch the video you will see that she only cuts out part of the butterfly so that part is available to lift up and tuck the other side of the card under it… As I said you will probably find lots of other things /images /dies that can also be used this way…the coffee cup die….the small animals the bear , lion and elephant all of those also could be used as a CLOSURE.

In addition it doesn’t really have to be a die that you cut out half way and then tuck the other side of the card under….it could be an image that you punched out and then only glue half of it onto the card leave the other half unglued and you can also tuck the left side of the card under it…. it makes for a nice effect on the card so look at your dies, your punches and even some embellishments might work for this TRI FOLD CARD.  Of course I am drawn to this card because I am ALWAYS drawn to card that doesn’t just open like any store-bought card…. I always want the unique or special effect to my cards…the real joke to this is that and I can’t believe I am sharing this but the truth is once I have made the card and sent it out my recipient….if they text me or call me to tell me how much they loved the card I usually have to admit to them that I have no idea what I sent…. now this is both embarrassing as well as kinda hurtful to my friend as it kinda implies that I don’t really care I just sent a card…. nothing to could be farther from the truth…I actually work hard on trying to come up with a design that think my friend will both like and appreciate. However, once its in the mail…I am on to the next creation and lately I have been spending more time working on my lettering …I have been neglecting it and I really want to improve my scripts and use my design ideas to create better lettering.

So thats all for this post… AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY….wire headed cyber toad…aka kath


AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…..wire headed cyber toad..aka kath






This is such a cute and quick card… and it will work great for you to make your one insert…which could be an invite for a free dinner or for lunch out or even a photo or a gift card .

One of the best things about this is that it maximizes the use of the 12 x 12 designer paper…If you follow the measure meets you can get 3 cards out of one sheet of paper…each strip is cut only 4 ” wide by 12 ” long…and then you can use either side of the duplex paper or if you only have single sided paper then use the designed side..


another tri fold pocket


Dawn’s trifold pock


cut at 4″ x 12″   TRI FOLD PAART OF CARD..score at 4″ and at 8″ see video for pocket fold 


cut (2) at 3 5/8″ x 23 5/8″ LAYERS

cut (2) at 3 1/2″ x 3 ½″  INSERT AND FRONT

This is such a simple fold and yet it makes an elegant card…now she goes thru telling you how to use your PUNCH BOARD to create an envelope to hold this card which is a SQUARE… HOWEVER, you can use a standard size envelope or a 5 x7 which is bigger but depending on how many elements you have on the front you might want to do as well. In addition , a square envelope costs extra but again if you have several layers on the front it will be thick enough that you would need extra postage anyway.

Watch for JoAnne’s or Michael’s to have pads of 12x 12 paper on sale. but don’t hesitate to use what you already have available…..or you will end up like me with so much paper that you can almost open your own paper store …and yet still not have what you are looking for…lol

kh front tri fold pocket

kh open to right showing pocket

in addition to the layers… if you have some of those WOBBLE SPRINGS..( I know that IMPRESS and AMAZON HAVE THEM FOR SALE..) IT would be fun not use one of those on the front with your image or die cut.. but that will definitely mean you need to use the extra postage on your envelope when you mail it.Alas my wobbles haven’t arrived yet so this will probably post without them


NOW….I am pretty sure I have told y’all that I don’t really sew…I can sew a few things and I have sewn things onto my cards but really making anything other than place mats, table runner or napkins….you need someone else…but one of my best friends has recently been bitten by the quilting bug and so I am seeing lots of lovely quilts on FB…but I had seen this woman’s art work once before and I think I posted some of it but I had to share this again.

When you first look at these you will think they are paintings, or colored pencils but they are all actually sewn with a large variety of cloths into the images you see.  I am so impressed with all of these….I can’t draw so I use rubber stamps but I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to make these images …. so enjoy this eye candy.

SOPHIE’S ART WORK I said that this was all quilting but actually she says its both quilting and embroidery…either way its absolutely stunning…so enjoy

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…..wire headed cyber toad aka kath




I posted a blog back in 2016 that was about my friend JANIS BLEVINS version of a center step card… and also version of center step card by SCS…I didn’t care for it too much because it was almost square when completed and it didn’t fit easily into an envelope.  But  this MULTI PANEL CARD by Dawnis the same thing as a center step format but the part I like about DAWN’s is that is fits in a standard envelope and its easier to make .

She did a live video on FB of it with the HIGHTIDE SET of stamps but it was an hour long video and hard to watch with people talking and not as concise as this one. i asked to repost a video for this card and she did….just love her videos…so the link above is much easier to watch and I do like the card format..

I especially like this card because can stand on it own…as long as you use card stock for the base…..its really fairly simple just takes a bit of extra scoring. And cutting…then that center panel can work with almost any image you want to cut and add,…it doesn’t have to fit only in the center it can overlap onto the panels since it doesn’t open….it can be an oval or a circle and using a piece from last weeks post on dry embossing would Work well in the center….in fact the card I made using the frog in the center works well… I used it as a get well card and on the back it said wishing you a RIBBIT recovery,…

GET WELL card with frog



Paper Ponderings

Going back in time…

Posted: 05 Jun 2017 11:32 PM PDT

We are away at the moment, so I have gone back in time to another trip earlier in the year.

We visited the National Arboretum in Canberra for the first time in April and it was stunning.

Not only are the mass plantings inspired; but the discovery of art and sculpture in between and around the corner and on top of hills was a real delight.

As you enter the building, these great walls of rock are interrupted with lovey etched corten steel panels.

AS ALWAYS THAKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad…aka kath


I know its been a while…but between Jet lag and 3 hour time zone change plus trying to get all my STUFF back where it belongs and off the floor , off the desk…out of the box…lol I am to say the least behind…. but I just watched this video and thought this was just too cute…

I don’t think I have ever given a friend and of my hand made cards because most of my friends don’t send SNAIL MAIL… I send but they don’t however , I did think that maybe they might send to others but not to me… My BFF this year told me as she was taking me to lunch and for a 1hr FOOT MASSAGE (HEAVEN) that she got me cards and that she never gives cards…lol but i got to thinking she might if I made her some and gave them to her..Plus this was a fast and simple fold AND. You may remember that I recently found and purchased some magnets…and I CAN STILL FIND THEM…lol. In any case I also thought that this would work well for a gift card hold also.  You know sometimes you purchase several gift cards like several in and APPLE package or some of the movie cards come in more than one in a package but even if you only gave one gift card and 3 handmade cards it would be a nice treat….YOU. Know your actually not supposed to know or care what the receipent does with what you give them… I have. Friend who I have been told has a draw full of gift cards that he has never used…I haven’t seen it myself but that’s the rumor …remember its the thought that counts….

So here is the image.. and the link..,,,SCS CARD CLUTCH



Now I have a couple of HINT…first I would take the ½ inch fold at the bottom of the triangle and after I have the clutch folded complete I’d go back and add some tear and tape to that crease to hold it together better..make it a little more rigid.. next whe doesn’t say it but her cards are small 3 ½ x 5 but they still will need to over lap when you insert them into the pockets…

NEXT HINT…..when I am folding the points up to the center crease I would had a VERY SMALL dab of glue to hold it down…again not much as you want it to dry so the cards don’t get stuck to don’t use glue dots..I used glue…to hold those pockets then flip it over and put some tear and tape in that ½ inch fold on the bottom… I would also add dab of glue or glue dot to the tip of the triangle on the front of each side …

Lastly I haven’t measured this yet but I believe it is mailable in like a 6x 9 envelope or in a larger Manila envelope…. and if you have cards in it then it will need some extra postage…but hey its a gift right so little extra postage is not a big deal…



Bird feeders and rare flamingo

View from my kitchen window…green belt

My summer fushia and due to fact that our house faces due east and west I have to hang it under the arbor which eventually the Wisteria will cover…giving the Fushia the shade it needs ..

Neighborhood Pink Dogwood….they are so beautiful .

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad…aka kath


3 D FLOWER POP UP ..via :YouTube

Greetings…and HAPPY EASTER…

I want to share this card with you because a friend Janis Blevins sent me one last year…or maybe the year before ( going back and forth cause one to get lost in the years) and it was just lovely… and not sure if all Michael’s have them on sale right now but ours had 3 inch square origami papers on sale …and they work really well with this card…You can’t use card stock for the flowers as it is too stiff and won’t fold and open well.  You would have to and cut yourself some text paper but origami is really great… the solid colors will let you color in the flowers as seen in these photos…

DIY flower pop up/out

this one above cut the ends into points rather than rounded …

3d flower each is so different depending on what you do to decorate the flower itself…

then there is mine…the lazy version.

my multi colored flowers but I needed to decorate the inside…lazy stamper..

Ok one more cause you might not think white paper is very impressive.

SO THERE ARE SEVERAL versions of this card on YouTube and I am only giving you the first one… DIY 3D FLOWER CARDSo feel free to check out the others and be sure to watch the videos so that you get that folding correct… and you need to have 7 OF THEM make the flower pop out correctly …

The folding and the cutting are the easy part…lol  the tough part is gluing them together correctly my HINT …. have them all folded and ready to go then watch and stop the video as needed so you can see how to glue them together and if you create a dummy version and make the dots as they did in the video you will be able to make more of them much easier and not have to rewatch the video each time you make the card…then save it in the sheet protector…blah blah blah….cause trust me the hardest part is getting them together correctly or the card won’t open out into the bouquet which is most impressive… I think my friend sent a video that was done by Martha Stewarts people… and its fine too if you go to my blog and type in SEARCH …MARTHA STEWART 3D FLOWER… I think that old post will come up and you can then go look at Martha’s video if you want…or try typing it in on YouTube I am sure its there as well…

This makes a fabulous Mother’s day card and that holiday is racing right towards us a break neck speed…. so I am trying my best to stay at least a wee bit ahead… so hope you will give this a try and that you will enjoy it as much as I did… and just check to see if you can find origami paper in 3 in squares for sale at Michaels… or try the office supply people for a pad of multicolored paper that size ..that is what I used for mine the first time…but I am going to color inside this time… to make it more flower like… You will probably need sharpie’s on the origami paper as its kinda coated but my pack came with multi colored as well.. so just a black sharpie for the flower part inside will work for me… but sharpies are in all colors not but think you will want the permanent ones not the watercolor version …

Ok that’s all for this week as I am already late…missed friday big time so enjoy and go make one…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad…aka kath