I told you that I was going to change the format a little on the Blog and give myself permission to deal with LIFE and POST WHEN I CAN… well things are slowing up a little  and MOM is doing better so I have had some time to play and guess what here came the POP UP BOX FROM SCSI was so surprise because several years ago I bought a card…( now don’t scream…I do buy cards for a variety of reason…lol and there are no card police so its ok) and the reason was that it was such a cute idea of making a box that could fold flat but that when it was pushed gently it would stand and have an image that appeared to pop out of the box…. well SCS outdid me …and while the one below will only fit in an A6 envelope they do have two other variations that will fit in the standard A2.  But read my hint on the variations… not critical but I do think its helpful..



If you have been reading this blog for any length of time you know that I am not good at being quite this dedicated to making cards… because I send them to a lot of people I just can’t spend the time…so as I said this is mine and it is a total rip off of the card I bought I took their card apart and cut my pieces the exact same sizes all I really did was add different image.

VARIATIONS TIP...just a quick hint… both of the variations work and I really like the horizontal one ..however both of them Suggest you score first then cut the 2″ strip off to use to make the inserts… well if you do that you will have score lines on those strips that you don’t want and that for some will make it so much harder to get the strip folded correctly to fit INSIDE the boxes… SO my suggestion is FIRST CUT OF THE 2 INCH STRIP…and lay it aside… NEXT GO BACK TO YOUR BASE and score it as written… when you are ready to insert you strips you can score the horizontal box variation strips at 1″ at each end… I didn’t try the vertical one so you will have to figure that one out yourself… any way I thought this would be helpful as I hated have score lines on the insert that I was not wanting…It doesn’t really matter as you won’t see it but it made my insert wobbly to have folded it incorrectly a couple of times… so FYI..


popboxcard_var2 horizontal





NOW I SAID … I am too lazy ( actually I suggested I was too busy…lol) but I did like the horizontal one so I will probably do it however, several years ago I found a readymade card that was this design and I bought it took it apart and come up the very simple pattern below.  It will also fit into your A2 standard envelope.


Score the 8 1/2 side at 2, 4, 6 AND 8 this allows for a small 1/2 inch fold at the end which you will use to adhere the card together so that it makes a box which will fold flat for mailing..( note that due to the amount of embellishments you put on the card it will probably need the 70 cent Stamp for mailing.

TURN the base and score at the 2″ mark …using scissors cut each flap from the top down to the score mark…and for the 1/2 flap cut it off above the score mark .

At this point you can use tape ( my choice) and adhere the box together and I do it by putting the tape on the 1/2 flap and folding the card in half and sticking it together .. now you can stand it up and and push it into the box shape… you can see by their images that they remove the flap on the front of the box and while My sample didn’t I do like that better it makes your inserts easier to see and more impressive.  You can also laying designer paper ( text weight) onto the squares if you wish to make it more impressive..

Cut your layers at 1 3/4 x 1 3/4 for each lap and while I don’t bother with the back one I did layer it on the top one that stays standing up behind your inserts. So you either need 4 of these or 5 .

The insert bar needs to cut at 2 x 3 and then score the 3 in side at 1/2 inch and at 2 1/2 inch… add your adhesive to the two 1/2 flaps then decide on your embellishment and I would add it at this time before you insert the bar however it can be done either way.. after the embellishments were added I peeled my tape and stuck one side in approximately the middle of the inside of the box and then gently stick the other side in approximately the same place and then try folding it flat… you may need to wiggle the other side so that it does fold flat that’s why I said stick it gently/lightly in place…

So here is what a drawing of my pattern looks like and it is removing 3 of the flaps .. because that is how the readymade card was done… however I do like the flaps so I would only remove the front flap. I would wait till you have it taped together without the insert before cutting off front flap. You can also round the corners on the box tops.

kh stand up cube pattern

kh stand up cube pattern


kh no flaps pop up box

kh no flaps pop up box


kh no flaps popup box

kh no flaps popup box

Oh didn’t you just know there had to be a halloween version… I will stamp on the orange layers later…and I have some spider brads coming….. lalalalal its the most wonderful time of the year!!!

pop up cd bxs kath

pop up cd bxs kath





view looking down on box kh

view looking down on box kh

Well there you have it 3 different sizes and several samples as well as  info on how to make them now go make something…. because while you are reading this I am at my annual retreat at Camp Huston with about 40 of my fellow calligrapher/card makers and loving every minute of my 3 night /4 day PLAY TIME…. working on my halloween cards… after all I am known as the QUEEN OF HALLOWEEN…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad…aka kath

EYE CANDY  AMAZING STORM CLOUD VIDEO …you know how much I love thunderststorms well I saw this video of amazing time lapse storm clouds and I had to share …too bad there is no sound so we could hear the thunder…enjoy


Matchbook Slider GIFT CARD holder

Ok I have seen this one in the spring issue of CARD MAKER magazine and on STAMPING SCHOOL but this one will link to DAWN.


It is just another way to also use your ENVELOPE PUNCH BOARD …and yep you need it…gotta have it… Michael’s JoAnn’s and Hobby lobby so use a coupon and its about 10$…so watch the Video and I’ll show you some other samples..

HINT: IF YOU ARE LIKE ME….lol you don’t have your computer on the same desk as your card making desk… so its a pain to run back and forth looking for measurements so BEFORE I watch the video I print out just the first  ( sometimes you need more ) pages of the directions… don’t print them all as you will end up with pages or comments ,,,Unnecessary…. when your print screen comes up it usually shows you the first page then under it shows you how many pages with an arrow dart so you can scroll thru the pages… only print those with the measurements and or colors etc if you want it to look exactly like STAMPIN UP’S ( DAWN’S).  OK THAT’S YOUR TECHY LESSON FOR THE DAY. 

HINT # 2….. ON Dawn’s card she scores it at 7 ½ and also at 7 3/8  well she did that cause she thought that there need to be room for the gift cards…well actually you don’t need that so I only score at 7 ½  but it works either way so you decide.



I ONLY PRINTED PAGE 1 and 2… then watch the video and write next to piece of card stock she is using I write down where to score… this means I don’t have to go hunt up the video every time and of course I save it and usually a sample or at lest the blank cut papers in a protective sheet..

I am calling this a MATCH BOOK because that is what I think it looks like ..the match book cards and think there is even a pattern out there like this to make a post it note holder.  Here are some of the ones I did…

match book gift card 5

match book gift card

match book gift card 1


I made this one for my niece’s shower and she wanted gift cards…so perfect…

match book gift card 2

match book gift card 4

This was one that was in the SPRING ISSUE OF CARD MAKER magazine here is the magazine page and they only give you the measurements and scoring measurements the rest I figured out myself .

match book gift card 1Here is the one that I did using their measurements…

match book gift card 7


Now you are going to notice that I have a thing for these HEART FISH… made using three hearts … I just think they are really cute….this is a tri fold so this is the second fold open..

match book gift card 10



then this is the third open with one of my business cards instead of gift card at this time.

match book gift card 8


In addition I decided to try to modify this idea by using a regular vertical card

cut 4 ¼ x 11 and score it at 5 ½

then rather than have the fold inside as part of the card I made it an insert, here it is

match book gift card 2

cut a piece 4 ¼ x 4…score it at 1″, 2″ and 3″..fold it into a W shape and then you need to cut a piece out of the center fold so that you can slip the card inside.. I do have the STAMPIN UP phrase punch so I used it to punch out the middle.

match book gift card 3


In any case I think its a great way to make a gift card holder and I don’t know about you but I use them all the time… I will try to attach links to a couple of other gift card holders I have written about on the blog already…



Here are two that I have done and there may be more just go to web site for the blog and in the search box at top in black.. kinda hard to see… type in gift card holder and it show all the ones I have posted already…

Ok so my birthday is coming soon soon so feel free to make me a gift card holder with card…lol

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY… wire headed cyber toad …aka kath




mary ellen wells envelope


It’s hard to get anything done as I am glued to the TV and the OLYMPICS..especially the ice dancing, skating, women’s snowboarding and the then womens ski jumping( first time ever in the Olympics.)  Then along comes my mail from one of best and most faithful viewers JANIS BLEVINS…and she sends this incredible card….( called the flying easel) I was thrilled with it and of course thought Oh I can do that …..well I did eventually get but I did everything you can think of to make it incorrectly…still I managed to make it work for my valentine this year ( well one style) and finally I got the hang of it and then Bless her heart JANIS sent me the link via Pinterest AND THERE WERE LOTS OF SAMPLES PLUS THE VIDEO which I have linked for you but if you go on Pinterest you will see lots of other samples just type in search box FLYING EASEL CARDS…

Karen Burniston's flying easel card

Karen Burniston’s flying easel card

KAREN BURNISTON’S YOU TUBE VIDEO OF HOW TO MAKE THIS CARD. She is using a die from STAMPIN UP called Pop ‘n Cuts….however, it is not necessary to make this card but it won’t have the little insert tabs on the front but I have no problem without them…Watch the video ( click the blue link above) then you can look at Janis’s card with the butterfly and some of my valentine ones.  Trust me it will be much EASIER if you watch the video and then keep it near by before you attempt this one on your own…at least that was my experience …though I have finally gotten it down…I did not see the video till after I had made as many screw ups as possible and remember you don’t have to do all the embellishment that Karen does in this video.


Janis Blevins and mine

Janis Blevins and mine


two of mine

two of mine

kath's flying easel

kath’s flying easel

This last one is the one I did COMPLETEL UPSIDE DOWN AND BACKWARDS…LOL..I have it upside down with the flying part…it should be up by the fold not at the open end but I am using it anyway…in any a case I think you’ll like it… its a fun card and with the video then it is easier… sometimes I just tend to complicate things …THANK YOU JANIS for sending me the card and sending me the video link.




I used the envelope maker to create this tiny envy however, thanks to STAMPING SCHOOL ( she tried it several sizes before she got one that was the size she wanted as its not listed on the envelope maker…

Stamping School image

Stamping School image

cut square 3 ½ ”  then line up at 1 ½’ and PUNCH…. SCORE… and continue around all four sides…following the directions for making any of the envelopes. HINT if you are using light weight paper(designer style) DON’T PRESS HARD or you will score right thru the paper in effect cutting it.

Now there is also a large punch by MARVEY that is an envelope punch and there is also a die by SAVVY I think that cuts an envy about this same size… The die is I am sure available from IMPRESS RUBBER STAMPS and maybe the punch too.  Sometime I see the punch at one of the craft stores but not often… also try Amazon… it does make a much smaller envy but it can work by using more then one on the front… or making the smaller 3 ½ x 5 size card ( cut card stock at 7 x 10 and score at 3 ½ for horizontal or at 5 for vertical.  ) So here is one of my cards using the Marvey Punch …( its green and purple)…oops well sorry guys I just did some research on the Marvey Punch and its discontinued. However the SAVVY die is available at IMPRESS RUBBER STAMPS.

marvel tiny envy punch

marvel tiny envy punch

I can’t show you the SAVVY die because I loaned it to a friend but it is almost the same size as the one I made using the envelope punch board.

PAPER EYE may have seen some of these from a previous posting but there are new ones in here and they are all so amazing… I am so humbled when I look at the paper cutting and think of my pitiful little cards… anyway enjoy.

 AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad..aka kath




A little Turkey humor….Thanksgiving

I am wondering what it must have been like to be a traveling reporter back in say the stagecoach days…just a small whine with no wine….about the joys of bi coastal living. No one really wants to hear you whine about having a place in the sun, however while it is mostly good there are pitfalls, like returning after a RED EYE flight that with layover took about 7 ½ hours now its mid morning at your destination and you think we’ll just drag our luggage in and go back to bed ….but hubby reminds me that we better check the car since I have an am DR appt for my Mom the next day.  THIS IS WHERE THE FUN begins… not one but BOTH cars have completely dead batteries…I mean archeology dead…not even a click or a whimper when you turn the key.  So now you have to call AAA and since the cars are in underground parking you have to wait outside for them to show so you can use the remote to let them in…( I am shortening this in the interest of getting to the actual blog Hours later you have one new battery and have jumped the other car and must now drive it around for at least 1 hr to see if it holds the charge… so you take it ( via a quick stop at HOBBY LOBBY while Hubby stays in car to keep it running) to the dealer where since you have no appt you WAIT…SEVERAL MORE HOURS …at this point you know that you will not be going back to bed… so its not all sunshine and roses…just saying.


NOW  on to FUSING again with your iron….but this time we are going to do it with TISSUE PAPER AND those lovely DESIGNER NAPKINS .  You may have noticed that there are lovely designer type tissue papers out there but that for the most part they are so fragile that you can’t use them with your cards or scrapbook in or even envelope making. Well you can… but first you need to fuse again with your hot iron but this time you can use the freezer wrap from the canning section or tinfoil/wax paper section of your local grocery store.


FIRST  the most interesting way is to take the tissue paper and wad it up into the tightest ball you can… I know that seems crazy but it gives the paper lots of wrinkles which end up adding great texture to your paper once you fuse it… so go ahead wad it up then gently ( it is fragile) un wad it and begin to gently smooth it out on your ironing board… once you have it smoothed out then  I use a piece of brown wrapping paper and place it on the board it needs to be at least as big as your tissue paper.. then tear a sheet of the freezer wrap off that is also about the same size as your tissue paper its probably going to be a bit wider than our tissue so you can either trim it down or use the brown Kraft paper ( the stuff you wrap things in to mail ) so that you don’t  get the waxy stuff off the freezer paper either on your iron or on your ironing board… I usually trim my freezer paper so that it mostly fits the tissue with the tissue being slightly larger so that I don’t get the waxy stuff … ( it will mean you will loose a little of the edges of the tissue but you will still have plenty left to use for cards or scrapbooking or envelopes or envelope lining…

Just like the fabric fusing you lay the tissue on top of the waxy side of freezer wrap and start pressing it from the center out to the edges… its going to flatten out a lot of those wrinkle and you do want to go slowly so that you don’t get air pockets and be sure to go all the way to the edges.  Again go slow but KEEP THE IRON MOVING or you will risk burning the paper.  Once it is stuck down to freezer paper I flip the freezer paper over and iron again but now I am on the flat side of the freezer this is where you want to be sure that if your freezer paper is bigger than your tissue you have it laying on top of the kraft paper so that it doesn’t stick to the ironing board… AND VIOLA…YOU KNOW HAVE LOVELY TISSUE ON ONE SIDE AND it now has enough body to work with if your tissue is plain then you can stamp on it or even write on it if you want and it won’t bleed… ALWAYS TEST A CORNER TO BE SURE  and if it does bleed then use some spray fixative on it and that should stop it.  I recently saw a demo on the STAMPING SCHOOL web site about using it to cut liners for your envelopes …I have  done them but mostly I use it to make the envelope and then depending how busy the pattern is I use labels to address the envelope. ( STAMPING SCHOOL IS A PAID WEB SITE SO YOU DO HAVE TO BE A MEMBER TO SEE THEIR DEMO’S)



Apparently STAMPIN UP has dies for cutting envelope LINER templates… You can just cut a rectangle slightly smaller than your envelope and then insert the paper and draw a light pencil line around the flap then cut about ½ inch inside that pencil line and you have your liner and it should not be in the way of the licking part….lol… you could then make your own liner out of an old manila file folder and save it in a (what else ) sheet protector.  FUSING WITH DESIGNER NAPKINS…

The process is basically the same except with the napkins there are actually 3 VERY THIN layers to the napkin and only the top one has the design so you need to take a corner and try rolling it between your finger till you can see the separation ( remember peeling the tinfoil off of gum wrappers…) then gently separate each layer till you have only the top one, its going to be very thin see thru almost but then you need to cut your freezer wrap to that size and I like to again gently ball it up wad it up so that it has a little more texture but you don’t have to…you can just proceed  to iron it to the waxy side of the freezer wrap and again I would do both sides and use the kraft paper to protect your ironing board. Now you have this designer image on a small square which you may cut and use on a card or fold into a design element or line a envelope.  You can also make an envelope with it but it will most likely not be mailable ( smallest size to mail is 3 ½ x 5) but it can work to hold a tag or gift card on a package or as a design element on scrapbook page or on a card.

Plain and decorated tissue

Plain and decorated tissue

above are two pieces of tissue that I fuzed and on the green plain one you can see some of the creases that you get when you have wadded up the paper first .

designer napkinsThe above are 3 napkins, the clocks , birds, and ladybugs…but the green circles is actually a piece of regular text weight paper which again I wadded up and fused to the freezer wrap.

Ok I am sure you are all tired of ironing at this point so we will give it a rest.

EYE CANDY contest

Ok on of my blog roll people is PAPER AND INK ARTS and they are having a contest but time is short you must send an addressed to them by NOVEMBER 25TH and you may win some art supplies… give it a try you have nothing to loose… I’ll keep you posted if I win…the only rule that I see is that you should use markers to address /design the envelope here are the summer winners… sorry I didn’t give you more time but I just got this myself beside some of us do best when under pressure… lol

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY ….wire headed cyber toad…aka kath


DAWN’S GIFT CARD HOLDER (TOP NOTE) Dawn's topnote gift card   Isn’t this cute…. I don’t usually give gift cards at halloween but I thought wow…I have lots of friends who love STARBUCKS so bet a $ 5.00 card would be great in here….It doesn’t have to be halloween though but that’s my theme for this week…  It’s my favorite holiday… so if you click on the blue title it will link you to Dawn’s video and then here are the measurements BASIC CARD …..CUT 5 X 11 SCORE IT AT …..3 3/4…, 5 1/2… AND… 7 1/4 I am pretty sure that the die she used is called TOP NOTE and that it is by SIZZIX…and I checked at AMAZON and it is available as a nestibilities ..WHICH I tried with the lightest card stock I have and it wouldn’t cut thru all the pieces….so…. I then tried it with a piece of text weight paper to see if that would work…and it didn’t want to work…it was cutting just not all the way thru and it seemed the fold was the problem..,,then i tried adding more paper or the shim mat ….both too heavy might break machine…finally a dim candle lit in my brain …something about wax paper…so I went to kitchen grabbed a piece of wax paper laid it on top of the die which was on top if the card stock…placed the cutting platform On top of all and ran it thru cutter….VIOLA!!!! It worked …apparently the wax paper is just enough to cut thru perfectly…SO NOW YOU KNOW KEEP THAT WAX PAPER  HANDY.  So here a few of my samples and a picture of the die I used.

top note gift card 4

This is the die I used and its the largest one in that set of is the same one that I used ( this one larger ) in the SCS LAYERED WINDOW POST…It was just about the only one I had that would work as it must be large enough to hold the gift card.  I did have a square or a circle that would have worked but thought this shape had a little more pizzaz. I did measure it from the inside rim (cutting edge to cutting edge ) and it was 4 3/8 inch… Dawn uses the little oblong punch to make the slit for the insert of the card but you can just use either your xacto or your scissors and cut  a small opening …DON’T however cut all the way to the edge at either end or it not stay in there it needs a POCKET not just a hole. lol

top note gift card kh

On this one as you can see I was using my tagger again and halloween tag to decorate the front of the card.

top note gift card 2


This one has extra layer then a die cut ( kwik-cuts I think ) jack-o-lantern and of course can’t forget the googlie eyes…lol.. and looking at it here think I might go back and stamp a BOO into the mouth opening ..I have a tiny one… or even and eeeeek whatever you have..

top note gift card 3


Here is what it looks like inside I was just using up scraps of halloween paper  but you can see my starbucks card stuck in pocket on the left.. I was able to buy 5 10$ cards for $50 at the grocery in case you don’t have time to make a run to starbucks…or you know you won’t be able to resist the SALTED CARAMEL MOCHA….aaaahhhh…

top note gift card 1This last one has again an extra layer with next size smaller die and the a ready-made embellishment from K&C CRAFTS… they have great ones and if you can find them ( they don’t last long) there are a lot in a package for minimal $$.


I meant to put this in last week with the halloween letters… I think I got this link for CYBER SCRIBES on FB.  It was just so amazing to have been created such a long time ago and to actually be able to write… you gotta take a quick look…AUT0MATON WRITER.

THE PEN Mark Powell’s envelopes … as a calligrapher we often think that its the pen that will make those perfect letters. (at least that’s excuse that I use for buying a new pen) Well here are some drawings on envelopes done with a BIC…yes that cheapest of all ballpoint pens….he has drawn some amazing birds using just that pen and so it just proves that sometimes its the TALENT not the PEN that makes the difference.  Below the drawings on envelopes it links you to his web site to see more of his work…worth the look see.

Enjoy the EYE CANDY and this card and AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad…aka kath harney




THAT means weekends are for play…right?  I recently came across this fun little alphabet and while its not calligraphy it’s a fun technique.  I can’t give credit to the author cause horror of horrors…I tore it out of one of my CARD MAKER magazine WITHOUT realizing that if they gave credit to the author it wasn’t on the page I tore out…:-(…but I am going to share it with you and also my version.  And I should say I am not totally certain that it came from CARD MAKER magazine but that’s the only one I suscribe to so I am just assuming that is where I got it.

water alphabet


So the first thing I did was to create templates to use for the boxes..and I didn’t stop with just squares … I did circles and some funky rectangles mostly because I have a discontinued punch from STAMPIN UP that punches out funky rectangles…lol…and so I used manila card stock or old file folders to make the templates below..

kh shape templates punched from file folders

kh shape templates punched from file folders

Then I played with the letters and decided that it would be more fun if they were not so regular so some are capitals and some not…then too I wanted to use different shapes to contain the water…and I also didn’t want the letters to be wiggly on the underwater part…I didn’t think it showed enough to be worth the effort to remember to do it on each letter… I told you I was lazy…lol….so here is my version…

kh water alphabet

kh water alphabet

Now I know in the past I have said that the letters need to match each other but this alphabet is different in that each letter is contained in a box, circle etc of water so they letters don’t have to be the same but if you are writing more that just one word each “a” should look the same and the same for each of the letters that repeat especially if in the same word…but even in different words… does that make sense?  I did like that the water lines ran outside the boxes and at different levels or at least mine are at different levels..but the water should probably be the same color for all boxes on a given card… but you know what there are NO RULES for this so try it if you like use it.

Here are some of my samples….

water envy kh and look I used two colors of water..

water envy kh and look I used two colors of water..

water envy just first name cause last name is too long for envy,

water envy just first name cause last name is too long for envy.

I love this one kh

I love this one kh

I used a die for the octopus and of course he needed goggly eyes and then the fish are tiny brads…the wavy water is from a paper cutter that I can’t find any longer so don’t think its out there any more but you can just cut wavy lines with scissors..I use this saying a lot and with lots of different fish etc.

inside of fishes card

inside of fishes card

I didn’t do it but a fun way to add the splash effect would be to mix some water color up and then just get the brush loaded and hold it over the card and tap it… it will make droplets now WAIT till your letter boxes are dry.

Last TIP:… You need to write the boxes and the letters with WATERPROOF pen… I am using my ZIG WRITER…little end for the boxes and the fat end for the letters depending on the size of your containers you may need to use and even finer pen… like a Pigma Micron or some sort of tech pen..Like the Pilot G2.38 for a very fine letter..





water alphabet card with splash drops

water alphabet card with splash drops

I did just what I said …. I did I took my waterbrush and filled it with paint then held it over the card and gently tapped it and it made the droplets on the card…

For my watercolor I used may absolutely favorite TWINKLING H2O’S.. I love the little bit of sparkle that shows and I love how easy they are to work with.. also there are lots of colors and they tend to be bold and vibrant ..which I also love.

Ok guys that’s it for this week… go make some letters sink or swim…lol

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY... wire headed cyber toad…aka kath

Well  you know me I am never finished…lol.. I found this really cool site just to show you some very intricate EYE CANDY.

Oops…here it is..



Yes, this is going to aggravate the Post Office but then again I think they will enjoy it…they must also get bored with all those plain old white envelopes… so here we go…

Did you know you can make your own envelopes… ok well some of you do and some of you don’t so let me tell you that my first efforts were using the THE ENVELOPE MILL a spiralbound book from AMAZON…$ it has 4 different templates that you can use and lots of photos but when I bought it years ago it was $16.95…today at AMAZON its $40….Yeah I thought I was on ANTIQUES ROAD SHOW…lol… anyway its nice but pricey and you can probably make your own templates using the blank plastic that quilters use to cut quilt templates and you can just open up envys and trace them on to the plastic then cut them out and bingo you have the template.

The envelope Mill

The envelope Mill

After that one My next and most used was the templates from Kreate-a-lope …it came with  3 different tempates and it works so slick as you can simple tear the paper using the template …IT WORKS….You need to click the blue link and watch the video to see just how it works and do understand the image below… but it does work..


kh kreate-a-lope envy's

kh kreate-a-lope envy’s

The above are just two of the envy’s I created using the KREATE-A-LOPE and here is a photo of how many I have made using old magazine pictures, calendar pages etc…

my Kreate-a-lope envys

my Kreate-a-lope envys

Yeah … way more than I have used but I love them and you can sit in front of the TV and just tear away ….of course you will have to turn the tv up a little and your other half may find you annoying…but still.. These are still available again from the blue link above and you do get three size envys for about $30 by the time you pay for tax and shipping.. but they are great…and you now get glue for them also and you can buy those CHEAP calendars at MICHAEL’S for a dollar each and the images are good and they make great envelopes even though they seems kinda light weight once your card is in there they are fine…and if you want your image to show then just use a mail label but put in on the back side of the envy and your pretty picture is on the other side .

So have you noticed a trend here the price keeps going down…well this last tool is my new favorite because there is almost NO LIMIT to the size of envelopes you can make…really huge down to the business card size.. remember last week I told you about this when I suggested you could go buy the coin envys at office supply stores well now you can make them using old magazine pages etc… just don’t tear up your hubby’s  or your daughter’s favorite magazine…that would be big trouble for you… this one will work with card stock …the Kreate-a-lope works best with lighter weight paper it will work with old calendar pages but you have to be a little more careful with the heavier paper this has is on cutter and it punches out the corners where you will score and then fold… it is just fantastic and I found mine at scrapbooking store but I also found them on…wait for it …yeah come on you know …. AMAZON… ( I have not found them in any of the craft stores like JoAnn’s or Michael’s or Hobby Lobby YET) at least not near me… but AMAZON DOES HAVE IT and again wait for it….$19.42  HONEST..(Click the blue AMAZON and it will link you to that page.) Yep, its the cheapest and too hard for me to explain here but there is a whole list of sizes on the board and you just pick your finished envelope size and it will tell you what size to cut the paper then put cut your paper put in int the punch board and follow the directions for scoring and punching and VIOLA…you have a hand made envelope. Use old maps, old calendars…even photos if want… its just a great tool and once again…no I don’t get a kick back … I am just doing my part to keep the economy up and running…. by the way this little baby is made by WE ARE MEMORY KEEPERS…its sturdy and comes with its own scoring tool which fits into a slot on the bottom so you can keep it all together… I am tellin ya its a HADDA HAVE…especially if you like the idea of recycling paper…

envelope punch board

envelope punch board

And wait you see all those listing for sizes on the board well it comes with even more for really big envelopes like manila size… yeah you can go wild …use up old gift wrap or pieces of old calligraphy that weren’t perfect you name you can make an envy out of it…

kh mini envy

kh mini envy

kh mini envy

kh mini envy

kh standard card size envy

kh standard card size envy

Ok the ones above are just made from an old desk calendar I had and I like them the first two would be used on a card as a pocket on the front or inside but the bottom one is actually large enough to hold the card itself.. and again I would use mail labels to address them …we don’t want to piss off the PO too much or it will end up in the dead letter office… horrors!!!

kh mini on the front of a card

kh mini on the front of a card

This one was made using very light paper with twigs in it and then I cut a heart , a state of washington and a space needle to embellish it .  I really like this plus when I got the WA die I also got the stamp that said SENDING LOVE FROM SEATTLE.. So that’s one idea for using these to make cards as well as mail cards…

Now while I really like the ENVELOPE PUNCH BOARD the advantage to the KREATE-A-LOPE is that you can see thru the plastic so you can postition the template so that you get the image you want where you want it.

LASTLY the cheapest way is to make your own templates by tearing carefully apart the envelopes you have and drawing your own template on a piece of file folder or on the plastic you can buy to make quilt templates.  GET THOSE ENVY’S OUT THERE AND HELP STAMP OUT BORING UGLY MAIL!!! LOL

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY.…wireheaded cyber toad…aka kath