The title for this blog is from my older business cards… I didn’t really have a business but I did teach a lot of lettering classes in various places and I made up my own business cards and that’s the phrase I used on them so here is some more info along that line…

I recently rewatched the movie JULIE AND JULIA…if you haven’t seen it its wonderful about a girl who decides to spend a year cooking all of Julia Childs recipes from the MASTERY OF FRENCH COOKING book… and in addition to cooking them all she is going to blog about them …. now the movie never says she does this daily , but we assume that…anyway I got to thinking about my blog and decided it was a very narrow focus and to be quite frank its a focus that I am growing weary of …. I love making cards but STAMPING UP has the market covered in demos on line of how to do these cards and mostly while I may share a tip or hint about them I am basically just referring you to one of their websites …. so I am in a position of wanting to do more with my CALLIGRAPHY… that was how I got started with the cards in the first place….so you may find that do the movie and my waning interest there may still be mentions of cards etc but also more about calligraphy and paper and inks etc…I hope I will not loose those that have been following but as Julie mentions in the movie she has no assurance that anyone is looking…she later finds that they are in fact but unlike Julie … I do know that I maybe have about 20 loyal fans but I rarely get comments so it feels like it is just going out there in the ether…and that’s ok too since I didn’t do this to make money and when I think about why I did I realize that I was spending a great deal of time in a location where I had very little reactions with other calligrapher’s or even other crafters.. Since Pens, Paper and Ink were original focus in 1984…I have decided to try to go back to that…. I am also going to try to share more EYE CANDY and possibly a less structured /scheduled posting … as I said I hope this will not frustrate you and that those of you that are not spam( I get a lot of that) will continue to hang in there and maybe you will even be motivated to make a comment now and then…

WOW does that sound like whining…sorry….I just thought you should know so you make your own decisions..then again maybe you are as bored with this format as I am…

THE MAKING OF PAPERI THINK you will find this video quite interesting… the first time I took a paper making class I was amazed at the fact that while I was told to bring 12 inch squares of cloth ( which I bought in lovely patterns and colors think it would be used to CREATE the paper) ha no way it was used to couch your paper i.e. lay your wet sheet on to dry … lmao… so funny…and because it was a big class they just had us pile it up in a stack so and they helped us use the first one we came to so I didn’t even DRY my sheets on my lovely cloth… really funny … that’s how it was done with small group of 20.

Every year for quite a while not sure how long there has been a WASHINGTON STATE CALLIGRAPHERS CONFERENCE…its open to all the WA groups and I am sure we would not deny any Oregon calligraphers either or even California…lol Its held at CAMP HUSTON which I believe is owned by the Luthern church AND its in GOLD BAR WA… its a beautiful setting and about 20-40 of my closest friends come to gather and share and play… for the last 3 or maybe 4 yrs we have extended it from friday to sunday to THURSDAY TO SUNDAY… so 3 whole nights and lots of time to share and play …sometimes there is a teaching moment and this year I am teaching a monoline class it will only be about 2 hours and since most of the attendees are calligraphers it is rather easy to teach… Monoline means just that only one line and it does not go from think to thin …there is no pen angle and the letters can be any size you want… the TOOLS are generally just a bullet tip ball point, pencil, colored pencil, gel pen, ruling pen etc… anything that writes basically but not with a chisel nib or even a pointed pen… you could use a pointed pen nib but you’d have to becareful not to allow it to make thick and thins… even a fountain pen is good .  I taught these a lot at local scrapbook stores because scrapbookers for the most part don’t want to do formal calligraphy or spend the time and practice it takes to achieve good letters.  But monolines were quick and relatively easy and gave a nice look to their page which maybe their own handwriting didn’t. It also provide a lot of variety …so basically I am teaching a type of typography which in fact is where a lot of my scripts come from… I am especially fond of ART DECO STYLE LETTERS as you can see from my exemplar below.

I don’t own this version but I did spend a lot of time creating it and making the exemplar so I don’t mind you sharing but share the blog please and if you teach this even for free somewhere make a smaller copy of mine to share and show and then do your own exemplar… its hard to teach someone else’s letters so do yourself a favor and do your own version based on  mine…I called mine ORNATE STYLE



As you can see a lot of that style is from the unique idea of cross bars on letters and dots under a small  o  with all the other letters being larger…while my script is based on typography by TONY is some original ART DECO letters by RENNIE MACKINTOSH



as you can see its very similar but he has also added dots with some of the other letters like M in capital letters and l and w in lowercase ..his lowercase letters also makes 3 crossbars instead of two but otherwise his caps and lower case look very similar… personally I love it… you can not be two quirky for me…. and don’t ya just love that capital Q and the lower case q … clever don’t ya think…. any way here are some letters to play with.  I’d love to see what you do with them make cards, weathergrams, banners posters, scrapbook pages whatever… just have fun…

I also promised you photos from my cruise to ALASKA…it was fabulous but I will have to post it separately this one is getting too long…

EYE AND EAR CANDY..Mike Rowe’s letter from his MOM.. This is a medium length video of Mike reading a letter from his mom regarding loosing her BIG BLUE BAG in the Walmart ( WALLY WORLD ) parking lot… I laughed so hard tears ran down my leg…. but for all us women you know just how awful that feeling of having left your purse or wallet or credit card somewhere can be…so this is a lighter look at him and I’d love to know how long after the chaos his mom wrote the letter…. hope I am sending you a smile when maybe you need it…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY….wire headed cyber toad aka kath


GREETINGS FROM THE PACIFIC NORTH WET…yep its been raining but I am enjoying every minute of it and so are my plants on the deck…. and my JAPANESE DOGWOOD IS just so full of blooms I can hardly believe it….

my japanese dogwood in full riotous bloom.. white star shaped flowers

my japanese dogwood in full riotous bloom.. white star shaped flowers

This post is about letters ..these are some funky letters that I found from a rubber stamp set ( see note at bottom of exemplar) and you can see it was quite a few years ago…. back then I was teaching at various stamp and scrapbooking stores… these are called MONOLINE LETTERS because unlike calligraphy the DO NOT HAVE THICK AND THIN lines but are all the same thickness…this is what happens when you write with any ball point, fountain pen, colored pencil, crayon, etc…the tip or nib of your tool only makes one size line…to get it thicker you would have to double stroke it… so we call it a mono meaning one …. line any way this is a fun one and while its old I have not posted it on the blog before so for all my bloggers IT’S NEW… I would rather you didn’t copy it and then mail it out to friends or put it on your blog but I am quite happy to have you link to my blog  from your blog  or share my blog with someone else.  You may of course copy it for your own personal use .

It is going to work best for short quotes or especially names on envelopes you can do a longer quote with it but it may end up looking kinda jumbled and cause the reader not to finish reading… just a thought…

kh dogbone letters

So here are a few samples that I have played with using colored pencils and also colored gel pens…(HINT: I have probably said this before but you must store gel pens once they have been opened upside down..that’s with the point down so that the ink stays on the ball otherwise they tend to dry out…. and that ball won’t move for love or money even though there may still be ink in the barrel.) Pretty sure I have said this before but it bares repeating.  

EYE CANDY on my VALENTINE GIFT CARD HOLDER ( MAY 20TH) POST…. the eye candy was a video of wonderful fold which she called MAGIC ENVELOPE and she made it using an 81/2 x 11 sheet of paper…. I told you that a friend and teacher of mine had done this same fold and to my knowledge was the originator of the fold and that was MARY WORTHINGTON…Mary had two books that she and a friend put together and in 1991 I bought a copy of each and they were filled with wonderful ideas for use with your calligraphy and this one was a fold note ( which Mary referred to as church fold ) since these books have long been out of print I am sharing this page from the second book which was called More Crafts…I am also showing you the covers of both books just incase you run across them in a garage sale…grab them quick as they are filled with fun ideas like books, boxes , bags etc…. In fact , you know those stamping cruises that they offer well I can’t prove it but I think Mary may have been the start she took all the ideas in her books and made them up in miniature out of nautical or sea related papers and then went to the cruise ship lines and told them she wanted to teach these on board the cruise… and you know what they said YES. She taught 90 minute sessions in one of lounges on board the cruise each day…. what a fun idea and great for her …..So anyway here is Mary’s original pattern for making the fold note or Magic envelope…using 8 1/2 x 14 paper



Again please don’t copy this onto your blog but you can link it to mine… and don’t copy and pass this out…. I know its out of print but ethically it still belongs to Mary…

dog bone samples on black

dog bone samples on black

dog bone samples

dog bone samples

ok so hope you enjoy this script and now go make something….AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad aka kath


Halloo….yes, well thinks have been rather busy here at Pooh corners… but I want to quickly share this card with you… actually I have shown you this card before as I have used this design many times for both Halloween and also for a stand up calendar if you use those little calendars that you can get from IMPRESS RUBBER previous post was called EYE CANDY 2I DIDN’T GIVE THIS CARD ENOUGH CREDIT… so Dawn posted...CORNER POP UP and it does a better job of giving this little card  more credit…

dawn's corner pop up

dawn’s corner pop up

the corner pop up is on the left the teal one and the one on the right is just a basic card using the same stamps…but not a pop up… or pop out ..however you want to say it… in any case the corner effect which allows it to stand upright on its own is just terrific…and as I mentioned I have used it several times to display one of those little calendars for on someone’s desk…

My one HINT for the corner card is that I tend to use heavier card stock then STAMPIN UP DOES…so I don’t think you need those layers on diagonal fold up part i.e. the bottom… if you do use them please think about using only decorator paper /text weight and glue it down well as if the card is opened and closed a lot those pieces will want to pull off…this is also a great card for using that balloon punch or the balloon dies… and using a photograph on one side is good also a nice touch to make a very personal card…



JANIS BLEVINS Bday card with origami money made into airplanes... too cute

JANIS BLEVINS Bday card with origami money made into airplanes… too cute

and envy exchange in pointed pen lettering

and envy exchange in pointed pen lettering

another envy from the exchange ...

another envy from the exchange …love her zentangle with color…


another envy exchange with more zentangle type art...lovely

another envy exchange with more zentangle type art…lovely

2 rejects of my graceful envy for this year's contest them was communication

2 rejects of my graceful envy for this year’s contest
them was communication decided the top one was too over the top with the foil and the bottom one I left out the word avenue and was afraid it wouldn’t get there..

the one I did send but the po lady says it won't get there as she throws it in bin cause of the return on the back ...says the machine will read that and not read FROM and so will send to that address which was WA so by time it gets back to here if it does too late for contest...:(...very sad face

the one I did send but the po lady says it won’t get there as she throws it in bin cause of the return on the back …says the machine will read that and not read FROM and so will send to that address which was WA so by time it gets back to here if it does too late for contest…:(…very sad face

I don’t think it was a winner in any case but still since its a PO contest and they say put return address plus e mail on the back with word FROM… hmmmmm…in any case I won’t know till summer sometime when they announce the winners and if it got there I will receive a” thanks for participating ” even if I didn’t win… bummer…if all this is repeat … sorry…

SALLY PENLEY'S GRACEFUL I feel certain she will be a winner or honorable mention...

SALLY PENLEY’S GRACEFUL ENTRY….wow… I feel certain she will be a winner or honorable mention…

about a month ago I got a request from AUSTRALIA for some info on weathergrams… some time back I posted a blog on Weathergrams and some one over there referred them to my blog and then she wrote to me asking for a little more info…I was so excited tears almost ran down my leg….lol… I sent them a bunch of info and then I had a second request from the group that wants to exchange with them ( so 2 Australian calligraphy groups and I asked to participate also) I contacted a few of my groups here in the states and asked for them to send me weathergrams without string because I thought it would be more fun for their groups if they got more than just my weathergrams well we are still working on it… collecting them and then we’ll exchange them…. but SALLY PENLEY in addition to make that great GRACEFUL envy.. showed me that she had 20 WEATHERGRAMS she made and could she send them to me…. well that did it I was now doing a snoopy dance around the house and talking so fast that my husband had no idea what was going one… so here is a shot of Sally’s Weathergrams…bless you friend for participating…. I am just to excited… meanwhile I am still hoping to get more from the other groups and one of my SEQUIM buddies CAROLE CROSE also has sent me two envelopes full… I am on a roll… I can feel LLOYD REYNOLDS LOOKING DOWN ON ME AND BEING PLEASED….



I AM REPOSTING THE DIRECTIONS FOR MAKING WEATHERGRAMS JUST IN CASE ANYONE IS INTERESTED….I have even more info and will be glad to share it with anyone who sends me a request via  or makes a request in comments.


SO my friends I think that is all for now…. AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY …wire headed cyber toad …aka kath





I am pretty sure that Dawn has shown us more than one type of box to fill with cards not to mention the Magazine folder box … so this is really probably #4 and #5…lol..anyway they are all cute so lets look at these and see what’s thing is that one is for horizontal card format and the other one if for vertical card format…



For one thing it is made with one sheet of standard size paper …in fact its cut at 10 so you loose an inch at the bottom of the paper… the vertical cards are little easier to make since they just have the medallion and the banner on the front of a white card…and they are using designer paper…I also want to mention that I have a calligraphy teacher Carol DuBosch who uses the phrase ..”.worth the price of admission or worth the space on your shelf ” ..well its my opinion that Dawn showing you to use your bone folder to adhere the tape inside the box (where our hands just won’t ) is worth the price of admission…especially since admission is free …lol… also don’t think I have told you but their( Stamping UP) designer paper is mostly text weight paper its great for layers but it is not sturdy enough in my opinion for cards … Both boxes really only will hold 4 cards and 4 envelopes.


While her’s are all thank you cards…your can be whatever you want…birthdday, anniversary, get well, thinking of  you , just a note, hello, etc.  In fact for me if you are giving these to someone unless you are giving them to a person who just had a recent shower, wedding or baby… it would be nice to make a mix of cards… even if the person is a card maker they probably don’t have time to make up cards after one of these events ..


If the recipient is a card maker you might want to print off the first page or two of this link for the and include it with your box and cards….they will probably ask you for it anyway so just send it along.  My printer prints front and back (2 sided) which is great as that is enough to give them the cutting and possibly the scoring info.  You might also just want to print out the link for them and let them go to see it for themselves…you could just put a post it not in with the box /cards and say sending you the link via e mail…that way they can just click on it and bazinga you are there… isn’t technology wonderful …I mean really how much easier is to share stuff so quickly…


I have a thing for bugs…not all bugs I not particularly fond of roaches but many other bugs are beautiful and even spiders are very unusual and they eat Mosquitos…always a good thing… anyway these bugs are simply gorgeous… they are made from textiles and not all of them are bugs… so check it out think you will enjoy…TEXTILE BUGS.

If you are young mom and have little ones in school or day care and you send things to school for party etc… you will enjoy this post by its told from the view point of a working mother who wants those of us CRAFTY enough to come up with cute ideas for things to send to school ….TO JUST STOPit made me laugh so enjoy.

One last note… I just discovered ( yah I am not as technically savvy as I may have implied) that I got a few REAL comments and I didn’t respond to them…. FOR THAT I AM TRULY SORRY…one person was even asking me about weathergrams… I did finally respond  but I am several weeks late… so if you go into the ABOUT on the opening page you will find my e mail address and it will work much better if you simply email me especially with questions…for the past 3 years I think the first few weeks of the blog I had friends making comments after that all I ever see are the spam stuff and boy is there a lot of that… so lately with sick husband and especially around holidays when we are all very busy…I haven’t been checking comments much …so please e mail me if you have a question but I will try to get better about looking at comments…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPING BY…wire headed cyber toad…aka kath


I reposted this due a request to remove copyrighted material…think of it as a flash back..😁


I say FAITHFUL cause my posts have been quite irregular and yet some of you still are finding them… Now I wanted this first post to be about sharing some of the lovely hand made cards I received from friends near and far…so here goes..


This card was just sooooo impressive… its by SHARON CLYMER, who started as a student of mine years ago and became a very good friend.  She is a very talented watercolor artist, calligrapher and as well as a great photographer and she used her photography to make this clever card…she printed the mini picture of the catus bloom on regular paper then reprinted it on photo paper and cut out only the piece of leaf and bloom and using foam tape stuck it on top lining it up with the mini photo this giving great dimension to an already great  photo.  Her lettering at the left is EAGLEFEATHER  one of the monoline scipts that I posted here earlier and one that she took from me several years ago and it looks fantastic on the card… the photo corners are real also.  GREAT JOB Sharon.


This one is from my e-mail friend JANIS BLEVINS…she had a cardmaking party with some of her co-workers and showed them a simple yet elegant card with embossed background of snowflakes and a simple snowman that was cut out and colored and adhered to the front of the card…just goes to show it doesn’t have to be complicated to be impressive… Thanks for sharing Janis.


PATTI is my cousin and I love the whimsey in this card and she too used the embossing templates to make a background of Christmas trees…looks fantastic. CAROLE CROSE  made a simple layer of green on the off-white but look closely at the lovely little corners she punched on green layer… its a terrific punch by Marvey called of all things SOUTHWEST not sure why but it is one of my favorite corner punches, and I loved her little snowman with the paper chain.


The top card is from EDITH CASWELL calligraphy and cardmaking friend…. Edith’s card is maybe a little labor intensive but also simple and yet very impressive… three layers of Christmas papers….. and remember things don’t have to be perfectly straight…I love the fact that the are askew…and then on top I think she folded wrapping paper over a small rectangle of cardboard to look like a package… she did have to pay extra for postage as that created a bump but what a great WOW when I opened it… Thanks Edith.

The next one is by PAMELA O’NEAL, my long time craft friend and BFF for 40 years but I am only now getting her pushed and dragged into the card making…lol… this was also simple but very impressive… she used the snowmen embossing template on the front of each card and then only colored the nose and buttons…. these templates are great because the embossing is always so crisp and deep and those little bits of color really made it POP!  This was her invitation to annual Christmas Party… GREAT JOB…BFF


TOP CARD is by CYNTHIA THOMAS…another cardmaking friend who used a great alphabet background then a small typewriter stamp and I am not sure if she made the poinsetta or if it was a commerical embellishment either way it really sets the card off.  The card is basically done with black stamp pad on a light cream paper layered with a very small boarder on the gold card stock… again seems simple but its very impressive and again that small POP of color just makes it  leap off the paper at you.  Oh she is also no where near as lazy as myself and she not only stamped the images in black she then used heat embossing to raise the letters slightly and make they show up even more and two small gold brads I love it…Thanks so much for sharing CYNTHIA…

The second card is by a great calligraphy buddy CHRIS SABO, who always fills my mail box with dynamic and impressive cards.  This little beauty is from a pattern by SCS called a SIDE SPRING CARD.  It has a unique fold that creates a lovely little diamond shape on the front of the card.  Chris then layered small squares on the front and also on the side with stamped images and words and again on the inside with her greeting.  Chrissy likes unique folds as much as I do and always delights me with her designs.  I thought I had posted this fold before but I couldn’t find it so I have given you the link again to SCS in blue for this delightful little card.  Thanks for sharing CHRIS..


This little Treasure was from my Auntie.  It was done using a die cut several times with each of the colors of paper shown then you assemble it on the card using the different layers.  I was immediately charmed by it and went in search of the die which was by QUIKKUTZ and I was not able to find it in my usual resource (AMAZON) and due to the stress of the season did not look any further .  I think it may be a discontinued die.  But it was just lovely and looked so






This card is from a terrific teacher and friend NICHOL RAUCH.  Nichol’s signature is the fact that almost all the cards she makes are done with HAND CARVED IMAGES. That’s right she has carved them herself from Erasers and unless she has changed these were probably carved using STAEDLER MARS ERASERS. They are white sorta plastic and while they work just fine as erasers…we have spent years beseeching the Staedler Mars folks to make larger blocks as we wanted to carve larger images….a few years ago they realized ( at least this is what all of us eraser carvers believe) that there was no way people were making as many  mistakes as they were selling erasers so they responded and you can now buy a block that is about 4 inches sq and 1/2 in thick to carve on and they actually mark them CARVING BLOCKS. I don’t know what size Nichol used and she could have carved the deer on one block and the antlers on another the birdie is probably from a scrap, likewise the scarf then the tiny letters spelling PEACE are also carved…She is our queen of carving and we all love all her lovely cards.  NICHOL, I can’t thank you enough for making me part of your holiday sharing… Also note her lovely monoline lettering on the address below the card.  I hope to share some monolines with you in the coming year.


The top card is from a terrific Calligrapher SALLY PENLEY and I love how she mingled the letters together….Sally just had a project to make folks aware of bullying called OUT OF THE SILENCE..( it’s on Facebook but I think you can see it even if you are not a FACEBOOK MEMBER) if you click on this blue link you can see about 50 calligraphers who posted pieces to push against hate and discrimination. Check it out for some incredible eye candy and some very thoughtful quotes about tolerance and concern for those who are being harassed or bullied.  THANKS SO MUCH SALLY for all you do for my card as well as an incredible project.

The second card is from BARB BOLTON who only recently started card making due to spending time with her sister STEPHANIE GOGGLEYE  who is my WA BFF and main card making buddy… and she was using DAWN’S TRIPLE LAYER method which I posted a few weeks back…it came out great and I love that little package which adds great dimension to the card.  Then the card just below is by her sister STEPHANIE GOGGLEYE… again using that triple layer method of card making this time with fir tree  and pinecones.  SIMPLE yet fantastic effect.



This is from my dear friend STUART FEIL….Stuart drew the mountain and the foothills in with a silver pen.  The little snowmen are commerical embellishments along with the snowflakes.  But on this BLACK CARD, who thinks to use black at Christmas, they are soooo dimensional… from a distance I could look over at this card and it was like I was looking INTO it…and the little tab at the bottom folds up so that this card can stand on it own…then its too small to show but inside he drew a small bed on the bottom of the card with just the head of a snowman in the bed… so CREATIVE… again I am lucky to be on his mailing list…..but hey that’s what the FRIDAY NIGHT GANG is all about.  Thanks STUART….I love it.


LAST  but not least ..I signed up for a monthly calendar page done in calligraphy and with artwork by VAL WEBB.. this is the January page…isn’t it beautiful.

Well hope this gives you lots of ideas for your card making and that you enjoyed seeing just some of the lovely creations that I received.

I should also tell you that I am going to limit my blogs to just one idea at a time ( because even I find it hard to go back to the blogs and find things I have posted.) I am also not going to hold myself to posting every Friday.  I am going to post whenever I have the time to put a post together … what does that mean for you ? Well if you are signed up to my blog you will receive an e-mail every time I post, if you are not signed up then you will just have to go check to see if there is anything new.

Look foward to hearing from you with questions or requests for how something is done.  Oh PS… save your commerical cards that  you liked …I am going to shortly post an idea for making little boxes out of them and then hanging them as decoration on your tree next year or just a decoration around the house or for gift boxes.


AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY.… the wire headed cyber toad….aka Kath



SURPRISE … I am reposting this or at least that’s what I think I am doing so that you can have a link to modified z fold it took me forever to find the video…enjoy

If you are like me you must be wondering JUST HOW MANY GIFT CARD PATTERNS DO WE NEED…HOWEVER…I must admit I liked this one due to the many layers and the multiple folds…so here is the link to DAWN’S Z FOLD GIFT CARD HOLDER..



the first two are her gift card holders and then the one on the right is her modified Z card and you can grab the link to it from the GIFT CARD holder link…so I didn’t link it separate. Well that was HUGE MISTAKE AND I FOUND THAT YOU CAN’T GET THERE…so here is the MODIFIED Z FOLD VIDEO.… I have no idea why it isn’t listed in her videos but this will get you there and then this is what the card looks like and its quite clever so no idea why she doesn’t have it listed…


This one has no button and doesn’t need it to stay closed and i liked the smaller version of paper inside the regular size…. anyway sorry I am re posting this just so you get it …

Below is  the z fold gift card info.

I love the button effect on the front to hold the card closed and while the cake is cute. I was thinking if you might be giving a Starbucks or any coffee type card you might want to a cup of coffee image on the front or just the words FOR YOU or maybe HAPPY BIRTHDAY or one of the small balloons… etc… don’t be tied to the image… make it work for your card….for example….the one below is for my BFF’S hubby AND HE LOVES CORN DOGS FROM SONICS so I got him a gift card for there and then I went on the internet to snag some photos of corn dogs to use to make the card… you might also notice that I didn’t go back and watch the video again so some of my layers are different from her’s and I didn’t have a big enough circle punch so I used one of circle dies to make the ½ circle on the inside where you put the gift card…now I know CORN DOGS…but ON HALLOWEEN they sell them for 50 cents… We happened to be with them on Halloween and he went and bought a bunch ( like 30) and put them in the freezer… I was skeptical would them still be good after being in the freezer but they were excellent… 30 seconds if you have high power microwave and they taste like you just got them….I love corn dogs too and usually only the annual trip to the fair yields a corndog …I see them in the freezer at grocery but the ones from Sonic have really good cornbread and I should know being a GRITS ( Girls Raised In the South). … here is my card and some corn dog images just in case you might want them…





sorry about photo couldn’t quite get it all scanned in … but you get the idea…




AMAZING ART WORK…You have probably seen some of this on FB or Pinterest but this was just so lovely and more detail and explanation that I had to share it…THE LITTLE THINGS..I have to say the the rocks are the hardest one for me to see the person… I looked for a long time before I could see it…. my favorite is either the frog or the lizard both of which are made using multiple people… check it out…

This one is supposed to be the oldest LOVE LETTER that exists… its lovely calligraphy cause they worked much harder at their handwriting back them… enjoy

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY …wire headed cyber toad…aka kath harney


I apologize for the irregular posts… but my hubby has recently been to ER and things are a little crazy around here …. like finding time to sleep ….. we think we have things under control and he is going to be fine….now just takes time…. but I had to share this Z FOLD POP UP BY DAWN…she has done something like this before but this one is little different and as you can see her’s is birthday using the new balloon punch and I do love that punch but I also have an older one by Martha Stewart and then some smaller balloons by marvy think so use what you have… as you can see from my sample I decided to use it to make an Easter card…. I had found this really funny/quirky stamp at HOBBY LOBBY but it made by AMERICAN ART STAMP… the thing is that EARS REALLY ARE THE BEST PART… LMAO… There used to be a newspaper cartoon called SALLY FORTH. and of course the fun part of this quote was that she would always buy her daughter chocolate bunnies and no matter how the daughter tried to hide the bunny her mom always ate the ears off… so of course had to have this stamp… and I knew I had a punch of bunny ears so I thought I give it a try with this card… I like it but admit the ears are hard to do since there is very little to stick too… but I think I made it work pretty good…. It would also work really well for shamrocks and St Patrick’s day… ( have ever mentioned I am Irish/german) yeah quite a combination… but DAD was the Irish side and his birthday was actually on St Patrick’s day and he would have been 90 this year . Any way I wanted to give you a chance to try this yourself… you could also use eggs or bunnies for easter…

Dawn's z fold

Dawn’s z fold

another version of Dawn's with different colors...

another version of Dawn’s with different colors…

I like the less bows on the balloons… they are cute but I think I would only have put them on the front of the card… also I like the stamping on the pop out part  but not the rhinestones… I have tons of those things in all colors but I hardly ever use them… I don’t dislike them but somehow they didn’t seem to go with my egg/ jellybean format and I don’t think I would use them with the balloons either but do what you like its your design.

So if a picture is worth a 1000 words here come 2000 more…. lol.. this is my card folded then opened

kh z fold pop up Easter

kh z fold pop up Easter

kh side view of card

kh side view of card

kh open z fold pop up

kh open z fold pop up

This card is for my Auntie and we both love the black jelly beans but I think I will add some diamond glaze to my jelly beans cause they don’t stand out enough or I may do a second one and actually cut the jelly beans out so that I use pop dots on them not sure… but know that with the humidity we have here the diamond glaze won’t dry for a day or so I am not going to be able to show you that as I want to post this PDQ…

Below is another card that saw on IMPRESS RUBBER STAMPS NEWSLETTER its a sample from a class I think in any case I loved it and am going to make one for MY BFF’S hubby’s Bday but thought the idea was so cute of using various circle punches or dies and punching out holes in the yellow card so that it would resemble cheese…. don’t ya just love it… anyway here is the image and I went on line and found a graphic of a wedge of cheese and printed several of them so I could make a few cards….

I think this card was by made by Gosia Hoot

I think this card was by made by Gosia Hoot


Cups from old Book pagesthese ARE just so lovely and if you had a friend who was into tea or tea cups this would be such a lovely idea….

Maintaining the artist within….This is an interesting and short article on how to keep those creative juices flowing …and the meditation part may be a bit hard for most of us but it is worthwhile to carve out some quite time to just think…apparently my brain does this at about 3 am… I frequently wake with some really good ideas and sometimes I even get up to go write them down… lol…

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Well I really wanted to post a little sooner but life kinda got in my way…. however, I think that this kit/card by DAWN…was just the cutest thing and in addition My oldest granddaughter has been sick with a cold passed to her but a very unthoughtful while by the time I get it to her she will probably be well… but I told her to just save it for the next time…If you have any kids in college this would be a great thing to share with them to just put aside for that time when they are sick and don’t want to go out to get any of this… instead of the soup you could put in packages of cold meds..and just so you know I went to grocery for the lozenges …nope only the bags of throat lozenges…then I tried a Walgreens ..nope they too only had large supplies..finally I thought about a 7-11 gas station type store… EUREKA…not only did they have them but they had three different types of them… bought extra for next kit I might need to make…




You must check out the video in order to really appreciate how cute it is… I do think I would use packages of THERA-FLU etc rather than the chicken noodle soup.  If the person was close to you I ‘d put a coupon in that said I’d make them homemade chicken noodle soup and drop it off ..all they needed to do was text or call me with a request. ( I make really good chicken noodle soup…just ask my hubby…or my BFF Stephanie since I often share with her… I don’t seem to be able to make a small pot of soup… lol


This is the one that I made but I want to caution you that you should use light weight paper to layer with…mine was actually light weight card stock but it makes it harder to adhere it to the background… probably also because my base card was that semi metallic card paper and its hard to get stuff to stick to it also…I am sure however, that my granddaughter will get a smile out of it even if she doesn’t need it any longer….


I have to share some other things with you that I recently received in the mail…. first was this incredible envelope that at first scared me cause I do participate in an envelope exchange and I was terrified that I had missed mailing mine…however, I check with the friend…JADIE from the Peninsula Scribes in Sequim WA… and she assured me that she was aware of my caregiving with my Mom and she just wanted to let me know that she was thinking of me and hoping that I was doing well… it was such a sweet gesture and the envelope is amazing… it goes totally with the stamp… well enough talking about it…here it is ….

Jadie's envy front with stamp and names or recipients

Jadie’s envy front with stamp and names or recipients

back of envy

back of envy

Jadie's envy2

As you can tell Jadie is not only very talented but also incredibly thoughtful so I just had to share.  As I have said before..I am a very lucky girl to have such wonderful friends.

Here are a few of the Valentines I received also…

Bonnie Nosher's valentine

BONNIE NOEHR ‘S valentine

JO FORSYTH'S valentine

JO FORSYTH’S valentine



Janis Blevin's valentine closed

JANIS BLEVIN’S  valentine closed

JANIS BLEVIN'S valentine open

JANIS BLEVIN’S valentine open

my hubby's card from Hallmark

my hubby’s card from Hallmark

another card from my hubby from hallmark

another card from my hubby from hallmark

Both of these last two cards were so dimensional…the frog is made of felt and stitched and the chopsticks were real just short… as was the fortune cookie… too cute and what kills me is that I go looking at hallmark and I don’t find a thing…so when he comes home with these incredible treasures I am so amazed…they must just like him better than me…lol



MY friend JANIS BLEVINS…takes photos on trips …yeah well don’t we all ….but she looks for natural images that resemble alphabet letters…. she took a beach trip and found these letters …and I asked her how did you do this …she say she printed out her letters in 1 5/8 ” by 16″ then mounted them on foam core… says she found the fish as a hanger at HOBBY LOBBY  and used a small piece of wood behind it to keep it from wobbling then mounted the letters on top of the fish and yes…it is now hanging on her wall…


Years ago when I was a child my folks took us to Yosemite and one night having dinner up on top of one of the peaks the waiter came over and asked us if we’d like to go out on the roof to see the fireball… we had no idea what he was talking about but my adventurous father quickly said yes… out we went back then I am going to late 50″s they will build a fire on top of Half Dome I think and then at dark they would push it over making a firefall…down the face of it…. now I was pretty young so not sure it was on half dome and I didn’t take time to go research it …but a few years later they decided it was detrimental to environment so they quit doing it … My hubby found this and sent it to me and this one is not harmful to environment and in fact is quite lovely but not often seen… and yes, it looks a lot like what I saw as a child….enjoy… a little arm chair travel….

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad…aka kath



WOW… just when I think I am in a spending moratorium along comes STAMPIN UP with this great set of dies… what makes them so special is that they will if placed in the center of a card…pop out at you..yep both of them will do that and you can also just cut them both off at the outer edges and glue them flat onto a card…

dawn's party thinlits card

dawn’s party thinlits card

kh cake die from stamping up its my party

kh cake die from stamping up its my party

kh my inside with the hip hip hooray...and balloons

kh my inside with the hip hip hooray…and balloons

In addition to the balloons I also used washi tape on the sides and bottom… I didn’t put any color behind the cut out other than the card its self cause I really liked it better….( Dawn will show you how to add backing if you want I think what turned me off is I HATE the mambo melon color green…its just lifeless to me… don’t know why just don’t like it…)anyway the real star of this show is the BIG SHOT DIE BRUSH

BIG SHOT DIE BRUSH..a hadda have...

BIG SHOT DIE BRUSH..a hadda have…

I Have quite a few dies that have lots of detail and lots of word dies…and I have been using the dryer sheets ever since I saw how much easier it makes the detail of the dies release…well this is best tool I have seen in years…. this comes with a light weight foam pad and you just lay your paper on it after the cut and lightly roll the brush over it and it releases all the little pieces… and it also works to clean the die of pieces that got stuck… I am telling you this tool is simply the BOMB…no more dryer sheets no sticky stuff on your paper and no more hunting for the dang dryer sheets… seriously this is the best thing I have seen in ages…and those two dies while pricey (i think $30 ) they are both very versatile in that they can be a pop out or you can cut them free and mount on front or inside of card…so enjoy some eye candy and see ya again soon.


This is a short video of a guy doing SPEED PAINTING with spray cans…. now as one who can barely keep my painting inside the lines on my stamp images…this guys is impressive… I am not sure where this is but about 10 yrs ago my SWEET SISTER IN LAW and I were in VICTORIA BC…and there was a guy painting space type scenes like this with spray cans and flower pot bases in various sizes to create the moons, planets etc… we stood and watched and bought him from about 10 pm till 1 am and there was still quite a crowd when we left… so I had to share.

You can probably tell that I am jealous of anyone who can paint… then when they do it with the most minimal of tools well it just seems unfair…TOOTH BRUSH ART..Now this doesn’t mean he uses tooth brushes themselves to form art but rather than using those expensive brushes that I have which have no art in them…he is using a tooth brush… just amazing….

Ok guess that’s all for this post… AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPING BY…wire headed cyber toad…aka kath


This was a pattern Dawn posted and it was so cute and easy that I had to go cut paper and grab my punch board and make it in bed (it was 6 am and quite chilly 46) so I just wanted to share it with you…it would need a cushion envy or a priority small box  to mail but you may want to give one to someone close…I had company coming so I made them,.. up put in chocolates and placed them on their pillows…just like fancy hotel…lol. Any way watch the video and the get started…oh they will hold either one reese’s peanut butter cup or two ghirdelli chocolates.

dawn's pinwheel boxes

dawn’s pinwheel boxes

Pinwheel box with envelope punch board 

Hint..if you don’t already have THE ENVELOPE PUNCH BOARD…



BEFORE you go and buy one at AMAZON or Michaels..or Jo Ann’s you might want to consider using your coupons and looking for the new one they have out that is 123 PUNCH BOARD…



It is about 10 dollars more but it makes boxes as well as envelopes and bows….pretty cool…and all the directions are in there and you can infect us it to make these little boxes and while its more you can use your coupon at MICHAEL’S OR JO ANN’S and get 40 or sometimes 50% OFF… of course that means they have to have it in stock and right now I did see one at my local Michael’s but it they are still clearing out xmas and valentines day you might want to wait a bit or make sure they have done their inventory..In any case they are great little tools and allow you to make multiple size boxes and envelopes and bows… I am not crazy about all the WE ARE MEMORY KEEPERS items but they have in my opinion hit a home run with these punch boards…and there are more… there is a pin wheel one and a bag one that I know of…all of good quality and all do just what they said they would do…just time to make your hubby or friend a mini candy box…. well ok you gotta hurry…

EYE CANDY..ok this first one I had to go look at it cause the title is HONEY CAN YOU MAKE ME SOMETHING (for that big wall)…it was too funny My hubby is great at cleaning up dishes and sink etc after I cook and does his own laundry and many other wonderful things but I have been waiting 8 yrs for him to hang this really cool ceramic frog on my lanai he bought the drill ( wall is cement) and the drill bits about 3 years ago so he has made some progress but the frog sadly to say is still in the paper bag it came in on the floor of his closet… good news it hasn’t broken …yet…lol  anyway this will make you smile if your hubby is also a sure I can but ya never see it….I want to get this guy an art room…

GIRAFFE TO ELEPHANTthis is just your basic illusion..HA…I can’t paint/draw or do magic AND THIS IS WAY BEYOND MY SKILLS.. I am sorry it isn’t showing it larger it was on FB and I know some can’t see FB so I went hunting on YOU TUBE and found it but you might need to see it couple of times before you see the change just from changing the angle…. it truly is amazing….

Ok that’s it again for this week…AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY..wire headed cyber toad…AKA kath