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I recently taught a class in Akim again.  It was fun and I realized that is part of the reason I write the blog…I do love sharing info and while I hadn’t taught any classes in about 8 to 10 years, I think I did fairly well. If I was critiquing myself I’d say I was guilty of trying to show just a little tooooo much…lol  but better too much than not enough.  I made a few notes of a couple of other things I want to share in the next class but for the most part I was pleased and hopefully some of the students will sign up for the next one also.  If you’re interested check the calendar on FB for STAMPIN IN THE RAIN.  I know its on October 6th but we don’t quite have the time sorted out just yet.

Ok now onto my hints/tips about using Bleach. 

1)    The first thing is that don’t get so excited and run to your laundry/garage and grab that bottle of bleach that’s been sitting out there for a few months. For the best results the bleach for any of these projects definitely needs to be FRESH…you can try stuff you may have on hand but if doesn’t seem to be working consider going and buying a new small bottle.

2)     Next don’t waste money, time or effort on those bleach pens… they look cool but the stuff is too icky to use to write with …maybe create blobs etc but I also had very poor luck getting it to actually fade or bleach out the papers.

3)     I also found that I using real CLOROX worked better than any generic bleach.

4)    You can use your nibs and even fountain pen nibs to write with but don’t leave them in the bleach for very long.  If you are using nibs you will probably be more comfortable using your nibs rather than using a fountain pen. Think of bleach as ACID and its hard to get rid of it once you have used it.  Nibs you can soak and even if they ruin or rust with the bleach then at least you don’t have a lot of $$ invested.  It’s a great time to use the POP CAN hand made nibs.

 5)    While you may have seen lots of things suggesting you use bleach as a stamp pad and stamp your images in it then stamp on paper….well that works but you should know that RUBBER is a living thing….honest …..and any chemicals, cleaners, bleach etc are things that get absorbed into the stamps and EVENTUALLY they will cause your rubber to dry out and become hard and at that point it won’t stamp well.  The key word there is EVENTUALLY….it won’t happen overnight it may not happen or be as important to you by the time it does happen but IT WILL HAPPEN.  There is nothing you can do no matter how much water etc you use to try to clean the bleach off it won’t work it’s now inside and working on drying the rubber and compacting the cells.  SO MY SUGGESTION, is that you stamp with permanent ink and use a brush to take some of the color out of the paper with the bleach.  Just saying if that stamp is important to you don’t put it in bleach.

 5a)   Speaking of brushes if you use brushes in the bleach….you must use SYNTHETIC…don’t use natural hair brushes the bleach with just eat them off at the metal.

6)    My favorite way to use the bleach is to take a white sheet of paper and write, type or stamp on it with the blackest ink you have ( NOT STAZON…like bleach it’s very hard on your stamps if you don’t have reason to use it like stamping on glass or tile etc..don’t use it). Ok you have your words, images etc stamped, lettered on white paper …now you MUST take it to a copy store…ie KInko’s or Staples or some other office store place where you can get copies made and COPY YOUR WHITE PAPER IN BLACK/WHITE FORMAT onto BLACK CARDSTOCK*…I KNOW you are saying print black ink on black paper you won’t be able to see it but that’s where the bleach comes in.. BUT YOU MUST RUN IT THRU A COMMERICAL COPIER that has TONER…home printers do not have toner and its the toner that makes this work. Then you take your BLACK ON BLACK home and put some fresh bleach into a small spray bottle and I would take this outside AS YOU DON’T WANT BLEACH ON RUGS, FURNITURE ETC… and gently spray the paper all over, go easy if you don’t get enough on the first time after it dries you can go back and hit it again.

Here are some samples of mine that I did…the first one is actually hand lettered again on white paper to begin with then copied onto the black card stock…

I have to tell you that I I grabbed this piece of black paper and cut a circle out of it before I realized that it was a piece of BLACK ON BLACK that hadn’t been bleached yet!!!!! What can I say DO DO HAPPENS… the phrase YOU’VE GOT MAIL was done using a stencil but the Happy Birthday was my lettering.

This second piece was a printed from computer page on white and then taken to Kinko’s and printed on my black card stock. The same is true for the 3rd piece but the 4th piece was a piece of gift wrap that I copied on my home printer then took that copy and printed it again on Kinko’s.


Ok each of these samples show you that you can get large dots and small dots and that the longer you leave the bleach out in the sun or under a light it will lighten up even more so you can choose what you want to show.  And I think I told you I was the self appointed QUEEN OF HALLOWEEN, I love having this option to use with my Halloween cards.. I should also tell you that I spend more time working on the Halloween cards than I spend working on my Christmas cards.

* It’s important to know that not all Black card stock is created equal.  Some will bleachout somewhat golden like the samples I showed but I also have had some that bleached out GREEN…weird but true… then I have also seen some that bleached out more orange or rust colored…. SO MY SUGGESTION is that FIRST SPRAY A SMALL PIECE SO YOU CAN SEE WHAT COLOR IT WILL BE WHEN ITS BLEACHED.  

You may not have the option of checking that before you buy so just remember that it may not do what you want.  I found that BLACK LINEN style paper works best for bleach but others may not work at all.  If possible see if you can buy a sample piece of paper and then take it outside …..OMG don’t spray it inside a store…and check it… if it works and you like you are good to go.

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…whct….aka kath harney

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