TRICK OR TREAT … Well I hope your holiday last night was filled with adorable little guys going from house to house gathering as much sugar as they can carry and enough to keep them on a sugar high till they are once again allowed sugar /candy this time from their socks…lol


Well of course there is humor here but its also very representative of our weird and wonderful fall in the PNW (Pacific Northwest or Pacific North-wet ) Our local new tonight said we have decided to change the name of the month to FOG-TOBER…Our fog has been unlimited lately and while it doesn’t last all day its there early in the am and then usually by late afternoon its clear and lovely and sunny then as soon as the sun is gone back comes the FOG….My Mom has always said that its always sunny by 5 pm…lol… that’s also why after Dad passed away she wanted to move back to Florida… she prefers the sun all day every day… lol… I love the fog and on the beaches it creates a very magical place.  I’ll take the fog…enough about the weather that’s not why your here…


I told you last week that this GATE FOLD CARD is incredible well it is…and just to prove it here is another slightly different version fromDAWN she is listing it as her FOUNDER’S CIRCLE SWAP which while a nice name doesn’t help you know what card it is…so I have used my own name and you will see that there are some similarities to the DOUBLE TRI FOLD CARD that I posted from CARD MAKER MAGAZINE last October 26th.  The real difference is that instead of it being in two pieces and then adhering them together ( you might want to go look at it on the blog if you don’t remember it.) This one is one piece THEN Layered on top of small square…NOW watch the video and then read my hint below… you won’t understand it till you watch the video.

BASICS..ACCORDIAN BASE….4 ” X 12 ” scored at 2, 4 *(6), 8, & 10

INSIDE SQUARE is 3 ¾ x 3 ¾ 

BACKING BASE is 4 ¼ x 4 ¼ 

Ok Dawn tells you how to go about cutting those two triangles and making sure that they are equal… well here is my HINT: With your accordion base fold it in half so that both the ends meet , I would do this after its scored now this is going to make a crease in the center that normally you would not want but this way you can measure down 2″ and cut that diagonal with you paper cutter cutting both sides at the same time…. this leaves no room for error and the two sides will definitely match!  Hey this is why you are here right…AS I SAID what about that extra crease /score line in the center of the inside of your card….WAIT FOR IT…yep you are going to layer a piece of card stock over it and you are going to layer a piece on the back so VIOLA…it will never show and if your measuring skills are as good as Dawn’s then you won’t have to worry as it will be a perfect match…(* this is where you would score it at 6″ also as that is the middle) 

kath's version with diagonal line shown and both corners together

kath’s version with diagonal line shown and both corners together

This is the card with the 6″ score line and the two corners together plus the line cutting from the first score line down to the 2 ” mark I made on the card.  Again since you will either be putting a smaller square inside (3 ¾ x 3 ¾ ) or (4 ¼ x 4 ¼ )on the outside of the back of the accordion.  Or you can even do both…anyway this means that score line at 6″ will not be visible.  Next you will notice if you watched Dawn’s video I have chosen to not adhere all the extra side panels.  No particular reason for this other than it will stand up easier if those wings are there to help it stand.  You may also notice that on the Turkey Day one I did not put the triangles on the inside over the folds… my reason is that they often don’t want to stick well and they make that fold even more bulky but again its just a choice.  Instead, I have put my corners on the inside square.

Turkey Day  folded closed

Turkey Day folded closed

kh accordion gate foldYou probably can’t read this but it says…EAT MORE BEEF ….HAPPY TURKEY DAY.   I used those triangles to bracket each corner of the insert  and I used a ROOSTER punch for the image on the front… I know its not a turkey but hey birds stick together…lol…

kh accordion gate fold

kh accordion gate fold

kh accordion gate


I love this crow paper which I had bought more but I do know that Halloween is over…lol  the inside is a real leaf that I ran thru my zyron machine and then gently peeled it off the backing paper and adhered it onto the inside of this accordion card.  I liked using the real leaf.  The design in the corners on the front are just the back of the crow paper…it is duplex paper and therefore two designs.

Well I hope you like the card and that you enjoy making some for your friends and family.

Now some EYE CANDY …some time ago I posted a link to OUT OF SILENCE which was my friend SALLY PENLEY’s effort to get calligraphers to write quotes that would support TOLERANCE.  It was a huge success and now I found a sight where the HOUSTON GROUP has done the same thing but instead of quotes on paper and canvas these are sculptures.  Lots of letters and I hope you will enjoy.

houston tolerance sculptures

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad….aka kath

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