YES, we are in that frantic race towards christmas…and if ever time really does fly its between THANKSGIVING AND CHRISTMAS….There just seems to be so much to do and never enough time… I have taken to keeping paper and pen next to my bed so that when brain supplies wonderful ideas I write them down as next morning I know I won’t remember what I thought up… and sometimes that’s a good think NOT ALL LATE NIGHT IDEAS are good ones…lol

When it comes to SHADOW BOXES there are so many different ways to make them.. almost all of them will like flat for mailing depending on how dimensional you make the inside… it can be simple or complex. I have shown you some of the possible ways in a previous post…SHADOWBOX/3D these are a that are made using punches and the card is a typical folded card.  So you have a front and and inside where the shadow part is located.. Below is one of my favorites and this one uses a DIE which is currently on sale at Dawn’s for ½ price…what a deal… plus I love this image…


Ok then there is a version where the card stands up on its own and then it folds flat with a cut out in the center…DAWN’S STANDING SHADOWBOX/MINE this is a previous post from back in 2015… told you there were a lot of these…lol… but I like this on a lot too as it again fits in an A2 ENVELOPE and is mailable without extra postage unless your embellishments are really dimensional and not paper… HINT:  IF THERE IS A BUMP ADD EXTRA POSTAGE..

shadowbox my version


MY shadow box using Dawn’s pattern..

DAWN’S RECENT SHADOWBOX CARD ..this is a lovely card and because she has worked to make it really dimensional… you should watch the video to see that she has glued pieces both inside the circle and on the outside thus giving it more dimension.  This one also is made using the the two pieces on the side to pull out so that the card sorta unfolds and it will at that point stand up by itself unless you have too many heavy embelllisments on it….remember less is more…. and also to use foam tape on at least some of the embellishments…here are her two examples .

Dawn’s xmas shadowbox

Personally I like this one best because I think the images of trees and houses in snow with blue big round and just small amounts of sliver are very christmasy…however, that said I am not a fan of the stamping up glimmer paper….I just think its too much I prefer a softer effect like using the wink of Stella…

Dawn’s xmas shadow box

I don’t like this one as much because I feel the red doesn’t go with the village nor the trees…I gues if I was going to use red I would think about using a Santa or christmas packages or reindeer or a wreath although for wreath I would probably use green..anyway this looks nice I just don’t find it as appealing as the blue one…. or a green one…

Now here is one more and this one is from an older post by SPLIT COAST STAMPERS …I am not giving you the link but you can just type it into the search box on thier web site and it will come up… its much more involved as it uses cuts etc to create a more box like farme around your background image and there is very little room to adhere anything to the frame but still some make like it…

SCS shadowbox like a photo frame..

STAMPING PLATFORMSif you have been hearing about them and don’t know what they are or how they work… here are two links that will help you decide… I do really like the  the TIM HOLTZ one because it does let you use it with either the rubber type stamps from SU or the clear ones ….there are a couple of techniques shown also which are great …re stamping with out worry about lining it up.. adding extra colors… etc… anyway check them both out..TIM HOLTZ video even if you don’t think you want one of these you will enjoy seeing how they are used…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPING BY…wire headed cyber toad..aka kath



HELLO HEH, well that’s as good as I can do for making a it sound like I am Canadian…oh well ….by the time you get this I will either be in Canada or on my way back…. in any case you know that my grandkids would roll thier eyes if I gave them anything for Christmas BESIDES A GIFT CARD….one of these days I am going to give them each socks and not just any socks but Christmas socks just to see the look on thier so having this cute little box to put it in seemed like a really good idea….

Dawn’s gift card box


HINT 1……It is easier than it may look at first glance and one tip I will tell you as some of us may not be using as much paper as others or maybe you’d just like to skip a step… what ever you decide to use as the inside card holder part of the box you don’t have add designer paper if you use a designer type paper for the inside…of course it needs to be cardstock rather than text weight paper or it won’t hold the card..but if you have duplex paper which mostly only comes in 12 x 12 sheets you can get two boxes out of a sheet and you  wont have to stress over what coordinates with the out side because it will be what is on the opposite side of your duplex card stock…..did that make sense…well anyway that’s what I am suggesting….in the end no one is going to know that you skipped the layering step so why not…..I am all about quick and easy …. right…

HINT 2….my second hint is that you can also glue a small loop of ribbon on to a corner of the box and hang it from a branch in your Christmas tree…just cut about a 2 inch piece of small flat ribbon and fold it into t a loop then stick it down I under the tape of the flap on the TOP right corner so that the box will stay closed and yet be able to hang… this is just a thought ….if your box isn’t staying closed you can alway tie it with a piece of the same ribbon and then hang it.   My Dad always liked to hang presents, envelopes, tiny boxes etc isn’t the Christmas tree and make us hunt for them even after we were adults… just making christmas more fun and more interactive.

Hint 3 …pretty sure there also room for a small candy cane inside of the box as well or at the least a peppermint… If you have small guys that you are giving too…you may not want to use a card because they are too young to use one so you can also fold money into a heart and then tuck it into the slot for the card…you will have to push it down into slot a bit more so that the lid on the box will fold close but still it would be cute or even just fold the money in an accordion and have just flap of it sticking up thru the slit and then can pull it out like a tissue…

HINT 4….again depending on the age…you might be giving them a special time with you like taking them to zoo or to lunch , tea, or even a sleep over or trip to beach …all of that can be written on a strip of paper no wider than the gift card so about 3 inches and then again accordion fold or if its long roll it up and and just a have flap maybe with the word pull written on it sticking out of slit ….

So think that is enough for this little box…AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY..wire headed cyber toad…aka kath

EYE CANDY….since we have been on a paper art journey…PAPER WIGS none of this is in English but you can look at the incredible wigs made completely out of paper ..still I wonder how heavy some of them must be… enjoy..

PS due to my Mom’s status at not being back in Fort Myers our trip to Halifax was canceled… so no photos and I will stop the Canadian