I really liked this technique…and I do like the INTENSE WATERCOLOR PENCILS…however I have only used them by coloring with them then wetting the images …. so this was a new technique to try taking the color right off the end of the pencil…

this is one of TIM HORTON'S birds that i colored on w/c paper using the intense pencils..straight from the tip of the pencil..

this is one of TIM HORTON’S birds that i colored on w/c paper using the intense pencils..straight from the tip of the pencil..




I do really like this however, when I watched the video I understand the need for using a heavy type of acrylic paint and I loved using the credit card to apply it..however I think that in this video she may have put the white on a bit too thick… It may make the Faux Fresco but when she was finished you could not see the colors on the butterflies as much as in this picture so I think I would just try to not get quite so much on the raised parts with the color. In fact in this image it looks like she didn’t get any color in the background area…so my guess is just explore with it and see what you come up with….




OK this is lovely and I do like it although I am not motivated to buy both the stamp set as well as the die set… guess I just don’t use flowers that often. so TECHNIQUE VARIATION… you can achieve a very similar effect at least the outline part…without the die…. if you stamp the image (obviously needs to be an outline image) with BLACK PERMANENT INK then using embossing powder again it should be black but you can use clear but it will be blacker if you use the black ink with black powder  and just plain black powder I would not use the glitter type…to much going on at that point… once its embossed then you would proceed with the painting of the image…for that you do need waterbased ink pads or colored pencils etc… you can’t use pigment ink to paint with …but you know that…then once that’s dry you can use the crystal effects on it give a raised and shiny effect… DEPENDING on the image you can also try to outline it with your SAKURA GLAZE BLACK PEN…this will also give you a slight raised effect….but this is much more tedious for those of us who are basically quick and dirty…

NOTE TO SELF....LAY THE IMAGE ASIDE( in a safe place) for the crystal effects to dry…depending on your humidity…this could take over night…so put it somewhere where you won’t lay something else on top of it…it is a form of adhesive….LMAO…

EYE CANDY ON YOUTUBE(STRING ART) Y’all know that I am not good with tedious…well for me I could never do this however, for him I am pretty sure by the look on his face for him its a ZEN kinda thing… anyway check it out….gives whole new meaning to the words string art.

MORE EYE CANDY…just click the blue link in each…

HEART BOX..This is a lovely little box that is simple and fun to make …might be just the thing you need for VALENTINE’S DAY…the clock is ticking…

WRITING DOLL…I think I may have posted this before or maybe I just posted it on FB not sure but its called an AUTOMATON…its a mechanical doll that can dip its pen in ink and write on paper!!!! Honest… just amazing and it was made a long time ago based on the mechanics of watch making… check it out….

Ok guess that’s it for this week…. AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY,,.the wire headed cyber toad…aka kath

DOING NOTHING (floating image card)

WELCOME TO 2016….I hope you had a happy and safe New Year’s Eve and that you are looking forward to a happy , healthy and creative new year…. along that line of healthy, I have found when I was teaching classes that many of my students had a hard time justifying the time they spend making cards, lettering or practicing lettering, scrapbooking etc…mostly this was due to either self imposed guilt (I should be doing laundry or cleaning or cooking or shopping) or guilt from outside…maybe your mate or partner views what you do a simply irrelevant or unnecessary. The attached article will tell you that is NOT TRUE…we all lead very busy lives and I am certain that I am not the only one over the years that has wondered how did we get to this BUSY LEVEL…I am not suggesting that you can eliminate all of it or even any of it but it is important to give your self time to unwind. So I am just saying that you read this article and give it some thought.

Importance of doing Nothing

Importance of doing Nothing

Ok now that I have tried to convince you that doing nothing or having a hobby like making cards is a GOOD THING…this is an older technique that Dawn posted and while its a little tedious…its really a lot fun to send and to receive…also this one is Tree…it would work just as well for a heart for valentines day or a large balloon for birthday or if you have a cake image or die that you can cut out …remember you need two of them and they need to go back to back or if you image won’t reverse (i.e. it doesn’t line up when flipped over) you can simply cut a solid paper and use it for the back of the image. Anyway here is the link to DAWN’S FLOATING CHRISTMAS CARD  



In addition while she is using an oval opening you can make it a square or a circle again with a border…you need the border in order to have a place to adhere the cord or fishing line ( my preference) to allow the die cut image to float.  Also if you gently twist the floating image and hold it in place while you put it in the envelope when the person opens the envelope and pulls card out it will untwist…which is a fun surprise …don’t twist too much or you will unfasten your cord/line…

I am also attaching a old pattern that I have for the square flip flop card ( it has other names but it does flip back and forth ).  There are dies out there by sizzix I think that are the square and also circle and then a few others that are similar but with multiple openings. However this pattern works well on a ½ sheet of paper.  As always cut on solid lines and score on dotted lines… I had drawn this pattern but I believe someone else did this particular one and I can’t find mine…. kudos to whoever…you should be able to click on this and print it on letter size paper then cut one out and use old file folder to cut a template to reuse over and over…

kh flip flop pattern

kh flip flop pattern

I also wanted to share with you that I am a huge STAR WARS FAN and I have found a few stickers for current STAR WARS…SO I am using them to make BIRTHDAY CARDS and telling the recipient …MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU… all year long…BTW..if you decide to see the movie…I highly recommend that you see it in both 3D and IMAX… its amazing…and worth the extra cost… but then I am a is copy of my flipper (round) card with STAR WARS STICKERS…( i found mine at the grocery in the card aisle..)

kh round flipper closed

kh round flipper closed

kh round flipper open

kh round flipper open

NOW ITS TIME FOR EYE CANDY…my sweetie has been living with me for 44 yrs and so he has accepted the fact that one never knows what is art material and what is trash …a question he frequently asks before throwing away stuff…. he cracked up when I showed him the following two sites and firmly replied that he was not saving TP tubes…lol  but you might want to sneak a few…so check out these sites….

Toilet Paper Roll sculptures…amazing eye candy this person has cut tiny images and fitted them inside a tube that used to have toilet paper wrapped around it… just so incredible…

More TP ARTWORKWHO knew that toilet paper tubes had so many artsy uses… this one is more my style simply because its squished rolls that have been colored and turned into faces…..I swear that one of them looks like THE TRUMP…lmao in any case they are both too amazing… may have to start saving my tubes…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY.…wire headed cyber toad…aka kath


HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016 Dawn’s collapsing snowman

WELL ITS NEW YEAR’S EVE AND ALL THRU THE HOUSE MY CLOTHES ARE AWAITING TO GO OUT WITH MY FRIENDS AND CELEBRATE….We have made it an annual thing to take my BFF and her hubby and some other friends that we have known and partied with for over 40 years out on New Year’s Eve…. these are folks that we all started our married lives out together and in a circle of duplexes that my Dad built… Each couple owned a duplex and then we sorta were very careful about who we rented the other half to and it made for about 8-10 yrs of great times and wonderful memories..we have referred to ourselves as the Duplex Gang….now when we party at the holidays all those little kids that we started with are grown and have kids of their own…. doesn’t seem like we are all that old so we tell ourselves that we started young…lol.. however, Ray and I moved away …far away in 1981 to Washington State …and while we all kept in touch via mail , then e mail then Facebook…. we were not in Florida for any length of time until 2008 then we started hosting the NEW YEAR’S EVE PARTY and its just us ADULTS…its a great time and we all look forward to it ever year…. since we host I try to come up with some ideas for things to do during cocktails… started with resolutions… then moved on to bucket lists etc and last year I asked them to tell what time period would they like to live in if they could back or forward for just a few days…. this year again I asked them about time but this time I asked the WHAT ADVISE WOULD YOU GIVE YOUR 20 YR OLD SELF knowing what you know now…. i.e. what do you wish you had done more of or less of etc… it will be interesting to see what they come up with also I asked them to limit it to two words…lol…

So I also want to share with you that for 2016 my two words are WRITE MORE…or maybe PRACTICE MORE….when I started with Calligraphy in 1982… I kinda got caught up in making things to use my calligraphy i.e. cards…lots of cards…and small books…somewhere along the way I got more involved with the cards and stamps than with my letters and I found this past year that I really miss it so I am going back to my roots and spending more time practicing my letters… more time writing and hopefully even making small books with my writing …..I know I won’t give up cards completely but I will say that I am going to focus more on my letters… For example this year my xmas card was 4″ x 9″ and then I rounded the top corners… only my letters and a few snowflakes that I punched out … I did the original and then went to printer and printed them on some confetti white card stock…2 to a page…. my letters are a little wobbly due to not much practice but hopefully next year will see much better letters….

my 2015 Christmas Card

my 2015 Christmas Card

Like I said not perfect but I was pleased that I had done it myself NO STAMPS…

But least you be totally board with this post …. I did love DAWN’S COLLAPSING SNOWMAN

Dawn's Collapsing snowman

Dawn’s Collapsing snowman

Now before you say well Christmas is over and what am I going to do with a snowman now… I plan to use it for BIRTHDAY’S … with the sentiment…IT’S SNOW-BODY’S BUSINESS HOW OLD YOU ARE….I also plan to make some that may or may not collapse and call the FLORIDA SNOWMAN…flat as a pancake….actually here they would only be a huge puddle and even that wouldn’t last long….yep supposed to hit 87 today then maybe go down to 60 by tomorrow night but by Tues it will be right back up to hot hot hot…. ok I know some of you are thinking I’ll take it…. but I just don’t like heat so to keep myself thinking cool I thought this snowman was just the idea…..

HINT: actually more of a reminder…if you have bumps in your envelope you will need to add the Penguin stamps to the regular forever stamp or it will come back ….maybe…and maybe it will end in that trunk …well probably a new trunk of DEAD LETTERS… if you forgot your return address…

Guess that’s all for now...AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPING BY...wire headed cyber toad…aka kath.