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Yeah …this is really true for me…. and this next one…well if it doesn’t leave you rollin’ on the floor laughing …your funny bone is broken…pun intended…lol

ok…. now that the laughter is subsiding…lets get on with the card making.  I needed to get you laughing cause while DAWN’S TUNNEL CARD is not difficult and I think you will like it, I am a little afraid that the pattern, photos and directions I send you for mine might just make you throw a shoe at your computer.  Its really not that hard but we’ll get to it shortly..First


OK..its basically just a double card with a reverse fold that pops out and a cut out so you can see in and then the sentiment /or image ( your choice) goes in the center of outside card.  Now she is going to show you in the video how she did this but I have my own version of this in which I cut the outside card 5 1/2″ x  8 1/2 ” and scored it in the center but rather than all the extra pieces she cut for her inside version… I simply used another sheet of card stock and cut it 5″ x  8″ so it is just slightly smaller than the outside piece. The inside piece needs to be scored at 2″ 4″ and 6″…then you fold it in the W form and then you use the punch or die cut you want to cut out the piece in the center in my sample below I used an EK SUCCESS punch which is a cross between a flower and a larger wavy circle.  ( I have found this at both JoAnn’s and Michaels but this is a link to AMAZON cause I know its there.)  Then I put two rows of adhesive tape on the back of first fold and on the back of the last fold on the inside piece then I lay the outside card open all the way, layer the inside card onto the outside card by lining up the center folds..and adhered the left side of the card. Laying the inside fold flat I traced a pencil line in the center around the punched out shape so I would know where to put my piece on the inside.  I stamped my inside punch out with birthday message and then taped the back of it and placed it inside the pencil lines and pressed it down… then I gently folded the outside fold so to get a crease on the piece I just adhered.  Basically this is exactly what DAWN did in her video…once that is stuck on then stick the right hand side of the inside card down by stretching it all the way to the right and pressing it down.  Now fold the total card down and you can decorate the outside of the card.  I used an additional layer and die cut of large postage stamp with birthday image stamped on it and a cancellation mark stamp from Seattle.  You could also add a canceled postage stamp just for fun… Ok I just basically elimated the extra cut outs on the inside of DAWN’s card … to me this is easier but you have her directions so do what works best for you..


OK this is the part that looks hard but its really not… just takes a little time and prep work but you can do the prep work ahead of time and it will go much faster, I used stamps that I have for Birthday and cut them out and colored them etc… You don’t have to cut them out exactly as they are you can just punch out circles , squares or ovals etc.  Another really easy shortcut is that you can use the scrap book stickers or ready made embellishments.  One of the best sets I find are by K&C COMPANY STICKERS..lots of birthday images…


OK remember if this one freaks you out ….just breathe and skip over it or if you need more help or something isn’t clear… write to krhblogger@gmail.com AND be sure to give me your e-mail address and I help you with whatever you need.

Now I want to also tell you that that File in the MIddle card…well I tried using a piece of 5 1/2″ x  12… and I scored it at 3″, 6″ and 9″ and then fold it in a the same way as before and you end up with using only one piece of paper.  The finished card is then 3″ x  6″ and it will fit in to the envelopes you can get at any office supply store that are 3 5/8″ x  6 1/2″ think your check size.. they are mostly only in white but they are quite inexpensive and this is a fun size to make cards for a difference…if you were not doing the fold in the middle you would cut the card stock 7 ” x  6  and then score it at 3 1/2 on the 7 inch side.  This is great for a change of pace and then it works well with long tall flower rubber stamps or a tall tree die cut..etc.  Anyway just another option.

Ok one more little bit of humor… I recently went shopping with a friend and during the shopping she wanted to know if I had hot glue gun she could borrow and I couldn’t remember if I had one here in WA …I thought I did so I called my hubby who was at home and gave him three different places in my studio to look for it and he did but couldn’t find it so I said never mind thanks for helping and he said ” NO WORRIES I’LL CALL YOU IF I FIND IT ”  now those are words you don’t want to hear cause this means he is going to keep looking any place he wants…not good… sure enough about 15 minutes later he sends me the following text message  “I have a blog title for you: “The day I sent my husband into my studio to hunt for something and he decided I had WAY too much stuff. Thats why you don’t send your husband hunting for stuff in your studio..lol.. He is however, very supportive of my habit and encourages me and usually proof reads this blog each week before I send it out.  

Ok this last one is not a joke but it is how we should see ourselves.


 That’s all for this week.  AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY..the wire headed cyber toad…aka …kath

PS… you have to see this… guy drawing with SALT ..kinda like those sand ads on TV.. SaltJoker



and here is your giggle for the week…well I hope you giggle.

OK, if you have stopped laughing you should know that I am this friend…in case you are looking.  I borrowed this photo off FB, and while you may think I am computer savvy… when it comes to FB I am awful and never know what I am doing or where….I try to avoid it but sometimes my friends really have some funny stuff….. HEY, ITS SERIOUS THUNDER HERE…. no rain just major rumbles…happy girl here. Just so you know I am home and while I was in Victoria I played and made these new WEATHERGRAMS and as you can see from this first photo it was definitely time to put some new ones out.  And with all this Thunder which isn’t normal for here I think they are going to get a chance to get “weather”. lol This is the last of a few years ago weather grams.  I obviously didn’t get this one before it decided to leave. These are some of the new ones that I hung out in the bamboo next to our deck. This is a great photo taken by a mountaineer at Mt Rainier recently…it was also posted on FB and I decided to post it here on my blog cause its so unusual.  That’s where the thunder is coming from right now…another storm in the mountains and guess we are close enough to hear the thunder not sure we will see any of the rain and not much of the lightning but believe me the thunder was definitely heard! Ok, I promised you a card and this one is from Splitcoaststampers and it’s a lovely pop up. They used a flower but this could be a photo of yours or it could be a stamped image and it could also be an image that you picked up as an embellishment. In addition they used additional decorative papers on the inside of the card but you can also use some duplex paper and you would have either two different colors or lots of duplex papers come with a design on one side and solid color on the other side.  Either way you are give your recipient a lovely surprise when they open it.


This is copy of Birthday card I did using the Pedestal for my Grandaughter’s birthday… I also used embossing templates…bamboo on the outside and birds on the inside and while the words are blurry the stamp says STRUT YOUR STUFF…its a fun little word stamp by Karen Lockhart.  Give this pedestal a try its really quite easy and fun.


Splitcoaststampers also had a really interesting technique last week.  It was using both your pop up dots as well as PERFECT PEARLS…which I ordered on line from you guess it Amazon.

I Loved this technique and you can use a only a few of them on a card or as many as they used in this sample.  Also you can make them up ahead of time and just have them ready for when you need them.

Another technique

This technique ALCOHOL INK BACKGROUND also from SCS has been modified several times but this will share this one and remind you of one of the others…. first they are using alcohol based inks…and it probably works best with CHROME coated paper…ie the shiny white card stock looks like photo paper glossy and that can be used but it is a little more expensive than buying it in a ream of card stock except I don’t have a good source of that type of paper… probably you can find it at Kinko’s or any place that does printing… you might be ahead to just buy the photo paper from COSTCO or some other discount store like WALMART.  I am not linking any of this cause you probably know best where to go or what to get.  I do think you are going to need the alcohol inks which are not your basic stamp pad ink nor your refills for the pigment inks… The Copic refills or if you have a large art store you might find refills for the Beryl art pens which are also alcohol and think some of the Ranger inks are alcohol …just look at what you have and see.  If you don’t have any then you can try the watercolor inks or paints but don’t think they will work…

The other variation on this was using shave cream and dropping ink onto a pile of shaving cream and then swirling it around with a tooth pick or something and then laying your paper again preferably coated i.e. shiny card stock on top of it and kinda pressing lightly then picking it up and letting it dry and brushing off excess cream.  I can go into all kinds of backgrounds here but for now will stick to just these too since they are sorta related.  You know with all of these ideas /techniques…try what you have first and see if it works before you run out and buy this stuff..unless of course you have a magic coupon and its burning a hole in your pocket…lol..


My friend  LINDA O’NEILL sent me this site with lots of lovely envelope s called ENVELOPE CREATIONS.  Now before you decide, “I don’t do calligraphy and so I’ll skip this” there are envelopes and pages there that are not done in Calligraphy, well not formal calligraphy anyway, they are done with monoline/regular pens like gel pens etc…plus Creativity is a strange thing…you never know what will trigger an idea in your head that maybe no one else will see how what you were looking at made you think of your idea….but it did and that’s what counts…don’t try to understand it just go with it… and hey EYE CANDY IS EYE CANDY …no matter what the type.  ( no pun intended)…lol


For years a lot of us have been using the white plastic erasers and carving our own rubber stamps..well here is a site that will show you how to do that as well as showing you that if you simply carve designs rather that a specific object you put them together and make an even larger design. .  Rather than making you any more confused I am just going to link you to Stamp-Making Adventures: Carve.  Now you would have to order of purchase this DVD however there is a preview site here so take a look at it and see if this is something you want to try or not.  Know what you like and if this doesn’t appeal then just move on.


OK this last is from my friend SHARON CLYMER who was sharing a new type of WHITE INK, its made by the COPIC people so I am guessing its also a type of alcohol ink and in this case it was for sale a JO ANN’S CRAFTS…so here is the link …AND YES, I did order a bottle but its not here yet but as soon as it comes I’ll give you review and show you a sample.


My Friend Stephanie Goggleye shared a web site with me called COMSUMERCRAFTS.COM.  What we both loved about them was the embossing folders that were about 1/2 the price in regular stores…they are a different brand called DARICE but they are very cool and at $2.97 each hard to resist.  Also they have gone the extra mile on the ordering and when you go to place your order it comes up and tells you that some of them may be out of stock, so you can remove them and save for another time.  Very cool in my opinion… you don’t usually find this out till your shipment arrives and its noted on your invoice.  This is my second order from them and I am most pleased with all my purchases…There is one set of EASY FRAMES Shapes embossing templates that are just shapes and silly me I assumed that they would need to be hand done with a stylus…but no there are directions on there about how to do them using the CUTTLEBUG… however, I tried it and don’t think it embossed enough to suit me.  However, they are a nice heavy plastic (white) and they will emboss nicely with a stylus.  If you use it with their directions of use with Cuttlebug…what it does is leave a blank space with the outer edges have the embossing of whatever template you were using so you now have a smooth space to stamp an image or write a phrase or quote.  This is what is known as DRY EMBOSSING this IS NOT USING A HEAT TOOL AND POWDER.

 Last Week’s post.

  The above photos are of a card I created based on the card design from the previous post…called FILE IN THE MIDDLE by DAWN..I just posted it with stars and used the word stellar day for an anniversary card.

Well guess that’s it for another week….have fun and play..AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wireheaded cyber toad…aka kath




GREETINGS Y’ALL.. I am feeling my southern roots due to the fact that the PNW went from wet/winter/spring to SUMMER in just one day….lol… yep that is just how it happens…no warning just jumps right into summer and while we are only having Mid 80’s temperatures it still seems warm after being in only the 60’s….. You can also tell that we are having summer by the silly grins you will see on us Mossbacks if you look at videos on line.  You will also note a high level of bare feet and you do know that the NORTHWEST is the only place where it is considered “COOL” to wear Birkenstocks with socks…winter/spring only.  Ok, I have a few more photos to share with you from the calligraphy conference in Portland.  They are not my photos but they were gleaned off of FB ( so guess it does have some redeeming value).  I am also going to give you a link to the Keynote opening speech by DENIS BROWN.  It’s a twenty minute video and he is very funny and its quite well done…and he was in charge of doing it so I assume that he slides easily from the digital world into the calligraphic world.  At the end of the video are two other sites, one that he is trying to self publish calligraphic disks for you to learn by and also just to use for inspiration.  It’s pretty cheap and I am going to sign up …no word when they will actually be available. Since this is a pre-register I assume he is trying to see if he can get enough to cover his costs before he begins produce them.  He does allow those who sign up to see what he has so far.  If his keynote speech is any example then they will be great. I don’t know this person but assume it was done by one of the attendee’s to CNW and that it was taken during the sharing time at the end of the conference. Again, I think this might have been done by same person or another person who was taking this class and I am guessing but think the class may have been in Pointed Italic. Again, guessing from a Pointed Italic class . very funny.

This is MARILYN REEVES and you can tell by that smile she was having a great time.


Well I couldn’t have made more mistakes about the above and they were taken by my friend BONNIE NOEHR and thankfully she read the blog and sent me the correct info so I could set it straight…guess I was in too big a hurry sorry Bonnie.

Since the CNW photos were taken by me, perhaps I should clarify.  “Hallelujah” was a 7×7″ piece in the participants’ exhibit, not done doing the conference. “Create Joy” was done by Carrie Imai who taught. The “If” piece was mine, done in Martin Jackson’s double stroked letters class.  As you can see, all I did was the “I” since I found this challenging. I took the photo of Marilyn during faculty demos night; love what she does with a brush!  And, the Weathergrams photo was taken of CNW staff hanging them before the conference began. SORRY everyone, I’ll try to be more patient and get the complete info before I POST…mea culpa.

These are another variation on Julie Gray’s cut out letters…very detailed and it was small booklet with a page for each letter.

These are students choosing their favorite WEATHERGRAM to take home with them as a souvenir!


EMPRESS HOTEL and Victoria Harbor taken from back of Ferry as we heading back to Washington.

Government Building which is always lighted up at night.  Taken from our hotel room.

Me at the edge of Chinatown in Victoria with a lovely Dragon…and yes you can tell I have been shopping.lol


I believe that these photos were taken by my granddaughter Rachel and/or my Daughter Becky from their balcony at the Beach. Some of them are storm clouds and she even got one of Lightning and a great one of the moon breaking thru the clouds. I do miss the storms this time of year as I love thunderstorms , however, I don’t miss the heat that helps to cause them.



I think this is kinda a weird name for a card and it basically has a page in the center that has a peep hole… but I can’t come up with a better name for it than she did… Peep Hole in Middle …doesn’t sound to good either…in any case it does what I love it gives the person receiving it a little surprise… and I loved it.

Ok this is her sample from the video and I am going to post the one I did.

Again… I do recommend that you make up what I call a dummy image and place it with the page where she gives you the dimensions of paper to cut and then you have all of that at your finger tips and it may be all you need to make up a card…but if you need to go see the video again you can always come back to the blog and look at it or when you get it open to her page you can BOOKMARK (APPLE) or list it in your FAVORITES (PC)on your computer and then you have it there also. One thing I would also suggest is that while she is using 81/2 x 11 paper it will require you to use two sheets of paper to make the card… I found that using a piece of 12×12 card stock ( if you have it ) works better and has less waste or scraps left over… don’t know about you but keeping scraps is a pain yet I can’t just throw away reasonably large pieces of paper.  I also liked using a piece that was duplex (double sided …each side different color or pattern) made for a fun card.  That is what I did with this anniversary card.


I have to share a few calligraphy tools with my pen friends…these were found at CNW at PAPER AND INK ARTS…They are called COCOIRO (yeah I can’t say it either) and what they are is first you buy the pen holder basically and then it had multiple colors and even sizes of inserts and the inserts are complete cartridges with very tiny brush tip that can be taken out and put aside with its cap back on ( i.e. DON’T THROW AWAY THE CAP FOR EACH COLOR). This will allow you to write with different colors or you could splurge and buy two penholders and work it that way… in any case…as my mom would say they are the CAT’S PAJAMA’S… first the brush is very tiny and while I know people who can write very tiny with Pentel color brushes or even paint brushes that is not me…so this was wonderful.   When you go to link be careful to see that you are buying the FLEXIBLE pen tip not the ball point… I went for the brush tips and you can get different colors of refills for whatever pen body (thats what they call it) you purchase.  The sample below is done with the BLUE/BLACK cartridge and that tip is VERY SMALL. Know what else, yeah they are by one of my favorite pen people ZIG…Zig made the first disposable calligraphy pens in 5mm and 2mm that had felt that stayed crisp and sharp ..the Marvey ones always got soft and mush way before they ran out of ink….I even kept the Zig ones after they were out of ink and dipped them in ink instead cause the felt nib was still good.  Now I am glad I did as I think they stopped making them with the 5mm tip and switched to only a 3mm which is ok but I love that big one for dramatic letters on an envelope or card.

Now speaking of calligraphy (chisel nib) pens there is another new or updated guy on the block… its PIGMA CALLIGRAPHY (which is apparently from SAKURA) my other favorite pen company.  These are also available at PAPER AND INK ARTS and that is the link I took you too ( ya’ll do know that there maybe other sources but I am not here to find all the sources but rather to give you a quick fix as to where to get the product and No I don’t get a kickback but merely like to help businesses that work hard to supply me with my needs ok maybe I should say wants…lol ) These come in sets at least that is how I bought them one is a multicolor set of 3mm and the other is multicolor set of 1mm.  The great thing about them is that they make really fine hairlines cause their tip is not FELT but rather a hard plastic ( i think) and it stays crisp and sharp also they are great for ” take-along”.  They are disposable and not refillable but while I have yet to try it again I bet you can dip them once they are empty.

By now you are probably wondering just how many pens do I have…THE ANSWER is unknown and I am thinking seriously of donating my stash to SMITHSONIAN…lol… or at least to one of the calligraphy groups I belong to so that they will go to good homes when I am gone which I hope is long time from now as I have lots of projects and of course this Blog to do… lol.

One last tip… if you want to subscribe to my blog…all it means is that you will get an e-mail every friday with my new blog… and if you go to any of the blogs you will see in the upper right corner under the heading there is a box that asks for email and then hit subscribe…then to make sure you are not a robot , they have you write in one of those wiggly words.. then one more step…they send you an e-mail and think you have to confirm it so that you are then registered and it will arrive depending on your time zone some time on Friday with the new Blog for that week…

Ok its been fun … but the sun is calling and I have company and birthday and anniversary cards to make… GO MAKE SOMETHING….AND AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY..THE WIREHEADED CYBER TOAD…aka kath




I AM SORRY TO SAY THAT I HAVE HAD TO REMOVE SEVERAL PHOTOS FROM THIS BLOG DUE TO THE FACT THAT PEOPLE ARE TAKING THE PHOTOS AND PINING THEM ON PINTEREST AND THEY OBVIOUSLY DIDN’T READ THE BLOG BECAUSE THEY ARE CLAIMING THAT IT WAS MY CALLIGRAPHY… I had not seen them my husband found them and told me about it… I AM so distressed..no one should put work out there if they don’t know who did it and I can’t find a way to remove the pin ..I tried to send the person who did a note but so far no response… again the real artist deserves a huge apology from me…I will not put anything on my blog in the future without the persons name… I did say that I did not know who this artist was…. but as I said the person who grabbed it just didn’t read the blog only took the picture… MY APOLOGIES TO ALL…



I want to share some things from my visit to Portland, Oregon to CALLIGRAPHY CONFERENCE NORTHWEST 2012.  The following photos are from the Faculty Exhibit that they had at REED COLLEGE in Portland Oregon.  All of the teachers there had done at least one piece for the show.  I didn’t take photos of all of their work but I am just sharing some of the ones I liked the best or that I was able to photograph well.

This was the display of some of the envelopes that were sent with the registration for the conference.  As you can see they were all working hard to make their envelopes exciting.

Weathergrams that were hanging all over the campus

In the past, the WEATHERGRAMS which are hanging all over the campus, are left hanging until the last day of the conference then the students are encouraged to go a pick one and take it home with them as a souvenir.  Since they all know this from previous conferences they tend to find the one they especially want and remember where it is so that on the last day they can get the one they want.  The best thing about these WEATHERGRAMS  are that this is the college where LLOYD REYNOLDS was a teacher and he is the one that invented WEATHERGRAMS.   They are made of brown kraft paper and string and they are done in permanent waterproof ink (usually sumi) and the only color on them is the first initial of the first word and perhaps a chop (japanese mark that is specific to that person) both of which are done in vermillion.  The idea behind weathergrams was that they were a tribute to nature, hence about nature and that they were similar to haiku poetry.  They must be made of the kraft paper and string and they must not have stamps or other decoration on them, just the poem.  Lloyd had two books of these poems and unfortunately they are out of print.  They are wonderful and my favorite way to practice calligraphy, which is what Lloyd was using them for.  He also taught poetry at Reed and he is considered to be the father of the revival of Calligraphy in the Pacific Northwest.  So he came up with this idea and had his students come up with poems about nature and they could not use the words LIKE OR AS…but they had to suggest the idea with their words…just like Haiku.  There are lots of Haiku books of poetry out there so you might want to pick one up or at least go and look at them in bookstore.  They are often seasonal.  I also loved them because they COULD NEVER BE BOUGHT OR SOLD but must be given away.  I am a huge WEATHERGRAM fan and have made a lot over the years.  I find they are a great way to give someone in the hospital and cheery note to let them know you are thinking of them.  When my Dad had open heart surgery, we were only allowed in ICU for a short time each day and often he was asleep so I got in the habit of taking a WEATHERGRAM and hanging it in his room.  You can’t have flowers or balloons in ICU but whenever he woke up he would have the nurse read him the new WEATHERGRAM each time.  The nurses really liked the idea and told me how much he enjoyed knowing I had been there.  In addition WEATHERGRAMS are intended to be hung outside which is why they are waterproof and Lloyd never wanted them taken down but merely to let them gently fall apart.  My hubby however, could never let this happen so when they were really weathered in our yard he would take them down and bring them too me so that I could save them… I ended up hanging the from the ceiling of my studio so that when the breeze blows they are gently swaying and sometimes reminding me to GO OUTSIDE…

As you can see I often let them get really WEATHERED…lol.  I love them so much that when I was teaching my calligraphy classes or monoline lettering classes (at scrapbooking/stamp stores) I almost always had them make WEATHERGRAMS as a way to practice their lettering. I used the poem (it is one of Lloyd’s) on a Christmas card a few years ago.

 As you can see I do have a few of them hanging on the ceiling. I also kept a notebook of some of the ones that were just too weak to hang.  Lloyd’s idea was that they should hang outside and that as they started to fall apart the birds and animals would take them and make them part of their nests.  They are truly meant to be a celebration of nature and for those of you that are not lucky enough to spend time in the Pacific Northwest this is where Nature SHINES.  Ok , I know that this had now become a WEATHERGRAM BLOG… and all of my friends would tell you that I am the queen or at least a high priestess of WEATHERGRAMS so its not surprising that my passion for them shines  through.  IF you are truly interested in more info on WEATHERGRAMS  you can contact me thru the comments at the bottom of the page or you can e-mail me at the address that I have provided in my info.  (click the about button*) Now back the Faculty Exhibit at REED COLLEGE IN PORTLAND OREGON.

I loved this one because of the walnut ink which is my favorite and also because of the rhythm and flow and the texture that was created .


I loved this next one because it was done on like sumi watercolor paper and it was a group of 4 hanging from  the branches. Also I love all things Asian.

Don’t you just love the way this is spilling out of the box… makes you want to untangle it all so you can read it cause you just know the message will be fun.

Fantastic Cat (I sure wish I could draw) and my favorite poem from Cats.

Again I was drawn to the color the motion and the words so expressive.

Ok, with this one I just kept thinking this is what it would look like if Snails could write.

Ok… this is a Haiku poem by one the most famous Japanese poets and not only was the lettering beautiful but that Butterfly looked like it could fly right off the page.  Just such amazing eye candy….and did I mention Haiku..lol

Sorry for the shadow on this one but couldn’t be helped….I hope you can tell that these lovely NEULAND letters were cut out of the page and lovely background page was behind them.  Remember I shared the Neuland alphabet with you in a previous blog, and it lends itself so well to this type of art. It is bold and dynamic and the counterspaces are so lovely to view the background through.

This little alphabet book also is made of cut out letters this time they are complete cut out of cream/white paper and adhered to the little pages of the accordion book.  Again very time consuming and elegantly presented.

Well, just so you know I am kinda cheating by showing these as the Conference is still on and you may have other friends that will post better or more photos.

Those of you who check this blog for cards, I know this might be disappointed with this blog but my calligraphy people will love it I hope.  I promise that next week I will have a card for you too.

Now a few more photos of the flowers that were blooming on the REED COLLEGE CAMPUS. 

Gorgeous Dogwood in full bloom.

Giant Spruce/Fir trees

I think this was an heirloom rose as it had a wonderful fragrance and one tiny bug thought so too.

Full view of this lovely rose…

Now these last photos are off my deck they are the few flowers that I have at the moment.

My dragonfly and waterlily fountain where the my nuthatches have been coming to bathe… they sit on the dragonfly and suck up the water then fly to railing and shake it all off… too cute.

The leaves on my Black Calla Lily…yep it does come in black and for about 4 years I have managed to keep this one alive in my garage in the winter well actually my lovely Neighbor Shannon goes over and waters it in the garage during the winter….and it has come back this year and last but while we have lovely leaves no blooms think my pot is out of soil and so I am going to try to transplant it into a bigger pot this summer… but least you don’t believe me about the blooms… I found this one on my trip to Portland and while it not as healthy as my other plant think it will come around with a little TLC….

They are so black that they look purple when I photograph them but they look black when you see them in person.  lol

This is my red calla lily and it is also a new one this year.

This is a bloom off my Japanese Dogwood and you can see that they have different shaped petals than the regular dogwood and one small nibble from a slug I think.

Ok that does it for this week and hope you all had a happy and healthy 4th of July.

AS always THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY hugs from the wire headed cybertoad…aka Kath