The title for this blog is from my older business cards… I didn’t really have a business but I did teach a lot of lettering classes in various places and I made up my own business cards and that’s the phrase I used on them so here is some more info along that line…

I recently rewatched the movie JULIE AND JULIA…if you haven’t seen it its wonderful about a girl who decides to spend a year cooking all of Julia Childs recipes from the MASTERY OF FRENCH COOKING book… and in addition to cooking them all she is going to blog about them …. now the movie never says she does this daily , but we assume that…anyway I got to thinking about my blog and decided it was a very narrow focus and to be quite frank its a focus that I am growing weary of …. I love making cards but STAMPING UP has the market covered in demos on line of how to do these cards and mostly while I may share a tip or hint about them I am basically just referring you to one of their websites …. so I am in a position of wanting to do more with my CALLIGRAPHY… that was how I got started with the cards in the first place….so you may find that do the movie and my waning interest there may still be mentions of cards etc but also more about calligraphy and paper and inks etc…I hope I will not loose those that have been following but as Julie mentions in the movie she has no assurance that anyone is looking…she later finds that they are in fact but unlike Julie … I do know that I maybe have about 20 loyal fans but I rarely get comments so it feels like it is just going out there in the ether…and that’s ok too since I didn’t do this to make money and when I think about why I did I realize that I was spending a great deal of time in a location where I had very little reactions with other calligrapher’s or even other crafters.. Since Pens, Paper and Ink were original focus in 1984…I have decided to try to go back to that…. I am also going to try to share more EYE CANDY and possibly a less structured /scheduled posting … as I said I hope this will not frustrate you and that those of you that are not spam( I get a lot of that) will continue to hang in there and maybe you will even be motivated to make a comment now and then…

WOW does that sound like whining…sorry….I just thought you should know so you make your own decisions..then again maybe you are as bored with this format as I am…

THE MAKING OF PAPERI THINK you will find this video quite interesting… the first time I took a paper making class I was amazed at the fact that while I was told to bring 12 inch squares of cloth ( which I bought in lovely patterns and colors think it would be used to CREATE the paper) ha no way it was used to couch your paper i.e. lay your wet sheet on to dry … lmao… so funny…and because it was a big class they just had us pile it up in a stack so and they helped us use the first one we came to so I didn’t even DRY my sheets on my lovely cloth… really funny … that’s how it was done with small group of 20.

Every year for quite a while not sure how long there has been a WASHINGTON STATE CALLIGRAPHERS CONFERENCE…its open to all the WA groups and I am sure we would not deny any Oregon calligraphers either or even California…lol Its held at CAMP HUSTON which I believe is owned by the Luthern church AND its in GOLD BAR WA… its a beautiful setting and about 20-40 of my closest friends come to gather and share and play… for the last 3 or maybe 4 yrs we have extended it from friday to sunday to THURSDAY TO SUNDAY… so 3 whole nights and lots of time to share and play …sometimes there is a teaching moment and this year I am teaching a monoline class it will only be about 2 hours and since most of the attendees are calligraphers it is rather easy to teach… Monoline means just that only one line and it does not go from think to thin …there is no pen angle and the letters can be any size you want… the TOOLS are generally just a bullet tip ball point, pencil, colored pencil, gel pen, ruling pen etc… anything that writes basically but not with a chisel nib or even a pointed pen… you could use a pointed pen nib but you’d have to becareful not to allow it to make thick and thins… even a fountain pen is good .  I taught these a lot at local scrapbook stores because scrapbookers for the most part don’t want to do formal calligraphy or spend the time and practice it takes to achieve good letters.  But monolines were quick and relatively easy and gave a nice look to their page which maybe their own handwriting didn’t. It also provide a lot of variety …so basically I am teaching a type of typography which in fact is where a lot of my scripts come from… I am especially fond of ART DECO STYLE LETTERS as you can see from my exemplar below.

I don’t own this version but I did spend a lot of time creating it and making the exemplar so I don’t mind you sharing but share the blog please and if you teach this even for free somewhere make a smaller copy of mine to share and show and then do your own exemplar… its hard to teach someone else’s letters so do yourself a favor and do your own version based on  mine…I called mine ORNATE STYLE



As you can see a lot of that style is from the unique idea of cross bars on letters and dots under a small  o  with all the other letters being larger…while my script is based on typography by TONY is some original ART DECO letters by RENNIE MACKINTOSH



as you can see its very similar but he has also added dots with some of the other letters like M in capital letters and l and w in lowercase ..his lowercase letters also makes 3 crossbars instead of two but otherwise his caps and lower case look very similar… personally I love it… you can not be two quirky for me…. and don’t ya just love that capital Q and the lower case q … clever don’t ya think…. any way here are some letters to play with.  I’d love to see what you do with them make cards, weathergrams, banners posters, scrapbook pages whatever… just have fun…

I also promised you photos from my cruise to ALASKA…it was fabulous but I will have to post it separately this one is getting too long…

EYE AND EAR CANDY..Mike Rowe’s letter from his MOM.. This is a medium length video of Mike reading a letter from his mom regarding loosing her BIG BLUE BAG in the Walmart ( WALLY WORLD ) parking lot… I laughed so hard tears ran down my leg…. but for all us women you know just how awful that feeling of having left your purse or wallet or credit card somewhere can be…so this is a lighter look at him and I’d love to know how long after the chaos his mom wrote the letter…. hope I am sending you a smile when maybe you need it…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY….wire headed cyber toad aka kath


OH MY GOSH….ya’ll know how much I love interactive cards…well this one is just too cute and not that hard to produce… just cut your pieces first then go forward with the creation…and don’t worry if you don’t have the stamps she used…. you more than likely have others that will work… ONE HINT..I can’t find any place where she gave you the measurements except ON THE VIDEO…so keep paper and pencil handy and write them down…. DAWN’S HAPPY DAY SPINNER ( I CHANGED THIS TO FLIPPER because it was too confusing to have two spinner names…)

Dawn's spinner closed

Dawn’s spinner closed

Dawn's spinner open

Dawn’s spinner open

this can be almost any type of insert… it could be square or round or oval…or funky…as long as it fits thru the opening and frankly while I love that is will spin…many who receive it at least from me…don’t do this kind of thing and so they may not even realize that you can spin it… still its MY KIND OF CARD…

In addition… I didn’t have those same flower stamps so I used what I had…and in fact I have a flower punch ( old stamping up i think as I can’t find it now) so punched out flowers or whatever designs you might want for the inside of the card….like maybe seashore type images or cakes and candles etc…

front of flipper/spinner card by nah

front of flipper/spinner
card by kh

inside flipper spinner cd kh

inside flipper spinner cd kh

as you can see I did not get the image in the correct position on the back side… ha…but I am sure my uncle will not care he will just flip it… I do like this and I want to try another one using circles…



VAN GOGH ON DARK WATER this is a paper marbling video and its the most amazing thing I have seen… I know about marbling and how its done but this goes way beyond and remember I told you I can’t draw hence the stamps and dies and etc… well this guy is just too fantastic for words… warning though as soon as its over click off as apparently Youtube had a new trick called jump right into another video or ad and they may not even have anything in common with this one…..still its worth it to see this guy work….

THE LETTER N ….this was an interesting video on carving jewelry the old fashioned way by hand… its kinda noisy so you may want to turn you sound down..its just background noise not music.

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…..wire headed cyber toad…aka kath




SHARP DRESSED CARD…. well maybe that ‘s not a term for cards but both of these are pretty cool … Dawn is still using the WILD RIDE set but hey they work well on the first design  and she does used flowers on the second design which is actually the same but just the second Z fold is larger.. I like it!!!! then on the third image… if you look closely she had a PICTURE ON THE RIGHT AND TREMENDOUS TIP:6a00d8341c09ea53ef01b7c87257f8970b-500wi

she talks about the fact that she will loose the cling stamps on her desktop when she is creating several of the same cards or even several using the same stamps… I do know that feeling and she says she has even lost them in the trash can …..aaarrrggghhh because I too have done that l learned a while ago to put my trash can several feet away from my desk…. so I kinda have to throw the trash…better to have trash on the floor that ya gotta pick up later then to loose a stamp in the bucket and not even know its there… anyway her tip is to purchase one of those inexpensive lucite frames for your photos and to flip it over and as shown and use that to stick your stamps while you are not using them …yes you could just put them away and get them out and put them away and get then out but hey would I do that ….no way…so this is great idea…she suggested dollar store so i think I will pick one up next time I go to grocery…. as its right next door…but they have them everywhere… I am going for the 5×7 but you can use any size you want…. THANK YOU DAWN…. worth the price of admission… 







This is the same design as the balloon Z FOLD POP UP


as I said same design just different embellishment… I love the balloons but the ONE WILD RIDE is great for a man’s card…


Again I found this on Youtube and had to share it with you I have done some paper quilling but nothing like what YULIA BRODSKAYA

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY……wire headed cyber toad….aka kath


Decorative_Corner_Card_300ELLO, ELLO, ELLO,  ah yes feeling a little british this am… I did post this card along with some other cards quite a while ago but I must say I didn’t give this card credit… I have used it a lot… maybe because as in my hints I said that she was correct that you could just use an 5 ½ x 8 ½  sheet of card stock and score it at 2, 4, 6, AND THEN ADHERE IT TOGETHER WITH THATHPIM8057_by_lacyquilter ½ STRIP.  Well I cut quite a few and scored them ahead so that I would have them when I needed them…. and that’s probably why I have used it so often… it was already ½ completed… lol…MARTHA STEWART I AM NOT… I am nothing if not the lazy stamper…SCS DECORATIVE CORNER CARDLet_s_Talk_Turkey_by_Clownmom

THE two above are samples from the decorative corner gallery of SCS…


my b day corner

my b day corner

front of my b day corner

front of my b day corner

Ha just noticed that what is actually an ANT brad…down by the writing looks like a mistake that was marked out…lol… its an ANT I promise….

So I am reposting it here and as I said I really use it a lot… in addition I will add that I rarely use her method of attaching the embellishment…again LAZY…I just adhere one side of the attachment to the base… if more than one attachment I adhere one on one side and the other on the other side… It works just fine …still folds flat and lots less effort… yes it will not stand out just from the point of the corner but I think it works just fine….

This the most recent one I did for a friend who loves GIRAFFES…the giraffe image is off the internet

giraffe corner

giraffe corner

kh giraffe corner

kh giraffe corner



so you can see when folded flat it fits envelope but standing I have one going one way and the smaller one going the other way….easy peasy…


BEACH ART BY ANDRES AMADOR..he isn’t writing words or letters like SUZI BRINGER but this is amazing and beautiful and gone with the tide… enjoy

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad..aka kath



Just a quick note to tell you that I found those dots that make it so easy to make this card…

dots Reflections


I found them at Michaels, But they are probably also at Jo Ann’s…they are thicker than regular dots and they are round so they don’t need to be trimmed ..

ok that’s it not too exciting….and I could have added it to original blog but this way you will get a notice of it…enjoy…this is such a fun card.

kh bee spinner with pennies

kh bee spinner with pennies



SPEAKING OF SPINNERS…if you didn’t watch or catch the RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS last night here is a link to highlights from their qualifying…they have to compete using 4 different items… a ring( looks like hula hoop) a ball, clubs and ribbon… this is a long video but fast forward to one of them doing the ring… and at least one ribbon performance… simply amazing and so graceful..


thanks for stopping by  wire headed cyber toad…aka kath




DID YA MISS ME… sorry we took our first cruise in about 25 yrs and the first one was just a 3 day…so this 7 day to alaska was amazing… and that’s why its been a while since I posted….pictures from trip under eye candy.  LMAO…. I actually got ahead of myself and we haven’t gone yet… so no photos and you have had no time to miss me…lol…


  1. IF you don’t have any of the long sticky foam strips from STAMPING UP… GET THEM… THEY WORK SO WELL WITH THIS… and if you look at the video from SCS you will see that they use them in the corners and that’s easier then trying to curve them…so check it out and they are worth every penny but they are not expensive.
  2. There are round dots that I might have gotten at the dollar store I’ll scan them and post them below but they work great for the dots BETWEEN the pennies and no trimming however I did just small pieces of foam tape for the top of the pennies didn’t want to waste the dots …if you have some dots they will work but you need to double them in order for them to have enough space to roll properly…
  3. I did all of my cards using the nesting circles but as SCS says you need about 3/8″ between the circle in order for the pennies to roll around properly… my last effort I got a little too big with outside circle…not enough space on the outside edges… give yourself at least ¼ inch on each side of the outside circle… just my suggestion…




IF you receive DAWN’S posts than you know she did this one a while ago and I have a thing for bee’s and frogs…so this really appealed to me…plus rather than it just going across the card it goes around…pretty cool and yes of course SU has dies that but this for you but if you have circle dies already you can make your one..just make sure there is about ½” space between the circles and if you don’t have the magnetic platform then use a piece of light tack tape to hold them in place then just cut… WHEN I HAVE THE TIME…I plan to do this one with a FROG in the center and a bug/mosquito, fly going around the outside….and inside probably something like may all your wishes come true…lol…also just a HINT but at either JOANN’S or Michael’s K and company has a great packet of WINNIE THE POOH that has bee hive and bees in it….in case you don’t have stamps or want to cut them out if you… they are out of heavy cards stock too.

Ok I made the individual circles work… I use the outside circle that measured 2 ¾ inches and the inside circle was 2″.  I had round foam dots so I used them ..they came in two sizes and it turned out that you want the smaller one for the two pennies…or it won’t roll /spin well… so about ¼ inch round not the half inch…my frog was a big large but my mosquito on the small 1″ circle works just fine…. so play with what you have and see what you can come up.

kh spinner frog front

kh spinner frog front

kh frog spinner inside

kh frog spinner inside


SCS CIRCLE SPINNERSurprise… the SCS..posted the same card but they used the circle dies … and just taped them down as I suggested if you don’t have the magnetic plate…. this was cute and just showing you that you can use all kind of different stamps with this…

SCS circle spinner

SCS circle spinner

You will notice that they also used a square card rather than rectangle which does give you a bit more space to put the images and have them roll around….My second one was for a little girl that loves the movie FROZEN… so I have a snow flake spinning around the outside…pretty sure she is going to think this is amazing… she is only gonna be 3…so pretty easy to impress but she will also probably remove the penny…lol.. here is my FROZEN

KH spinner with snowflake and Frozen

KH spinner with snowflake and Frozen


kh bee spinner with pennies

kh bee spinner with pennies

kh inside bee spinner

kh inside bee spinner


dots ...think they came from walmart

dots …think they came from walmart


SUBLIME TANGLEthis is a nice video of another form of ZENTANGLE and how to make it happen … I am sure a lot of you don’t need to be shown how to make a pattern but I do… so if you struggle with Zentangles this might be the video for you…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY… wire headed cyber toad…aka kath






FLAP FOLD card with Dawn

GREETINGS..this has been on my draft pile for quite a while but its still so cute and I liked it especially because it almost just uses scraps….just a quarter sheet of cards stock for the base then smaller for surface and then scraps for the front pieces… watch the video and then go make something…FLAP FOLD CARD

Dawn's flap fold

Dawn’s flap fold

two versions of flap fold

two versions of flap fold

This card will work best with small short sayings….there is not room for a long or large quote…although she makes it a birthday …it will be great as a THANK YOU..OR A HELLO if you need more space you can always write a note on the back of the base card…As I said part of the reason that I like this card so much is due to the fact that it doesn’t open and close like a regular… it doesn’t take much to amuse me…lol…

I also like the fact that it gives you an opportunity to use up some small scraps of paper that you may really like but now you don’t have enough of it left to make an actual card….

I also have a very small snail die and I think cutting out a small snail for on the front of the card and then on the inside I would write ( have to hand write it as I don’t have a stamp that says it) YOU’VE GOT MAIL….I LOVE THAT SENTIMENT…then on the back you can write a slightly longer note with whatever you want to say to your recipient.

These posts are shorter but this is due to HEY ITS SUMMER….and the outside is calling even if its only to go lazy about on the deck and read a good the birds feed and watch the squirrels and crows and Stellar jays fight over the peanuts… then every so often we get several BANGTAILED PIGEONS..which I must say give meaning to the term BIRDBRAIN…they appear to be the dumbest bird I have ever seen…I am convinced they have no idea of their body size ( they are quite a big bird..approximately

BAND TAILED PIGEONS are approximately 14 inches tall….which does make them a large bird who might be trying to land in a birdbath only to find that they have splashed all the water out…my little song birds (Chicadee’s, Goldfinches, Nuthatches and Purple finches…etc ) look at them like WHAT THE HELL… dude you now no one can drink…



The STELLAR JAY…is very aware of his size and regularly challenges the squirrels as well as the Crows… he is so vibrant that while many consider his loud and screechy cry annoying, I think that his color is so impressive that I don’t mind the noise….He is also a rather large bird approximately 11.5 inches tall.


Ok I am sure you have had enough of my nature studies but I do love my birds and my friend Stuart Feil says I should have a sign that says Nature Sanctuary.  I am not sure about that but WHOA to the cat that thinks he can grab a meal from my back yard….I am a pretty good shot with my slingshot…Please don’t think I don’t like cats…I do but I think the if you have a cat you have a responsibility to keep them in your yard or in your house your neighbors should not have to deal with them…. My closest neighbor does have a cat that just runs loose but one day I took a shot at it with my slingshot and a marble …the marble hit the wall in the back and shattered right underneath where the cat was slinking… I am happy to say it scared the pooh out of the cat and we now seem to have an understanding the cat will stroll down the hill behind our house and there is a line of bricks on the approximate property line and the cat will look at me as if to say…hey I get it I am on my side of the yard… no way would I even think of coming over to your side no matter how many birds I see over there….lol….anyway a truce has been formed and we seem to be able to keep it…

EYE CANDY…. I promised you a link to the WINNING AND BEST OF SHOW site for this years GRACEFUL ENVELOPE…ENJOY…




This one on Youtube…starts out and you think well just some statues…but CHECK IT OUT….stay to the end its a huge surprise…. and amazing…MODERN ART

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad…aka kath




First I want to say that there may be less postings in the coming months my time is getting busier and busier and I am finding less time to tell and not enough time to do…. so don’t be alarmed if you don’t get e mails for posts it will most likely be because I didn’t post…lol..

I loved this box and in fact I think I like it even better than her BIRTHDAY IN A BOX…and the reason is the box is bigger…so I am going to get a helium(UNFILLED)balloon and also some latex balloons and a few more candles and still make the little cake using the battery tea light…. and stick a card in it also…. then put the whole kit into one of the small priority flat rate boxes… and off it goes …what a treat for the person receiving…if you know how old they are you might at dollar store or party store even find the numeral candles for their age or just use 39 AGAIN… LOVE IT…




Dawn’s SPLIT TOP BOX… LOVE THAT STRAWBERRY PAPER…here is photo of the one I just did for my sister in law…IMG_0438

my birthday in a box

my birthday in a box

I even had  a little battery tea light that made a tiny cake …like Dawn showed in her BIRTHDAY IN A BOX … and best of all it did all fit in the small FLAT Rate Priority Mail box.

I found star candles and made the tiny cake…


anyway I just loved it… and think she will too… my niece her daughter is picking up a real cake for her as a surprise… I called the local grocery/bakery and ordered her favorite cake…all the way to FLORIDA…..and my niece will pick it up for her birthday…

SO the box is easy but the layers and the printout that DAWN GIVES are not…. the layer paper for the designer paper is just fine but I found her recipe for the black layers was very confusing so I wrote them down when I FINALLY GOT THEM cut correctly and here they are THIS IS JUST THE BASIC BLACK LAYER :

FRONT TOP CUT 2…4 ¼ X 2 ½                    designer… 3 ¾ x 2 (2)

OVER LAP TOP CUT ONE…3 ¾ X 3 ¼         designer….3 ¼ X 3 (1)

END SIDES CUT 2….4 ¼ X 1 ¼                    designer…..3 ¾ x ¾ (2)

FRONT AND BACK  CUT  4…. 2 ½ X 1 ¼     designer…. 2 x ¾ (4)

INSIDE BLACK LAYER…CUT ONE   5 X 4     designer……4 ½  x 3 ¾

then just so you know each layer of designer paper gets cut approx ½ inch smaller on each side… her layout and measurements are probably all the same but I found that those directions for the BASIC BLACK..BB…WERE JUST TO HARD TO FOLLOW…

now my HUGE HINT..IS CUT ALL THOSE PIECES BOTH BLACK LAYER AND THE DESIGNER PAPERS AS WELL AS THE BASIC BOX…before you start to assemble or you will be jumping up and down 50 times …. and it will take a lot longer to make the box.. But if you have all the pieces cut it goes to gather really quick…. and I do like it even more than the first little birthday box you had us make.


FLOWING INK ARTI use stamps because I can’t draw so this video left me spellbound cause I can’t image how she sees these images as they just flow from her brush… amazing

HUMMER SWARM.. these are not US hummingbirds but it is still amazing and when I watch my one or two stop by to feed I am jealous of this guy with his swarming like bees..

THAT’S ALL FOLKS…AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY...wire headed cyber toad aka kath




If you follow Dawn, you probably know by now that due to having a million in sales this past year she got to design her own stamp set and she did it with Motor cycle stuff specifically HARLEY stuff…. the bike I believe is like her husbands and is a HARLEY CLASSIC.. anyway we made a card a few posts back using the images to make a shaker card… I have a friend actually a couple of friends who ride Harleys and so I bought this set and loved her MODIFIED Z FOLD WILD RIDE.



THE orange one above is a vertical card but the two shown below are the same fold but done in a horizontal format…

Dawn's Z fold gift card holder with her WILD RIDE SET

Dawn’s Z fold gift card holder with her WILD RIDE

Either way I think you will enjoy this set and the card… again I made one just like the orange on in a vertical format but again I mail it before I took photos….I don’t seem to be able to stop myself…but I am pretty sure its because I am always down to the deadline to get it in the mail. I do think sometimes It would be good I if I did one that looked different…

Now I recently went to the Ocean ( the Pacific) and while we had a nice time I must admit that the beach was pretty barren….here are just a few of the photos that I took while we were there….


beach at WESTPORT  near Jetty

couple of things to notice A) it was overcast…B) HUGE CROWD…lol


dead Dungeness crab

dead Dungeness crab

this one was taken at ocean shores and I am not sure but this one looks like they might have died happy…. lol

huge driftwood

huge driftwood

The was the only piece of driftwood for as far as the eye could see so it did make me a little sad that folks were burning against it… but its legal thought there is firewood to purchase and its pretty cheap…

my sad calligraphic efforts at the beach ...

my sad calligraphic efforts at the beach …

in my defense my stick was too long and I need to get a shorter one its not SUZI BERINGER’S letters  but still it was fun..

EYE CANDY This is some incredible art work all made out of drywall… who knew there was such a think as DRYWALL ART

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPING BY….wire headed cyber toad…aka kath




Well I should have posted this after I posted the one by Janis Blevins…or maybe before… But you know that saying about hindsight…anyway better late than never….there are two different versions here but I still think that Janis’s version is the easiest but these are unique also.


DAWN’S CENTER PANEL EASEL VIDEO….I love this again its a standing card so of course that to me makes it extra special.. this is like the 2nd or 3rd or even 4th example of an easel card…there are round ones and now this one is sorta square/rectangle…no matter its very cute and easy to do…also I haven’t suggested this in a while but this is good one to cut several cards while you are watching tv at night then slip them into a protective sheet along with measurements and then away you go…. they are ready quick and easy when you need a birthday card…thank you or get well… or even just thinking of you of missing you…. so TIP:  PRINT JUST THE OPENING PAGE (1) of Dawn’s video page then write the measurements on that page …this way you have a picture of card as well as the measurements for it…. and use that same protector sheet to store your extras…

MY center fold using Dawn's pattern

MY center fold using Dawn’s pattern

my center fold standing

my center fold standing

my center fold using stamping school vertical

my center fold using stamping school verticaL

Folded flat

Folded flat


This one is made using a small Z fold to make the easel part of the card but it quick and easy and my card does not open it says it all on the front and under the flap,…but that’s up to you.


MOTHER DAUGHTER ART....this was so delightful and amazing…the daughter draws a scribble and then the Mom using the scribble makes a painting out of it…. There are more of them on You Tube so check it out….

EAGLE FLIGHT IN DUBAI this is the most amazing video… the highest building 2700 ft and they turn an eagle lose and he has to fly down and find his trainer… you won’t believe it…lovely view of the city too…and very smooth …bet it was done with a GO PRO video camera…check it out ….stretch your wings and pretend you can fly…